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This movie was phenomenal

Author: Akhaloo-383-979009 from United States
29 May 2012

I don't know what these people are talking about! This movie was different. Just because you were unable to catch what was going on doesn't mean the movie isn't good. Its a superb watch. Something different. Most people were probably hyped because Karishma was coming back and I think she did a great job and looks fantastic. Don't watch the movie when you are tired because you actually have to pay attention to to understand what the movie is about. After viewing this movie, it makes you wonder about past life regression. Before watching you may want to research and find out what it is so you can understand the flick instead of wanting a typical boy and girl dancing & singing near a tree movie

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Clichéd and Boring

Author: wazankash from Pakistan
11 May 2012

The much anticipated movie turned out to be the real disappointment. I do not understand what these people are trying to project from such movies ? I went with an anticipation of a fresh plot without using brain but since the movie made my brain go numb, I took a nap in between. Too many loose strings and plots and sub-plots and sub-plots without any relevance among themselves lead to ultimate confusion and in between I was searching for some entertaining material which never came till the end.

Karishma Kapoor didn't carry her role with stability,her emotions just seemed unreal.Same goes with the rest of the cast of the movie.It isn't worth big screen.... i still din't get whether movie was serious ,sad,funny,romantic,action or a thriller.

Rating : 3/10

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Great Story and a Good Movie

Author: johnmaco
16 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't understand why this movie got bad ratings, it is actually a very decent movie with good music and good acting. The story is very good and very different. Dangerous Ishq is entertaining and keeps you engaged right till last minute. I think 3D effects were not required and direction could have been a bit more strict. Though Karishma Kapoor did a good job, I feel her sister Kareena would have been a better choice for this role. Rajneesh Duggal did not get much scope, Jimmy was good as a cop, Divya Dutta and Gracy Singh were okay but the major surprise was Ravi Kishen. This guy has emerged as a great actor. He really boosted the last half an hour of this movie. I think you must watch this movie as the story is different and engaging. Cheers!

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go watch it now!!!!!!!!!

Author: manahal30
2 June 2012

I have to say I'm truly shaken by this movie. I didn't expect at all that it would be this good.I have always been a great fan of "karishma kapoor" whether it is in "dil to pagal hai" or my favorite "zubeidaa".Se has been my favorite actress since childhood and since i opened my eyes to Bollywood and I have to say no one, I repeat no one could have played this part better than her.The 4 regressions are each beautifully detailed and well constructed and all very very meaningful,my favorite one being the one with he punjabi girl and the scene in which she has to climb into a true of dead bodies and lie among them sends chills down my spine.I am very surprised that this movie received such negative reviews however the thing is we have become used to watching boy girl love song trouble song plan song and marriage song that we are unaccepting to a different refreshing story like like the one of dangerous ishq. The soundtrack is beautiful no anarkali disco chali no item song but it deeply touches your soul a power possessed by the great "himesh reshmaiyaa". The makeup and costumes could not be faulted no matter how hard I tried. Karishma was looking radiant as usual and perfect for each regression .The makeup covered 5 centuries perfectly.

Although I would say that you require an IQ above 2 to understand and appreciate such a movie which unfortunately most people don't posses.All in all a terrific movie must watch and the twist at the end was spectacular. In conclusion sound,story,costume,makeup,location all great. Couldn't ask for anything better.

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beautiful movie..must watch

Author: kumar rajesh from India
20 May 2012

Beautiful movie with different idea.Vikram Bhatt's obsession with all things supernatural is well-known.Marketed as Karisma Kapoor's comeback movie.3D is effective.Reincarnation of true lovers and villain is beautifully filmed.All actors did well except Jimmy.Natasha Sinha after long time is very good.Gracy Singh did very well.Karishma Kapoor did a fabulous job.Background score is effective.If you love horror mystery then go and watch.Good entertainer for whole family.Romantic and Chilling experience.Editing is good but could be sharp.Dangerous Ishq cannot be classified as a period film, or a horror film, or a film based on paranormal activity, or even a thriller. Though the filmmaker would like us to believe that it is a delicious mix of all genres.

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Reincarnation? Haven't we seen it all before??

Author: Gary170459 from Derby, UK
4 January 2014

I don't watch too many modern films but I was so impressed with Zubeidaa starring Karisma Kapoor when I saw it over ten years ago that coming to this one I was hoping for the best but fearing the worst, the reviews were so negative. Well: imho this isn't anywhere near as good as Zubeidaa was but it's still a fairly entertaining 2D time-passer, in this lifetime anyway.

A woman's husband is kidnapped for ransom by baddies which so unhinges her mind she realises that she is simply on the Great Mandala and a prisoner of her past lives. With help she regresses to some previous states to find that their love was just as great and fraught with danger – an inseparable love throughout many lives causes many problems. Kapoor puts in an excellent performance, my big problem is the drama veers from impressive storytelling to clichéd corn and back again so much that most of the time I didn't know whether to silently applaud or laugh loudly. Also confusing to me personally is that the modern sequences alternate spoken languages between Hindi and English so swiftly between and within sentences I found that I was often reading the English subtitles for no reason! But concentration is usually rewarded, and this film is worth it so I paid suitable attention. From the little music on offer I liked the lilting Lagan Lagi from the key 1535 segment, and the Umeed Hai reprise in the modern nightclub was stylish.

There's a convoluted - some might say a cheating - twist ending but at least everything adds up. It's a well-made, slick and thoughtful romance with much soapy melodrama (nothing wrong with that); definitely not as bad as I'd feared but I don't think it's a film I'll go out of my way to watch again.

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Very old fashioned

Author: varghesejunior from India
30 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

DI is a supernatural thriller and just gets listed in one of those Old fashioned "Pichchle janam" films of bollywood, like Hameshaa, Karan Arjun, OSO, etc.

The plot revolves around Sanjana, who's lover gets kidnapped and during the search for whom she begins to get visions of her past lives, and she soon makes shocking realizations about herself and those around her.

This supernatural concept of rebirth and such stuff will probably not appeal to people anymore. The film does have its thrilling moments but nowadays people want thrill with some logic also. The music is mostly romantic ballads only, Karisma acts well but like the concept of this film, she is also looking old fashioned. Jimmy Shergill does well for his part, whereas Rajneesh Duggal's role is pretty limited.

Another major flaw...this is a all the past lives stories, the protagonist and her lover are played by the same actors, but the villain is not. Also, they should not have used Ravi Kissen in the Rajput story because it kind of gives away the suspense of the film.

Can watch once.

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What a load of crap

Author: Sahil Mukherjee from United States
11 June 2012

I was being pigeonholed in my apartment this Friday and decided to rent out this DVD to kill time. Used to be a big fan of Karisma in her bygone days, man what a disappointing performance. Everything about the movie sucked, the badly edited script, the shoddy acting, the irrelevant characters. This includes Karisma's co-star. I won't even Google to find out the name, only thing I can remember he has such a clumsy wooden, expressionless face. They were a gross mismatch even if I take Karisma as some sort of cougar not considering the huge age difference, she really looked as if babysitting her boyfriend. Jimmy Shergill, a fine actor otherwise, looked tired and worn out, probably anguished with subjecting himself to Karisma's comeback tantrums. Seriously, Karisma didn't find a single co-star for her comeback movie. I heard her behavior isn't very good so that makes people keep distance.

Only the most pathetic, lazy mind could come with a script like dangerous ishq.

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Concept is fine, the movie is not

Author: anthony_fernandes80 from India
6 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Trust Vikram Bhatt to mix everything under the sun to come out with a suspense thriller. He is known for his concoctions mixing Past Life and murder, Sex, Music, Romance etc in earlier successful and unsuccessful films from Fareb/Kasoor/Raaz/Inteha to Haunted/1920/1920 Returns/Shaapit and now Dangerous Ishq. Honestly, DI has an interesting concept. I don't believe in Reincarnation but the concept is fascinating. Vikram Bhatt has woven several layers of past life in this story and slowly unraveled the mystery. The culprits here are several things.

The pace, which drops at many points in the film.

The choice of actors (casting). Karisma does a good job and looks great on screen too. But Rajnesh as her love interest is miscast. No, she doesn't look older than him (on the contrary she's still got it) but he doesn't match up to her in terms of screen presence. Moreover, he doesn't get a chance to exhibit acting skills either as his role is an extended guest appearance. Divya Dutta is dependable as usual and the rest of the supporting cast are good, especially Natasha and Ravi Kishen. But when we talk about casting, we look at the lead pair. And that clearly, according to me, has gone very wrong. Even the makers only publicized Karisma on the posters of the film.

Moreover, Karisma looks too modern to deliver those lines in Rajasthani or Marwari (not sure of the language, sorry!)

Himesh Reshammiya's music. The songs sound pleasant but baring Tu Hi Rab, none of the other songs caught my attention. Thankfully, VB has used them in the background.

And the biggest problem if you ask me, is the inconsistent screenplay. It's not confusing, it is inconsistent. At some points you are engrossed at other times you are just bored!

Overall, what could have been a good thriller, remains a good concept only.

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Neither Danger Nor Ishq.

Author: Herag Halli from Heraganahalli, India
30 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie has two reputable and talented names, that evokes an interest namely-Vikram Bhatt and Karisma Kapur. Karisma, who dumped her hubby of six odd years and embraced the movies for good, is one of the best talent from the Kapoor clan. Her thick eyebrows are kind of distraction from her acting. She is good in certain roles like regressed past as in this movie, since she has that eternal lost-look that fits right in. Somehow Vikram Bhat, fails as a director, since the movie is not tight as you would expect from a Veteran like Bhat. There are no strong male actors attached to the movie. The beginning of the movie and the scene inside the hospital is totally confusing to an average viewer, till the hypnotherpay sessions. Rajesh Duggal has talent in his blood..wish it was in his acting. Divya Dutta and other actors do fine. The one number by Himesh "Tere Chehra" is good. This movie hundred times better than the flicks by the 3 suvvar kuttae brothers and the 3 suvvar Kongs who are a disgrace to the movie industry.

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