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Sub-Chuckle Brothers atrocity - only let the kids watch this if they've been naughty

Author: NitrousMcBread from Under your bed
26 December 2011

David Jason is a hugely talented comic actor. Why, then, are the BBC demeaning him by giving him such a catastrophically idiotic, derivative and mirth-free script as "The Royal Bodyguard"? And who on earth gave this pathetic dross the go-ahead? This is real car-crash television: you can see the 'jokes' coming light years away. Throughout a conversation with a pianist at a grand piano, we all know David Jason's character will somehow mistakenly knock the piano cover closed. The lead-up to this century-old comedy non-starter is excruciating, though when it finally happens, it's still amazing just how limp the payoff is.

Other 'highlights': he tries to eat a lobster but doesn't know how! He tries to attack a suit of armour!! He falls into some water!!! Ahahahaha haha hahahahaha!!!!! I could understand better if this mess was a one-off special for Boxing Day, when people are generally too drunk to get up and turn the telly off - but there's a whole series of "The Royal Bodyguard" on its way.... good grief! In conclusion: unbelievably pathetic, and a hugely embarrassing failure. If a 6-year-old had written this script for a school project, it would be returned with a red line through it. An insult to the abilities of David Jason and an insult to the viewer.

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so very sad

Author: paul-2878 from Brentwood
3 January 2012

Watching David Jason on The One Show recently, he was congratulated on his ability to spot a great script; one that produced a character the British public would take to their hearts such as Del Boy, Granville, Pop Larkin, Frost and the like. When asked if The Royal Bodyguard would follow suit he seemed almost embarrassed and gave a rather mumbling response inferring that he hoped so.

Clearly he knew what has become clear to all after just two episodes. This is quite possibly the lamest, least funny, most predictable and generally cringe-worthy "comedy" i have ever had the misfortune to suffer. The first episode was dire. More out of curiosity than anything else we gave the second episode a viewing; if anything it was even worse than the first. The thought of another four episodes is sheer purgatory and they will be avoided at all costs.

It is so very sad that one of our most cherished and respected actors in the fields of both comedy and drama finds himself as the central figure in such banal rubbish. I sincerely hope that he finds another, more suitable vehicle to banish all memories of The Royal Bodyguard to the scrapheap...............and soon. It would be a terrible shame for this shambles to to be remembered as his final offering.

The oft repeated Fools and Horses episodes never looked so good. Mind you, On The Buses looks good compared to this tripe!

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Oh dear!

Author: DaveFilmlover from United Kingdom
28 December 2011

Big mistake. Woefully unfunny. Absolutely no story. David Jason trying to be a cross between Johnny English and (I suspect) Inspector Clouseau and failing dismally. Came across as a very embarrassing old man, wearing an awful hairpiece, and trying to re-live his youth. In his younger days Jason starred in a God awful LWT series called "The Top Secret Life of Edgar Briggs". This is a pale imitation of that show. How can such a fine comic/character actor get roped into something like this. I am a great fan of David Jason, his fabulous performances of Grenville, Del Boy, Blanco and Jack Frost made me forget some of his earlier stinkers. I am afraid that this has reminded me of the struggle he had in getting through what a comic talent he was/is. Give up on this one David. "Go on my son, you know it makes sense"

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Author: per-181 from Sweden
11 March 2012

The guys behind this dog's dinner also created The Worst Week of my Life, which was absolutely brilliant. Well written, well acted and very, very funny.

How then is it possible for them to come up with this absolute mess? The Royal Bodyguard is so bad that it defies description. Remembering David Jason's excellent performances in Open all Hours, The Darling Buds of May, Only Fools and Horses and A Touch of Frost, just to name a few, this is totally inexplicable. Why did he say yes to this? He must have made a quid or two over the years, enough to be able to turn down such a stinker.

Avoid this like the plague!

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Hilarious series!

Author: Film TV from UK
30 January 2012

This has been the funniest series on television of late! David Jason is brilliant as are his colleagues in the series, actors Tim Bentinck and Geoffrey Whitehead. I really hope a second series is made! It is a great show to start the week with. Lighthearted and funny. So much better than the stand up comedians who are frequently on television who just aren't funny! So good to see a new and very British comedy on television instead of repeats or the same old thing. It is great to see David Jason back doing more comedy. He is wonderful in drag in one episode in particular. It may be quite a simple storyline, but that is part of what makes it work! I look forward to seeing more of The royal Bodyguard.

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So Bad To Watch It's Embarrassing

Author: ironorchid-1 from United Kingdom
24 January 2012

I sat through two episodes of this as I though maybe I was being unfair by loathing it after just ten minutes, but I wasn't. And I also think I am being generous giving it one star as this is beyond awful it has got to be the worst thing I have ever seen passed off as comedy in all my 50 plus years. It's dreadfully trite, screamingly unfunny and so badly written it's embarrassing. How on earth David Jason was persuaded to put his name and prodigious comedy acting talent to this heap of nonsense is beyond me. If anyone from the BBC is reading this, get it off and don't make any more please. And if you are planning to watch it for the first time, don't bother, visit your dentist or clean the drains instead, it'll be more fun.

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David Jason Saves the Day - But Only Just.

Author: zoe-butler51 from United Kingdom
9 January 2012

A weak script with unlikeable supporting characters spoiled what could have been a great idea. As it is, The Royal Bodyguard is funny as a gentle comedy. It is not something David Jason will be remembered for, despite trying hard. Some people have said it would have been saved by a younger actor, but to me, this looks like missing the point. The premise is that Guy Hubble, a forgotten member of the security forces is given the job as a car park attendant so that he can carry on working out of harms way, but through being in the wrong place at the right time he impresses HM The Queen so much that she insists he be promoted way above his level of competence. It's a one joke film, of course. The only way the premise can be stretched is that everyone else is incompetent too. We have incompetent senior civil servants, incompetent security guards, even incompetent terrorists. It could be argued that the Queen herself is incompetent to be taken in, to the extent of insisting on Hubble being kept in his job. That is the weakness of the concept. An incompetent security officer in a highly efficient security department facing well organised, highly disciplined terrorists could have been far more suspenseful and therefore far funnier when the comedy relieved the tension. Instead we get situations where everyone falls over their own and each others' feet and Hubble wins by being the last man standing. This is not intelligent comedy at all.

Comparisons have been made with Norman Wisdom. But Norman Wisdom comedies had sympathetic characters. The foils for Wisdom's antics were always the mighty brought down. In The Royal Bodyguard, we don't care about any of the other characters, and the mighty are brought down by their own incompetence as much as anything.

There is one big mistake in Hubble's character. He blames everyone else. This is a believable flaw, but it alienates him from us. Hubble does too much of it. It is not well written because he is always childishly shouting, "That was your fault!" it is one thing to let someone take the blame, but to deliberately blame innocent passers by is not the way to endear audiences.

I have given this a fairly generous score of five out of ten. This is entirely for David Jason. He brings pathos to what would be - in real life - a tragedy. This is a story about someone who is overconfident and in over his head; an old man who is too proud to retire and take a less active role and who pathetically attempts to look younger by wearing an obvious wig. People like that really exist and, in these days, there are probably more of them than ever. With better writing, this could have rocked. With poor writing it crumbles.

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so bad it was funny

Author: koalafishy
8 February 2012

After completing the first episode I was stunned at why David Jason would ever sign up for this rubbish. that was before i realized the comedy gold i was watching. What makes this show so great is its predictability, time and again I called the exact next scene just by seeing the location. In most films this predictability makes it boring or cheesy. not in this! This show made my Christmas, leaving me doubled up in laughter and still chuckling about it days later.

A TRUE CLASSIC for the whole family, if you enjoy comedy and enter it not expecting carefully scripted and brilliantly acted Oscar/Bafta stuff your in for a treat.

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Stop with the hero worship

Author: Billy Buff from United Kingdom
25 July 2012

I think it's a given that this show is rank awful. What I am getting sick of is people calling David Jason 'the best actor of his generation' etc etc. In my opinion Jason is at best an average actor who was lucky enough to be cast alongside a true comedy legend in Ronnie Barker in two truly great shows i.e porridge and open all hours, next he was lucky enough to be cast in a truly brilliantly written (for its time) show i.e only fools. If you watch Jason 'act' in anything else, such as Frost, he is I'm afraid completely average...bordering on terrible. He incapable of appearing natural within a scene. If you block out any scene he is in and actually watch his performance he is like a statue just waiting for his next cue and not altering the facial expression which he ended his last line with until he delivers his next one. I honestly think David Jason is a terrible actor who got INCREDIBLY lucky....

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Hapless and unfunny

Author: Prismark10 from United Kingdom
9 December 2013

David Jason returns to BBC sitcom land where he has had great success in the past. He plays Captain Guy Hubble; an ex-guardsman who becomes the Head of Security at the Buckingham Palace car park. He then gets promoted as the Royal Bodyguard after somehow saving the Queen's life at the State Opening of Parliament.

Geoffrey Whitehead is Colonel Dennis Whittington; Hubble's hapless boss. He knows that Hubble is useless but is unable to fire him because Hubble somehow manages to please the Queen.

You can immediately guess that Jason plays a cross between Johnny English and Inspector Clouseau with Whittington essentially being Inspector Dreyfus.

At 71 years of age, Jason is rather too old to play such a role and looks it especially as is makes demands on him physically. It also did not help that the sitcom is so lame, predictable and lacks an ounce of originality as you know where they got their inspiration from and has an actor who is miscast.

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