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Wasteland is a deconstructed heist film that eschews the genre’s usual quick cutting and gritty visuals in favor of a quieter, more intimate approach. While it doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel, it does offer a distinct way of watching it spin, with a young, fresh-faced cast to help bring it to life.
Village Voice
Athale has a flair for guy-pal banter; here, the talk is funny and profane, silly and profound, often in the same breath.
To borrow from a term for the gritty, working-class British dramas that this film also nods to, it’s a kitchen-sink caper.
It’s an overlong Northern British heist caper with a wildly uneven tone and a needlessly scrambled narrative, but it suggests a higher intelligence beneath, waiting to flower down the road.
Slant Magazine
At heart a heist movie, snappy and dry in its humor, clever in its elaborate robbery scheme, and somewhat bloated and unspooled in its storytelling.
The Dissolve
Wasteland reveals itself as little more than a bloodless plot engine, but it purrs and hums under the ultra-slick chassis.
The frustrating thing about the British heist flick Wasteland is how it creates two admirably entertaining storytelling strands — one a friendship saga, the other a robbery caper — yet can't merge the two successfully.
Lethargic and not particularly invigorating or fresh, you can skip Wasteland and wait for the next Brit crime flick that will be following before long.
It’s a waste, for sure — of talent and your time.
The shallow, derivative and contrived British heist thriller Wasteland lives down to its unfortunate name.

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