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Darrell Van Citters is a genius

Author: dipsy-lee54 from United States
15 August 2012

This film is just awesome and so original! I was shocked nobody had come up with the idea of a 'Kung Fu Panda' before.. the ONLY thing that brought the stars from 10/10 down to 1/10 was the monkey.. he didn't say a word throughout the entire film.. What a let down! I love monkeys and hearing them talk in cartoons usually brings tears of joy to my eyes.

Saying that, everything else was perfect. A panda doing kung fu.. it's the kind of thing Pixar should be doing! It's obviously made on a tramp's shoestring, so to have made a 40 minute film that only sent me to sleep twice, it's just fantastic. Two thumbs up!! - but again, was disappointed about the mute monkey.


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good animation but it is a copy of kung fu panda

Author: M MALIK from Pakistan
20 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

if you are into animated films you know that kung fu panda didn't started the trend of fighting cartoons and all that it was was before that since a kid of 90s i have seen enough cartoons and animie films is still love cartoons now that i am into new films its 2013 mostly i am a action & romance film lover.but that doesn't keep me away from cartoons.

chop kick panda is another film that shamelessly copied kung fu panda but the animation was good enough with some comedy to keep you glued but at the end its not original.the same story is copied here what was the reason these people made this

the kung fu panda franchise has proved itself that its the best.this was real bad i tell you.enough said my rating is 2/10

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u gotta be kidding!

Author: Niko Zguri from Toronto
24 December 2013

okay, i loved the "Kung Fu Panda" movies, they were absolute kick ass and awesome! then, i saw this at a DVD store and i'm like: "What?!" but either way i gave it a chance even though i was dreading it. now i wanna f***ing shoot myself in the face! i mean, the animation's good but this goes from stupid to insultingly nonsensical! the plot's basically a stupid and blatant rip-off of "Kung Fu Panda" that got almost the same f***ing opening (good job for trying to steal ideas from DreamWorks); the script and story are as thin as a god damn piece of paper, the lines are random and weird; the characters are s**t and none of the voice actors turned in a good performance. there were almost 0 damn emotion when it came to the voice acting to this offensive turd. and where's the comedy in this thing? i never laughed while watching this. it's just 39 minutes of absolute boredom and a total pain in the ass! i'd rather stab myself than watch this offensive sack of horses**t again!

2/10 just cause the animation was alright

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Author: geochick123 from orange county california
4 April 2013

My 4 year old LOVED it and keeps bugging me to watch it again. so people can trash it saying it is a knock off of the other kung fu panda, BUT our family loved it and we cannot find it on 'net flix' anymore which is irritating. The story itself is cute with good morel values much like you would expect to find in any of the other types of movies. The silly and funny parts were very good - my son was laughing out loud and mimicking many of the characters, this including spending the evening pretending with the broom LOL- It certainly is not perfect, and has some bizarre moments, but we highly recommend you give it a chance :}

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Is It As Bad As You Think?

Author: Darkraiclone from United States
26 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well i have watched this movie from beginning to end and pretty much it took me by surprise, it wasn't good but it wasn't terrible either. Despite it being a Kung Fu Panda knock off it's actually pretty decent for what it is.

Seeing how most knock off movies try to add or take away from the movies they're ripping off, this movie tries to be somewhat original, even though the story is pretty much the same as Kung Fu Panda's story from start to finish you'll notice some differences in between the two there are some things in the story that work and some things that don't, basically the story is a mixed opinion type of review.

I also like the fact that they decided to use flash animation instead of using cheap CGI animation that's normally in most movie knock offs, still the animation ain't that great but it's one of those "It's not good but it could've been much worse" things that can be accepted by most viewers.

Half of the characters in the movie are bland and most of them have no personality outside of what their role in the movie is, for example the villains are just regular everyday villains, the heroes are just regular everyday heroes, and the kids are just regular everyday kids and that's pretty much it in a nutshell.

My verdict. even though the movie is not that good it's still just a harmless and decent family flick but it's more of a movie you should watch on Netflix or rent from your nearest video store, it's an OK movie but your not missing much.

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Better than The Little Panda Fighter, but that's not really a compliment

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
9 July 2014

Chop Kick Panda is not a good movie at all, in fact it's very bad, but it is nowhere near as bad as The Little Panda Fighter(the first Kung Fu Panda rip-off) and is also better than any of Video Brinquedo's and Spark Plug Entertainment's output put together. The animation quality is nowhere near as awful, the characters anywhere near as annoying and it doesn't make as glaring a mistake of not knowing what the target audience is, though that mistake is still made. Chop Kick Panda does have some moderately amusing one-liners, a few vibrant colours and background art that certainly flows smoother than those of The Little Panda Fighter going for it. This said, the animation quality in general is neither good or terrible, as aforementioned it has its moments, but the character designs are very lazy, there is some blockiness and some of the colours are quite flat. The soundtrack at best is forgettable, and while the characters are not as annoying the movie make the opposite mistake and makes them completely personality-less apart from the occasional spark with Bali and character development is almost non-existent. This is made even worse in that the voice actors show little signs of trying. The script and especially the story fare the worst. The script thankfully does not take a disturbingly sadistic approach that was seen with Spark Plug Entertainment's A Car's Life, which was what was meant early on in the review but it is one script that neither children or adults will take much pleasure from. The type of humour will fly over children's heads and could be seen as too crude for them, but while not as juvenile as that of Little Panda Fighter or the rest of Video Brinquedo's output adults will find the jokes here randomly structured, forced and more insultingly stupid than funny. The story is literally a carbon copy of Kung Fu Panda- like with the opening- minus the fun, charm and heart, the lack of originality would be forgivable if the story was engaging. But engaging is the last word to sum up the story, structurally it is as thin as paper and scenes are stretched to try and hide this, meaning that ideas run out and the running time despite being short actually feels too long. Plus subplots(ie. the idea to have the panda as a single dad) are shoe-horned in that are placed so clumsily that you question why they were there at all. In conclusion, a very bad movie though never reaching into abysmal territory like The Little Panda Fighter did. 2/10 Bethany Cox

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Give It A Chance - Pandas Aren't Copywrited

Author: chi-favole
24 August 2012

If you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, the same should go for movies. Though "Chop Kick Panda" does share similarities with "Kung-Fu Panda", it's different enough that it doesn't deserve such ridicule.

The bare-bones synopsis would be "Dad with menial job (janitor) goes to son's Career Day and lies about what he actually does (warrior). Son and friends ask to visit his place of work, so Dad has to keep up the charade. Meanwhile, Bad Guy wants an item with power that his twin brother has hidden, and sends his henchman to retrieve it. Dad wins the day by using said item to give him courage. The End."

Look past the martial artist animals - that's been done for years. And lots of stories use the trope of a useless item giving someone courage ("Dumbo", anyone?). Watch this movie for the dialogue. You can tell the creators are self-aware. They know they were asked to design a "Kung-Fu Panda" look-alike, so they got just close enough to slide this masterpiece past their bosses. The rest of it feels witty and creative. (Some of the jokes are even "Animaniacs" and older "Family Guy" level!)

The drawing style the characters is simplistic, but they are hilariously expressive in their subtlety. And the voice acting is actually quite good! (If Bali's one-liners don't make you at least crack a smile, you may have no soul.)

All I ask is that people watch this movie for what it actually is and not for what they think it was supposed to be. If you go in expecting a KFP rip-off, that's all you're going to see. And, frankly, you're going to miss out on a surprisingly good movie!

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Cinematic Masterpiece

Author: mollyruss7 from London
2 September 2013

Amazing cinematic masterpiece, Oscar worthy? Definitely. One of the best films I've seen in years. The humour is witty and genius, the animation is on par. This film puts Hayio Miyazaki to shame. I would watch again, I'd watch it 100 times, I'll show it to all my friends. I saw no resemblance to kung-fu panda, the story line was completely different, it's about an IDIOT panda and he's a father, how different can you get. It's lovable, Heart warming and family friendly. The plot development is amazing, the character development is great for a 40 minute film, you grow to love and care about these characters and want to come back for more. The end left me questioning a sequel, I pray for a Chop Kick Panda sequel. 10/10.

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It's bad enough for me to rant about it

Author: Richard Greco from Pakistan
4 April 2012

I am more offended by the fact that NF thought I would like this than I would be if a homeless man grabbed my privates on the train, announced that two of were to be married and then successfully argued in court that said proclamation constitutes a verbal contract. Furthermore, if I were to marry aforementioned bum and subsequently be cheated on multiple times by my forced same sex partner, I would still be less offended by that that I am by the fact that I would like this movie. If GOD himself came down to Earth and announced to the world that I am the creation he is least proud off (including Lucifer) and I am to walk the Earth for eternity for the expressed purpose of demonstrating to the rest of creation what happens when you have the misfortune of being a loathsome wretched creation so hideous that you are an affront o the creator, I would be less offend than I am by the fact that NG though I would like this.

In short avoid this movie.

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