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George Crabtree writes a novel: The Curse of the Lost Pharaohs. In it, George is now Murdochs partner. When all seven members of the local Egyptology Club are found dead by some mysterious, identical cause, Detective William Murdoch of the Toronto Constabulary and his partner Detective George Crabtree are enlisted to investigate. With the help of comely heiress Dr. Julia Ogden, they learn that a rare and toxic fungus was released upon the opening of a sarcophagus recently smuggled in from Egypt. Tracking further attacks on collectors of Egyptian rarities, Murdoch and Crabtree look to find a scientific explanation for what appear to be the supernatural actions of a long-dead Mummy. But when that Mummy arrives at Station 4 intent on killing them, they realize the plot goes much deeper. They learn of threats against the Egyptologists by a person known only as Sekhmet also known as the Egyptian Goddess of Retribution.

William Murdoch: Yannick Bisson; George Crabtree:Jonny Harris; Julia Ogden: Helene Joy; Inspector Brackenreid: Thomas Craig; Sanura Lenoir (nurse): Carinne Leduc; Bernard Lenoir / Sekhmet: Christian Laurin; Queen Victoria: Elizabeth Leslie; Inspector LaLonde: Robert Clarke; Henchman #1: Flint Eagle; Henchman #2: Nick Alchiotis; Henchman #3: Randy Butcher; Queens Advisor: Marty Beecroft

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