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Which Marvel Film Has Made the Most Money? Here's the Whole List

Marvel Comics is one of the biggest production companies in the film industry at the moment, and with its new release of Black Panther, it is only going to continue to make more money - and rightfully so. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney and Marvel Studios' Black Panther is already making history at the Us box office - and will most likely stay that way - with an estimated $200 million in earnings for its four-day debut this President's Day weekend. The reason it could hit the $200 million mark in its opening weekend is based on its early Friday returns and the Thursday evening previews, which came in at $25.5 million, THR reported. That's insane! As of now, The Avengers has had the best opening weekend for a Marvel film, coming in at $207.4 million, and let's be honest: with so much hype and the acting, and action, to back it up,
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The Marvel Olympics: ‘Black Panther’ wins gold as the most critically acclaimed McU movie by far – see how all 18 compare

The Marvel Olympics: ‘Black Panther’ wins gold as the most critically acclaimed McU movie by far – see how all 18 compare
Black Panther” opened on Friday, February 16, as the 18th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the interconnected superhero franchise began with “Iron Man” 10 years ago in 2008 — that averages out to 1.8 Marvel blockbusters every single year. Critics should be sick of it by now, shouldn’t they? Perhaps they are, which makes it even more impressive that this 18th entry in the McU canon has scored 87 on MetaCritic and 98% freshness on Rotten Tomatoes. That makes it the most acclaimed Marvel movie yet. So if Marvel were the Olympics — and goodness knows they have enough heroes to populate an Olympic team — it just captured the gold.

Black Panther” is co-written and directed by Ryan Coogler, who seems to be making a habit of resuscitating long-running franchises. In 2015 he brought Sylvester Stallone‘s Rocky Balboa back to the Oscars with his film “Creed.” This film follows the title character (Chadwick Boseman), a
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An updated ranking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for early 2018

It’s becoming a tradition every few months here. Whenever Marvel releases a new film within their Marvel Cinematic Universe, we must re-order their rankings! By the end of the year, we’ll have 20 films in the McU to rank, but for now, we’ve got a solid 18 (next up are the one two punch of Avengers: Infinity War as well as Ant-Man and the Wasp). Sparking this of course is today’s release of Black Panther, which, spoiler alert, is one of their best ever. You’ll see exactly where it ranks below, but just know that Marvel has another absolute home run on their hands. Anyway, on to the good stuff… Here now are all 18 McU films ranked: 18. Thor: The Dark World – If this is the worst that Marvel can do, we’re in a good place. Thoroughly acceptable but without much of a spark, this sequel has
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365Flicks Podcast – Road To Infinity War: ‘Iron Man 3′ Review

Here’s the latest episode of the 365Flick podcast, part of the ever-growing podcast roster here on Nerdly. If you haven’t heard the show yet, you can check out previous episodes on Libsyn, whilst we’ll be featuring each and every new episode as it premieres.

365Flicks Podcast – Road To Infinity War: ‘Iron Man 3′ Review

Thats right folks we at 365Flicks are bringing you the Road to Avengers Infinity War. The premise is that if you watch an McU movie a week that will take you right up to the release of Avengers Infinity War. So we thought well hell its a good reason to watch these movies all over again and get ourselves ready for what is sure to be the movie event of 2018, and lets not forget the culmination of everything Marvel set in motion with Iron Man 10 years ago.

But we didn’t want to go
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Natalie Portman Says She's Open to Returning to The McU as Jane Foster

I liked Natalie Portman as Jane Foster in the McU and it's kind of a shame that after Thor: The Dark World, she hasn't been around. It doesn't seem like Marvel has any plans on bringing her back anytime soon. In fact, we probably won't see her again. But, if Marvel does decide that they want to bring the character back, Portman says she's definitely up for it!

During an interview with Screen Rant, Portman was asked if she would be interested in reprising her role in any future Marvel films and this was her response:

"I’m completely open to everything, but I have no news about that." (Laughs)

It's good to know that she would come back if Marvel decided to ask her to, but at this point, I don't think they will. Maybe if Marvel decided to play with the whole female Thor story arc, they would consider it.
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Natalie Portman Is Open To Returning To The McU

At the time it was seen as quite a casting coup when Marvel Studios landed Natalie Portman for the female lead role in the first Thor movie, as the actress had just won an Academy Award for Black Swan and was highly sought after for a number of projects by several different studios. Unfortunately, her character Jane Foster didn’t really make much of an impact, and despite appearing in the first sequel, Thor: The Dark World, Portman didn’t reprise the role for Ragnarok.

Though fans didn’t take to Jane, it had nothing to do with the actress’ performance – the character was simply underwritten and came across as a bit bland. With that in mind, is there any chance we could see the talented star return to the McU one day? It doesn’t seem likely given the direction the franchise has been heading in lately, but at the very least,
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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Deleted Scene: A Bizarre Jeff Goldblum Hologram and a ‘Dumbo’ Joke

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Deleted Scene: A Bizarre Jeff Goldblum Hologram and a ‘Dumbo’ Joke
After the bland Thor: The Dark World, Taika Waititi completely turned the Thor franchise around with last year’s Thor: Ragnarok by making one of the funniest films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s also one of the strangest, and as a newly-released Thor Ragnarok deleted scene reveals, it was almost even stranger. Take a look at the […]

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Movie Talk: McU Fantasy Draft – Which Movies Would You Pick?

On this episode of Collider Movie Talk, Mark Ellis, Jon Schnepp, Jay Washington, and John Rocha discuss the following: The panel participates in a Marvel Cinematic Universe fantasy draft, attempting to draft the best movie line-up. What McU movie will be first pick? Is it The Avengers or could it be Captain America: Civil War? And how about some of the earlier installments? Can Iron Man 2 or Thor: The Dark World hang with the big boys? And how high will recent entries like Thor: Ragnarok and Spider-Man: Homecoming rank? Find out as this Collider Movie Talk panel …
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Darkest Hour, and its most contentious scene

Simon Brew Jan 31, 2018

How well you respond to Darkest Hour may well depend on how you feel about one particular scene. Spoilers ahead...

This article contains spoilers for Darkest Hour.

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Debate continues to sway about the merits or otherwise of director Joe Wright’s Oscar contender, Darkest Hour. The movie seems certain, with some justification, to land Gary Oldman a best actor Oscar statue for his portrayal of Winston Churchill. Notwithstanding the fact that Brian Cox also put in an excellent take on the former British Prime Minister in the less successful Churchill last year (a weaker film, but as good a performance), Oldman’s work is superb, all the more so given the amount of make up and prosthetics he’s buried under.

Darkest Hour is finding its audience too, telling the story of
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Chris Hemsworth Not Happy That His Marvel Contract Is Up

It’s a well-documented fact that it was the nature of Marvel’s multi-film contracts that once contributed to Chris Evans’ hesitation about playing the role of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Indeed, the prospect of signing up to play the same character for many years must be quite daunting. For some of these actors, though, the contract process is coming to an end – just like the McU’s third phase. Chris Hemsworth has just set Mjolnir down for the last time as Thor, for example – having completed his filming obligations on the set of Avengers 4.

It seems to have been something of a bittersweet goodbye for the star, too. It had become common knowledge that Hemsworth was unhappy in the role of Thor – particularly during the making of his second solo film: 2013’s Thor: The Dark World. That was his third time playing the Asgardian, after 2011’s Thor and 2012’s Avengers.
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Chris Hemsworth "Contractually" Done With Thor After Avengers 4

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth's reign as Thor could be coming to an end in 2019. "Two days I ago, I was in Atlanta finishing Avengers in my Thor garb," the Australian star told USA Today earlier this week. "It's really been two years of non-stop. I'm exhausted, but good." Hemsworth and his co-stars just wrapped production on Avengers 4, set for release on May 3, 2019; the Marvel Studios blockbuster is a follow-up to Avengers: infinity War, premiering May 4. Hemsworth made his debut as the prince of Asgard in 2011's Thor, reprising his role as the hammer-wielding hero in 2012's The Avengers, 2013's Thor: The Dark World, 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron and 2017's Thor: Ragnarok (plus a...
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Marvel Don't Miss Declares Infinity War Star Chris Evans

Marvel Don't Miss Declares Infinity War Star Chris Evans
Chris Evans has taken the hype for Infinity War up a notch while appearing at Ace Comic-Con in Arizona over the weekend. The actor declared that Marvel "doesn't miss" when they put out a new project, which is for the most part, true. Out of the 17 interconnected movies that make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe, only 2 have come in with some mediocre reviews, including The Incredible Hulk and Thor: The Dark World. Even then, all of Marvel's movies have had Fresh ratings on the movie review site Rotten Tomatoes.

Chris Evans appeared at Ace Comic-Con with Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier) and Anthony Mackie (The Falcon) to discuss all things Marvel over the weekend, which led to talk of the upcoming movies Infinity War and Avengers 4, which have fans super hyped up, but also cautiously optimistic. There's a lot of pressure to deliver something to the fans that have
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Early Thor 2 Art Was More Game of Thrones Than Jack Kirby

Thor Odinson was almost dressed like a Stark for Thor: The Dark World. On Twitter, Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor and concept artist Andy Park shared one of his early pieces for the second Thor film. According to the artist, he drew inspiration from HBO’s Game of Thrones for the look.

“I don’t think I ever posted this here so here’s a Thor concept I painted for Thor: The Dark World,” he wrote. “I went for a Stark look… Winterfell not Tony.” He added “Game of Thrones meets Marvel Studios” in the hashtags.
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'Sif' Gets In "Shape"

  • SneakPeek
Sneak Peek images of actress Jaimie Alexander, aka 'Asgardian' warrior 'Sif' in the Marvel Universe, posing for an issue of "Shape" magazine:

Alexander's first major film role was in the horror feature "Rest Stop" (2006) followed by "Hallowed Ground" (2007).

She then played the character 'Jessi' on the ABC Family series "Kyle Xy",followed by guest roles on "CSI: Miami" and "Bones".

Alexander was cast as 'Sif' in Marvel Studios' live-action feature "Thor, directed by Kenneth Branagh, released May 2011...

...then reprised the role in the sequel "Thor: The Dark World" and the TV series "Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Click the images to enlarge...
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Cloverfield 3 Release Date Gets Delayed Yet Again

In a move that, for totally different reasons, is both surprising and not all that surprising, Paramount Pictures has once again delayed Cloverfield 3. The third movie in the Cloverfield universe, which was, at least at one point, titled God Particle, will now arrive in theaters on April 20. In its new release date, it's going to be going directly up against several other major releases, which could see the movie get buried at the box office.

Cloverfield 3 was set to arrive on February 2, but we haven't seen a single poster, trailer or anything official from the movie. So releasing it in just a month didn't seem overly realistic. Granted, 10 Cloverfield Lane came out of nowhere, with the first trailer debuting just a handful of weeks prior to the release. So it wasn't too crazy to assume Paramount was just going to surprise us all again. But now it's starting to
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Ranking The Marvel Cinematic Universe (2017 Edition)

The Flickering Myth writing staff rank the Marvel Cinematic Universe for 2017…

2017 saw three new releases in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok – as well as our first looks at next year’s Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War. As is tradition, we here at Flickering Myth polled our writers and asked them to rank the McU from best to worst. James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy has won the poll the last two years [here and here], but can it make it three years on top?

As a change from last year, we are no longer counting the TV or Netflix shows. It was fun when we tried it last year, but it got too messy and there have been so many new additions this year that it’s hard to keep track of everything! Plus, it means we don’t have
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Your Handy Guide to Marvel's 6 Infinity Stones

  • BuzzSugar
There's a lot going on in the new Avengers: Infinity War trailer - superheroes suiting up, fighting, and even appearing from dark corners with impressive new beards (hi, Steve Rogers, how you doin'?). Facial hair aside, the rest of the plot revolves around the purple big bad of the new movie, Thanos, and the Infinity Stones. Not sure what those are or need a refresher? We can help. What Are the Stones? The Infinity Stones, known as Infinity Gems in the comics, are six cosmic powerhouses, each with a specific power. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we've already come across five of the six: the Tesseract/Space Stone, the Mind Stone, the Aether/Reality Stone, the Orb/Power Stone, and the Eye of Agamotto/Time Stone. The only stone as yet unseen is the Soul Stone, which may pop up in February's Black Panther. Twitter user mantia helpfully put together
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Thor: Ragnarok has surpassed Wonder Woman at the global box office

Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok has now moved past DC’s Wonder Woman at the global box office.

Much is said about the Marvel/DC rivalry, and while none of it really matters, it is certainly interesting to see how various superhero movies perform at the box office compared to one another.

Thor: Ragnarok has been doing particularly well in markets across the world, having pulled in $301 million in the Us and an impressive $833 million worldwide. Comparing this to past Thor films, Ragnarok looks even better, beating out Thor ($449 million) and Thor: The Dark World ($644 million) with considerable ease.

But it’s not just previous Thor movies that Ragnarok is besting, with the movie now surpassing the very popular Wonder Woman at the box office as well (via Box Office Mojo). The $833 million of Thor: Ragnarok has just edged it past Wonder Woman’s $821 million.

Wonder Woman, however, still has bragging rights at home,
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Mark Mothersbaugh Credits Every Frame A Painting Video For Influencing ‘Thor: Ragnaork’ Score

Thor: Ragnarok” marked a reinvention for the standalone series that rotates around the Norse warrior. Taika Waititi took the stodgy serious tone of “Thor” and “Thor: The Dark World,” and tossed it out the window. In its place, the filmmaker added his skewed brand of humor, brought bursts of color in to replace the blue dark visuals of the preceding movies, and there was one more key ingredient: Mark Mothersbaugh.

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Zachary Levi’s final words in Thor: Ragnarok ended up on the cutting room floor

Warning: Spoilers for Thor: Ragnarok follow…

After taking over the role from Joshua Dallas for Thor: The Dark World, Zachary Levi made his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Fandral this year in Thor: Ragnarok, although depending when you blinked, you may have missed what proved to be his final outing as one of the Warriors Three.

During an appearance at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, Levi spoke about his brief role in the film, which saw him and Ray Stevenson’s Volstagg killed off by Cate Blanchett’s Hela in mere seconds, as well as revealing that his final line in the McU ended up on the cutting room floor.

“For those of you who have watched the movie, you see that Cate Blanchett comes out and she very just willy-nilly throws some knives of demonic purpose, I don’t know, they’re evil knives impaling both me and Volstagg,
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