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Season: 1
Year: 2011 | 2012

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: The Limping Assassin

26 December 2011
Guy Hubble,accident-prone car park attendant at Buckingham Palace,saves the queen from a runaway carriage stampede - which he caused - and,to the horror of Secret Service high-ups,is appointed the royal bodyguard. When MI5 hear of a likely attempt to kill the queen Hubble is booked into the hotel where she is staying and where he creates predictable havoc. Falling for the assassin's glamorous accomplice he ends up in his under-pants on a hotel balcony and reported as a peeping Tom but for all that,just as predictably,saves the queen's life - again quite by accident.

David Jason ... Guy Hubble

Tim Bentinck ... Sir Edward Hastings (as Timothy Bentinck)
Geoffrey Whitehead ... Dennis Whittington
Neil Edmond ... Simon Stevens
David Webber ... Ghanaian Ambassador

Nicola Hughes ... Ambassador's Wife
Daniel Cerqueira ... Kagan
James Wrighton ... Waiter
Joannah Tincey ... Chambermaid

Eleanor Matsuura ... Dana

Tim Downie ... Yates
Jeremy Limb ... Room Service
Daniel Lawrence Taylor ... Pianist
David Laurence ... Bruno

Greg Bennett ... Police Constable

Season 1, Episode 2: The Siege of Blenheim Square

2 January 2012
Hubble and security officer Yates are shadowing a royal prince on a shopping trip to a jewellers,which coincides with the armed robbery of the shop. After Hubble has accidentally alerted the robbers to the royal presence they take the prince hostage and,as the SAS prepare to move in,Hubble is suspended. However he mounts his own rescue with a microlight and,as he crashes into the shop,disarms the villains with his toupee.

Tim Bentinck ... Sir Edward Hastings
Georgie Glen ... Miss Gifford
Geoffrey Whitehead ... Dennis Whittington

David Jason ... Guy Hubble

Tim Downie ... Yates

Adam Deacon ... Hart

Michael Ballard ... Van Driver
Dan Mersh ... Powell
Richard Betts ... Resident Driver

Luing Andrews ... Police Driver
Richard Dixon ... Commissioner Baker
Elliott Tiney ... Pizza Delivery Boy
Daniel Chapple ... Owner of Jewellery shop held hostage in an armed raid

Graham Curry ... Police Training Recruit

Season 1, Episode 3: Bullets over Broad Street

9 January 2012
Hubble is abducted by Dana and Kagan, the couple whose assassination attempt on the queen he accidentally foiled. They leave him bound and gagged in a basement whilst they head off to a Royal visit in Oxford and another try. After freeing himself and inadvertently crippling Yates, one of the rescue party, Hubble catches up with the pair in Oxford, where, once more he defeats them - despite having an arm wedged in a priceless Roman vase.

David Jason ... Guy Hubble

Tim Bentinck ... Sir Edward Hastings (as Timothy Bentinck)
Geoffrey Whitehead ... Colonel Dennis Whittington

Tim Downie ... Yates

James Doherty ... Palace Footman
Isabel Fay ... Helen
Diane Morgan ... Sharon

Eleanor Matsuura ... Dana
Daniel Cerqueira ... Kagan

Stephen Hawke ... Police Guard
Kelvin Wise ... Royal Security (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 4: The Royal Art of Blackmail

16 January 2012
Having helped three men load things into a van at the palace Hubble is told that he has inadvertently assisted thieves in stealing valuable pictures from the Royal art collection and is charged with delivering the five million pounds the criminals demand for their return. Handcuffed to the brief case containing the money he is taken to a farm where he meets the mastermind behind the heist - Sir Ambrose Hamilton,the Surveyor of the Royal Pictures. This leads to a shoot-out in an ice cream van and another accidental triumph for Hubble,who literally remains cool throughout.

David Jason ... Captain Guy Hubble

Tim Downie ... Yates

Tim Bentinck ... Sir Edward Hastings (as Timothy Bentinck)
Georgie Glen ... Miss Gifford
Geoffrey Whitehead ... Colonel Dennis Whittington

David Walliams ... Sir Ambrose Hamilton

Ricky Champ ... Lock

Cavan Clerkin ... Gibbs

Lee Nicholas Harris ... Armed Police Officer
David Lyddon ... O'Keefe

Season 1, Episode 5: The Perils of Attraction

23 January 2012
Because MI-5 can't be trusted to ferret out a leak in Downing Street 10, royal bodyguard Hubble is sent in. He goes undercover cross-dressing as the new cleaning lady. His incessant absurd theories drive his superior into despair. Finally, flirtation from the fiend with 'Sandra' accidentally exposes him.

Tim Downie ... Yates
Geoffrey Whitehead ... Colonel Dennis Whittington
Graham Vanas ... Vicar

Tim Bentinck ... Sir Edward Hastings (as Timothy Bentinck)

David Jason ... Guy Hubble
Alisdair Simpson ... Tristram Roberts
Abigail Cruttenden ... Mary Town-Jones
Sian Thomas ... Muriel Whittington

Rupert Vansittart ... Roderick Finch

Season 1, Episode 6: A Watery Grave

30 January 2012
Hubble is assigned to escort a royal princess to a hen night at a Devon hotel,where he annoys the guests and loses his charge,ending up being stuck on the moors all night. Next day,whilst driving the princess, his car brakes fail and he assumes somebody is out to kill him to get at her. He is partly right - a colleague he has pushed too far is about to try and consign him to a watery grave,though,being Hubble,he will survive to gain more undeserved glory.

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