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Sex & Nudity

  • Much sexual dialogue.
  • Evil pulls up her shirt and exposes her breasts.
  • The Blob Girl (credited as Faith Zombie Chika) starts screaming at a blob, then loses her bra as she continues to scream, exposing her breasts.
  • Pish wears a dress with a slit blouse that shows off her breasts.
  • Mandy has sex with Howard, she is topless. The film goes back to this scene several times. He later sings and plays with her breasts.
  • Howard has anal sex with Pish while standing, seen only from the waist up, exposing her breasts.
  • A fully nude woman tied up, lying on her back, becomes a Vampire Meal.
  • It's implied Dr. Sniffles and Arbuckle have sex.
  • Meow Kitty #1 and #2 grab Howard and rub against him while Arbuckle watches. They are topless.
  • Posh has sex with Arbuckle, her breasts briefly exposed.
  • A woman (Candy?) has sex with Howard, breasts exposed.

Violence & Gore

  • Zombies are shot, zombies beaten, zombies explode. Zombies attack humans. A vampire bites a woman, blood seen. A man's genitals are cut off.


  • Over 80 f-words, about 40 s-words, 20 d--n, a few h--l, b---h, b-----d. Many slang terms for anatomy.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • None of the scenes are frightening as the movie is light-hearted and played for laughs.

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