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Good music and laughs
funtasticfour4 February 2018
I'm very late to this series, having dismissed it as a teen girl movie. Of course, my teen daughters loved it. When it got a third movie, I thought it might be worth trying out. I was pleasantly surprised! A very good cast with some great music numbers. It wasn't the typical trashy college movie, so it can be enjoyed by the whole family. Also there were a few great laugh out loud moments.
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Pleasantly Surprised
mundhra_mayank16 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I am not a fan of either musicals or of chick flicks. So I was pleasantly surprised when I finally saw this movie and found it to be pretty fun. Well strictly speaking, this one's not exactly a musical. It's like a movie with songs. If you start calling this a musical then all of Bollywood is basically musicals. But whatever the technical term, the movie is fun.

1) The story line has nothing new to offer and is basically what any college competition based movie would offer. So no points for the movie in this space.

2) The characters aren't developed well. For example, the main character Beca is a sort of dark and lonely character which the story offers no explanation for except that the parents got divorced. The other characters aren't even worked on at all.

3) The casting is great for everyone except Anna Kendrick. She looks uncomfortable in a lot of places, and her face seems really weird when she sings sometimes. But Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), Chloe (Brittany Snow) and Jesse (Skylar Astin) are totally adorable.

4) The music is, as you'd expect from a movie about music, pretty good. It is the music and the humor that drives this movie through and through.

5) The direction of the movie was pretty ordinary. There wasn't much scope for great stuff either. So job well done. Although one thing they failed to do was create the tension before the last performance. We have all seen a lot of college movies, the protagonists most often end up winning. But they could have at least tried to show it in a different way.

Overall I would suggest that if you like movies that are simply fun, you'll like this one the same.
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If music is part of your life - you'll love the movie
orenh9911 January 2018
If music is part of your life in any way, you'll love the movie, it takes a little time to get used to the movie, but about halfway there is a pleasant, flowing and light connection. Fall in love with the strange characters, and the funnyness of a-cappella, just a funny movie that goes beyond rating. Music is a unique art that can touch any person.
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it's pretty cool..
amheretojudge6 January 2018
Pitch Perfect

It fairly gives enough range for the actors to dive-in but unfortunately that leads into an overlong runtime which may be good for the character but definitely not for the movie.
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Baloney Barb shoulda been in!
donaldricco6 January 2018
The music is the whole thing with this movie! The other "plot" parts are pretty average and cliché. But the music! Nice! Loved the a Capella, loved Beca's cup audition, and Lilly's under talking! And Riff off is the best - loved the Blackstreet! If I were to re-watch this, I'd just skip right to the tunes! But I wouldn't skip Baloney Barb for all the money in the world!
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Left me a dull feeling
lilasalovaara4 January 2018
The movie didn't impress me much. But i gave it two stars instead of 1 because i could watch the whole movie without dying inside. At least that's something if it didn't keep my interest up.
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Geared up to hate this, but ended up loving it.
thekarmicnomad4 January 2018
When my girlfriend suggested put this on I mimed blowing my brains out with an imaginary revolver.

That was a mistake. This is a great, fun film!

An all girl acapella group have to regain their crown by winning a competition. So a motley crew of underdogs is assembled, including our main character, to challenge the superior competition.

The characters are heavily stereotyped, and this is the source of a lot of the comedy. I found the characters engaging and lovable, and laughed along with most of the gags. The cynical, misogynistic, judgemental, biased commentators were especially funny.

The singing segments are short and sharp and just enough to get your foot tapping without going full blown Mary Poppins.

I didn't expect (or particularly want) to enjoy this but I did a lot.

My recommendation is that even if this is not your kind of movie force yourself to watch the first fifteen minutes, their is a good chance you will make it to the end with a smile on your face.
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worst comedy movie
dinkar pathak14 December 2017
I hate this movies. This is one of the worst comedy movies i ever seen. if you are look for comedy , you will not find in this movies.
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Worse than expected. And I didn't expect much.
cd_panic27 November 2017
OK, I expected Pitch Perfect to be stupid, but I did NOT expect all the trite homophobia. The one gay character (only one? In a film about acapella singing?) is a sexual predator who preys on straight people. Which is NOT a joke even though everyone seems to think it's hilarious. That character is like a gay stereotype from the 1940s. Roy Moore would approve.

But the worst thing about this film is the singing. OF COURSE they're pitch perfect because they're autotuned to high heaven. It hurt my ears. And my soul. There wasn't a single human-sounding note in the entire film. Plus, I kept watching the choreography thinking they were messing it up on purpose and that they'd tighten it up by the end. But no. They just couldn't do it. And the choreo stank, BTW. I can't believe I'm going to say this because my expectations were VERY low, but I was super disappointed by this film. Do not like.
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Pitch Perfect, an exciting movie
albavibu12 November 2017
Pitch Perfect is a comedy film about a feminine music group who sing a cappella. The principal plot is about how this group reach the top of the national a cappella competition. The film has also a romantic plot but it is secondary unlike other movies of this kind.

The film is a parody of the clichéd way of life in American universities and the typical a cappella bands that we see in other films such as High School Musical. It is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, it make you laugh until one cries.

It's a surprising movie too because you see it without any expectations or with expectations to watch a typical teenager film and it turn out to be exciting. It has a great cinematographic quality with impressive performances of the leading actress, Anna Kendrick, and Rebel Wilson who played the role of Fat Amy that is hands down the best character in the movie.

The songs that are singed during all the film are perfectly chosen and they fit in adequately with the plot. After watching it, you sing the songs constantly, you are not able to stop singing them.

In my point of view is a gripping movie that makes you laugh and spend a nice time. I would highly recommend you to see that film if you have a chance and if you like comedy films, it would not disappoint you.
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A film that caught my eye
annasenjo12 November 2017
Pitch Perfect is a comedy film set in Atlanta, specifically Barden University. This mesmerising film is directed by Jason Moore, also known for "Sisters", and the cast includes Anna Kendrick as the main character named Becca and other talented actress like Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow.

The plot concerns about a freshman in Barden University who joins an all-girls "a cappella" group, The Barden Bellas, in their battle to make it to Lincoln Center to compete in the ICCA. There will be also an entertaining romance between the two star roles.

The cast is excellently talented, due to the performance of Rebel Wilson who makes this film the most hilarious one of 2012. She is hands down second to none. I would also like to point out the "a cappella" music, which has stunned me all over the film. Moreover, the acting and the costumes are extremely natural so it seems as if it's real. So it was the surprise box office hit among teenagers when it came out.

The film is well worth seeing. Related to what I have said, I highly recommended it to those who also like Glee or music, teenagers and catchy films.
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An Off-putting Mix of Cynical Mockery and Sugary Acapella
please_stand_by28 October 2017
In many respects, I got what I expected with "Pitch Perfect". A mash-up of a fairly standard rom-com plot with numerous song-and-dance acapella performances of pop songs and a cast of oddball characters. The ongoing competition aspect also makes it reminiscent of movies such as "Bring It On", which certainly has its audience. If you like these things, you might deduce from this information that you will like this movie. But what ultimately separates this film from the standard set of expectations is the heavily cynical, mocking tone and complete deficiency of genuine emotion. This movie has no heart.

I underestimated the sheer irreverent goofiness and cheesiness of this movie, as well as the humor, which was surprisingly nasty, strange, mean, and raunchy throughout. Some of it was funny, but most of it was just... off. I can only assume that this was partly the result of some of the actresses, particularly Rebel Wilson, being given extraordinary leeway to improvise odd, tangential humor on the spot. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that lengthy sequences of her improvised comedy can often be boiled down to "I'm fat and weird and disgusting, now laugh". On the other hand, some of the odd comedic sequences were definitely scripted, which I don't understand. Is this really what people want in a movie about an all female acapella group? To be grossed out, confused, and even mildly offended? It may just be that this movie seems like the wrong place for such humor. I suppose it will either work for you or it won't.

The movie is not completely beyond some level of redemption, though. The acapella performances themselves are enjoyable enough, but they usually feel so glossy and over-rehearsed so as to no longer feel authentic. Anna Kendrick herself is also a genuinely good lead for this movie and she keeps it on the rails enough for it to be tolerable, though the romance aspect of her character arc is, like the rest of this movie, excruciatingly devoid of substance. She is, however, one of the few characters to have any sort of genuine personality and not just a cynical one-dimensional cardboard cutout stereotype for the purposes of cheap mockery.

If you're looking for a few cheap, awkward laughs, an empty clichéd romance subplot, and a cast of annoying characters all accompanied by some intermittent sugary sweet acapella pop song performances, "Pitch Perfect" is the movie for you. My only lingering question is: What is this movie supposed to be? A musical? A farce? A gross-out comedy? A cheap, cynical cash-grab for the teenage girl demographic? All of the above? I really don't know, but whatever it is, I can't say I much care for it.
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Not worth the hype
studioAT24 October 2017
As a previous reviewer has said - you'll either love this film massively, or dislike it massively, it's that sort of film.

For me I was left a bit numb by it, feeling neither emotion. The story of a women's singing group bouncing back after defeat, it has its moments, and features some good performances from Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick, but it's certainly not worth all the hype it gained upon release.

An average comedy. I'm sorry I don't get the hype.
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What a STUPID and BORING movie
Funasian200527 July 2017
Everything is bad about this movie. Not a single redeeming quality. Nada. The story is lame. The one liner jokes are not funny at all. The characters are not developed at all. I was bored from beginning to end.

I have no idea why it got a sequel and a third part.

Please don't watch this piece of crap.
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Dave25 June 2017
This is a musical comedy film about vocal groups at a university. It's not funny enough for a comedy. The quality of the singing varies, but it's not good enough for a musical film.

It's impossible for us to believe that Rebel Wilson's character is 19. She was in her early thirties when she played her. Why didn't they have her play a mature student near her own age?
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Turn off your brain and just enjoy....
MartinHafer18 June 2017
The most important thing you might wanna know about this review is that I am certainly NOT in the target demographic group for this film. As a 53 year-old man, I am not the type to ever watch "Pitch Perfect" in the first place and did so only because my daughter insisted that it was a good film and I would enjoy it. And, fortunately, I did enjoy it quite a bit. Now I am NOT saying I think it's a great film, it certainly has its faults, but it is fun and entertaining.

The film is about a capella singing....certainly not the sort of thing most of us enjoy or even care about...though the film manages to infuse the subject with enthusiasm. And, you'll soon find yourself moving along with the singing...and much of it is very infectious. And, the film is about most every stereotype I could think of when it comes to young adult films---you have the bossy and nasty leader of the group, the lesbian, the fat girl who is funny and the rest of the clichés (such as the final big number where not only do ALL the ladies know the lyrics BUT also the choreography of a song they NEVER practiced). But, it manages to make it enjoyable because it SAYS that these are stereotypes at times and the music is pretty cool. I could have done without all the vomit, however. Overall, this is a very watchable and enjoyable picture.
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Best musical ever
Hangeefa10 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Love this film. All the characters are aca awesome in their own ways. My favourite character is Fat Amy. Truly is one of the best musicals I have ever seen. Great music which will have all of you singing along. The riff off is great. I love both the bellas and the treble makers final songs. Fun film which is great for a girly night in.
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I have literally watched it like a hundred times.
farismahmood-1613018 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The movie was excellent and I have watched it like a hundred times. The story revolves around the Barden Bellas struggle in the competition and how they manage to win at the end. All the actors have done an amazing job; even the main actors such as Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Rebel Wilson, Skylar Astin; and even the minor characters such as Alexis Knapp, Ester Dean, Hana Mae Lee, Elizabeth Banks (who has done a very good job), John Michael Higgins, etc. The reason why the movie lost two marks for me because it has such mistakes in audio, editing, placing of actors/objects keep on changing within scenes, etc.
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Good Music and Anna Kendric has a Great Smile
Jakemcclake7 April 2017
The plot was not mind blowing, they might have lip synced, it was not that funny, and the comedy, you can see it coming, but as far as I'm concerned, that is all secondary.

The music was great. When you combine the music with Anna Kendrick's smile which rocks the screen about 70% of the movie, it makes it a good experience. Anna has the smile of a model, similar to Jennifer Connelly's devastating smile.

By the way, despite her smile, Anna is not the sexiest woman up on the screen. Alexis Knapp, who plays Stacie Conrad, dominates the screen and any man's attention when she is on it. If you watch this, you will immediately know when Alexis is on screen.

The music, well, they hit us with about 70 songs in the movie, and some songs, like the Bruno Mars song "Just The Way You Are" were done in a fantastic way. Not to mention that it has some other background songs that are good.

And although the movie is not a great comedy, Rebel Wilson has good comedic delivery.

The message of the movie is that perseverance, teamwork and being sensitive to others, will be rewarded and this adds to the reason this was a sleeper hit.
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This Movie Is Beneath Anna Kendrick
zkonedog6 March 2017
Despite the fact that "Pitch Perfect" doesn't exactly fall into my preferred film genre, I rented it because I have thoroughly enjoyed previous flicks featuring Anna Kendrick ("Up In The Air", "50/50") and figured that her presence in this one might lend it more legitimacy. Unfortunately, all it did was leave me wondering why Kendrick would lend her presence to such a clichéd, pointless film.

For a basic plot summary, "Pitch Perfect" sees college newbie Becca (Kendrick) trying to fit in at her new campus while also pursuing a potential career as a music DJ. On some advice from her father, Becca joins a collegiate a cappella singing group in hopes of making friends and living the "college life".

The glaring weakness of this film is that director Jason Moore should have made it a bit more of a serious effort in accordance with Kendrick's acting style. Usually, Kendrick is so cute and likable that audiences cannot help but sympathize and identify with her. In "Pitch Perfect", though, all the crazy proceedings around Kendrick's characters are too ridiculous to even let the audiences think they should be taking themselves seriously whatsoever.

Basically, I just wonder why-oh-why did the film's producers try to follow the "Bring It On" cheerleading-esque approach to this movie. Rebel Wilson's "Fat Amy" character is about the only semblance of the film that actually made me laugh a time or two. Otherwise, it is just a collection of shock humor (vomit jokes run the course of the movie) and sight gags.

The only reason I give "Pitch Perfect" two stars is because the musical numbers are fun and some of "Fat Amy's" one-liners are legitimately hilarious. However, unless you REALLY, REALLY enjoyed the "Bring It On" style of making a movie, you'll want to discard this one fairly quickly from your film library.
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An enjoyable film but had the potential to be great
Kingslaay10 February 2017
Pitch Perfect is surprisingly a good film. It certainly hits the ground running from the start by introducing us to the world of Capella singing and the prestigious prize groups compete for. The singing is very good, it includes both old and new music. However older music would have been better than a rendition of modern beats we call music. Viewers are treated to some exceptional singing throughout the film as the groups sometimes show it is effortless for them to sing. The humor is also not bad and lightens up the film.

What brings this film down is the romance. Not only was it dull it was completely unnecessary. It completely holds back this film from being a great and deeper film with great music thrown in. The Breakfast Club is a classic that explored certain themes in a simply way and it was referred to now and then but Pitch Perfect failed to come up to that level. It was brought down by a cheesy, light headed and silly romance. Instead of realizing the potential to make an artistic and well thought of movie, what was below the belt guided a big part of the film. Anna Kendrick was also an unlikable character who seemed spoilt and uncaring for others. Once again if the romance was dropped and more focus was on character development or other deeper themes this movie would have soared.

Overall an enjoyable movie with great singing and performances. If it realized its potential and used its ingredients well it could have been a lot more, perhaps a classic like the Breakfast Club was in its own way.
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"Pitch Perfect"- A delightful comedic gem. Charming, warm and often laugh-out-loud funny!
MaximumMadness18 December 2016
I'd have never thought that as a 28-year-old male who is decidedly a fan of all things horror and exploitation that one of my favorite films of the year 2012 in retrospect would have been "Pitch Perfect"- a hilarious musical comedy about an all-female A Cappella group that's full of spunk, light-hearted laughs and near-endless charm. But after having seen it for the first time earlier this week, I'm completely hooked. Much in the same way that films like "Mean Girls" and "Clueless" sort-of transcend their genres and become cultural phenomena that all can enjoy no matter age, gender or general movie preference, "Pitch Perfect" is definitely a movie for everyone.

We follow Beca Mitchell (Anna Kendrick), a freshman at Barden University, who dreams of moving out to California to start a musical career but is forced into attending college by her father- a professor at the school. When her father offers to let her live out her dreams should she join a school club and tough out the university for one year, she ends up joining the school's all-girl A Cappella group- the Barden Bellas, which is lead by the talented but domineering Aubrey Posen (Anna Camp). While they train to beat their school rivals- the Treblemakers, Beca tries to shake up the group and help them to become better singers and better friends with the help of the other new recruits. (Including the hilarious Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Alexis Knapp, Ester Dean, Hana Mae Lee, Kelley Alice Jakle, Shelley Regner and Wanetah Walmsley)

The key to the film's success really lays in its excellent casting and the sharp wit of the banter and dialog. As an ensemble, you couldn't ask for a better group of performers. Kendrick is a wonderful lead for us to follow, and she's very accessible and identifiable as a protagonist, with a great sense of humor and an adorable attitude. Supporting roles by the likes of Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow and the rest of the Bellas are just wonderful- particularly the highly entertaining Wilson who brings many of the belly-laughs with her great improvisations. Skylar Astin makes for a good love-interest in Jesse, a young man who becomes quickly infatuated with Beca. And smaller roles like Adam DeVine as the slimy leader of the Bella's rivals and producer Elizabeth Banks as a very tripped out commentator are also quite good.

Jason Moore directs from a script by former "30 Rock" writer and producer Kay Cannon. Loosely inspired by a non-fiction book of the same name, Cannon and Moore create a unique and highly entertaining world and aesthetic for the Bellas to inhabit, and they inject a lot of great fun and thoughtful character development for each and every performer. As she has shown on her previous television work, Cannon has a way with her writing to craft fine and highly comedic yet also fundamentally touching story lines and she shines once again. Moore has a very confident sense of visual storytelling and he also knows when to let his cast improvise and inject their own ideas into the mold, and it helps to build the film up to what it is- exquisite entertainment.

Add to that a host of wonderful song choices, extremely well- executed musical sequences involving the groups performing at various competitions, plenty of great subversive laughs and some unexpectedly shocking gags that take you by surprise and you just have a good, solid little flick. If I absolutely had to complain about anything, it would be the very minor issues I had with some of the more clichéd moments that crop up now and again. While I won't spoil them, I will say that anyone with even a passing knowledge of film theory and structure will probably see the majority of the twists, turns and developments coming from a mile away. But given that the film is more focused on just absolutely charming its audience and delivering consistent laughs, I can forgive this. It's a minor issue in an otherwise near-flawless film.

"Pitch Perfect" is just such a pleasant surprise. With wonderful characters being portrayed by fantastic performers, a witty script filled with great humor and solid visual direction, the film is a just pure, simple fun. And I give it a near-perfect 9 out of 10. If you haven't seen it, be sure to give it a shot. And ignore the many nay-sayers you see popping up here and there... they just don't know how to let themselves have fun.
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sophhollie9 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
One word that I use to describe this is 'wow'. It is my favourite film in the whole world. I watch it time and time again - and never get bored. Fat Amy is such a great character. I love the relatonship between Becca and Jessie....... and that kiss at the end. Don't even get me started on the final performance - woah! If you haven't watched it you need to. I think that it would be a great book as well. My favourite part is when Aubrey is sick everywhere and everyone tries to get the pitch pipe. The actors fit the roles perfectly. The film would not be the same without all of the characters. It is one of the funniest films ever. I can't stop laughing and no matter how many times I watch it I always laugh and cry where nessacery.
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yirun1 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
It is almost inevitable to compare the movie with its peers such as Glee and High School Musicals. The TV show Glee was entertaining at first, even novel to me as a teenager ---- I was impressed at how music could be incorporated into a normal flow of storyline. On the other hand, the time when everyone fell in love with Zac Efron seemed to be so vivid that it happened just yesterday. However, such musical dramas either became repetitive or overly romantic after several seasons or sequels and I finally stopped watching.

I have watched Pitch Perfect three times. When I watched it first time under the pressure of my best friend, I did not like it. Considering at the time, I had little knowledge of American pop music and had hard time trying to figure out the jokes, and not to mention I watched it because someone else was watching me, we can just ignore that. The second time was at the beginning of my freshman year. I had so high of an expectation of the college life that I actually thought all of that would happen to me and I even went to the audition for the school Aca- pella group. Now when I watched film, I have quite different ideas I detected from the film social commentary.

The movie, to start with, is all about initiation. The protagonist Becca initiated her college life at the first scene, initiated conversation with her weird roommate, then initiated her college "Fall fest"......all the way to initiate herself as a member of Barden Bellas, initiate the fight within the group, and initiate a romance with a guy. The movie seems so close because the Bellas are simply everyone on campus. Not like the shiny stars in High School Musicals, the characters are far from perfect and typical, yet they all achieved some progress in the end. As the plot thickens, we see each one of them arc again and again and again and every time they made a progress, although in part because it is a teenage movie, it is such a pleasing and encouraging moment. Other social commentaries are also moving. For example, one of them points to the fact that in the trajectory to success, a team either makes change or everyone on the team has to abide the rules, and change means conflict. Equally worth mentioning in the movie is its relatively little emphasis on the singing trainings and practices. That is to say, the movie is actually not about singing, but rather about the transition of the characters.

Highlight of cinematography in this movie is the scenes of Riff Off. Apparently, it is a group scene and therefore it is somewhat difficult to draw audience's 100% attention to a particular group who is singing. By making the background completely dark and redirect light on the singing group, the problem is cleverly resolved. Also in this plot, we see the opposing posture of the competing groups, which increases the dynamics of the movie.

One thing I do not like about the film, or maybe it is because that I have not fully understand the film, is the Treblemakers part. The group seemed to be pure antagonist while at the same time, because there is also good side about them, for example they took the girls to the semi- regionals, I question their role in the movie. Is the appearance in the movie supposed to act an antagonist/ opponent or the director is also trying to convey some idea through him?

Overall, the movie is a lot about initiation. That is why I think this title "1,2,3,4" would be the best summary, because after the "1,2,3,4" unveils the break-throughs.
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Pitch Perfect Movie Review
Kayla Pavelski3 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Intense, competition based movies, are usually about football, basketball, baseball, or some popular sport. However, to find a movie with real action, tension filled, pound your opponents into the ground and laugh with cunning joy, look no further than "nerd singing" in the movie Pitch Perfect. Viewers will be unable to remove their eyes from the movie as they will be too busy crying from laughter and eating up the music, hilarious characters, and plot that Jason Moore's Pitch Perfect encompasses. Pitch Perfect will keep any viewer intrigued and interested. The movie incorporates many elements including the ability of the actors and actresses to adapt to their role, the ability of producers to adapt to the culture, and the special effects. Although a bit predictable, a cappella singing will expose viewers to some of the most intense competition ever, all while providing fantastic music and hilarious humor resulting in nonstop laughter. Placed in a college setting, some may think Pitch Perfect is only directed toward college viewers, however, this movie will be fun to any viewer who enjoys a good, relaxing laugh. Plus, who needs background music when all the characters sing? Think of a combination of Bring It On, Glee, and Mean girls. The actors and actresses were able to perform their roles at an extraordinary level. Anna Kendrick, a very underestimated actress, seemed as though she was not even acting while she played her character, Becca. She matched her role exceptionally well: a somewhat shy girl waiting for her time to shine. A direct example from the movie was at the Involvement Fest when the members of the Barden Bellas wanted Becca to join their a cappella group, and her being so timid, she rejected, but they later found out her voice was beautiful. There is no movie quite like Pitch Perfect. The movie is by no means perfect, however. Similar to many competition-established movies, the main a cappella group, the Barden Bellas, are successful in their quest for victory in their competition, the national a cappella championship, something viewers can expect in any competitive movie. Although the audience may have been able to see what was coming, the ability of the producers to adapt to today's culture was phenomenal. The producers were able to make the movie relatable to the audience through diction, comedic references, setting, characters, culture, and many other things. The producers were able to create a mood and setting that portrayed today's society perfectly, allowing the audience to better relate to the movie. Well known songs for the time like Since You Been Gone, Party in the USA and Price Tag which made the movie even more likable. The movie incorporates the culture of the early 21st century generation and integrated the ways of our generation into the plot and characters particularly well.

Some movie fanatics may notice that most old music movies do not have notable special effects, but Pitch Perfect sure does. The scenes and settings of the movie do not seem like they are on a set, but rather seem as though they are real-life scenarios, as though the viewers are in Louisiana with the characters. A memorable moment of the movie was how realistic the glass looked when it shattered when someone through a trophy through the glass. The special effects throughout the movie are successful in drawing the audience in and creating a captivating movie. Imagine a hilarious, relatable movie with some of your favorite hit songs, a love story, and a cutthroat competition all in one. Pitch Perfect is a movie not to miss. The movie has a little bit of everything and can attract many different viewers. With the amazing acting, the cleverness of the plot and the relatability of the movie I am aca-serious when I say, "Watch this movie!"
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