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Two Hour Game Changer
gamerzach728 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The two hour season premiere has almost completely changed the theme of the show. Just when it seemed everything was set in stone, new evidence comes up that throws a curve ball at Linden. Almost every character in the show goes through a crucible. Stan is alone without Mitch, Richmond is scared for life, and Linden is back on the case with a new lieutenant and a possibly dirty partner. The premiere also threw some big questions to the viewers. Who was photographing Linden? What's Holders game? Can Jamie trust Gwen? Is it the killer who left the backpack at the Larson's door? To summarize, if you like a change of pace, this is a great start to the new season.
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Well, I Guess They've Got Enough for Another Season
Hitchcoc20 January 2017
Well, here are the questions. It's no secret that Holder created evidence to damn Richmond. How can his partner trust him? Belko shot Richmond and he lies in intensive care. What will be his fate? Mitch has taken off, leaving Stan and the boys with Terri. Hmm! Then there is Gwen's role in this whole thing, and, of course, the sitting Mayor. Sarah Linden is aware now that there is so much more than the murder of Rosie to look at. As a matter of fact, she has been lied to and suspects she and Jack are in danger. By the way, I find Jack to be one of the least likable kids I've seen. He is petulant and dangerous to himself and others. As is always the case, the episode ends with a highly dramatic event. It got me hooked.
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Lazy Writing damages another great series
writetopcat6 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Just starting to watch the second season now. I hate to see things like this: a great series starts to become unwatchable because the writers stretch credulity way too much. I realize they have to create crises in order to keep the show interesting. But when they write for experienced cops to make obvious mistakes, glaring mistakes, then viewers like me feel their disbelief has been suspended by unrealistically weak ties. The show becomes something of a comedy rather than a crime drama.

Sara Linden and her boss are discussing a faked photograph which places Campbell in the "murder car" near the time of the murder. Lying on the couch less than 20 feet away, apparently asleep, is Sara's 14 year old son Jack. Sara and her boss pause to look at the boy lying there, and apparently think "its OK, he is asleep and cannot hear us talking about a cop faking evidence linking the Mayor-elect to a murder, fake evidence which motivated a man to shoot Campbell and possibly kill him. His eyes are closed so it is safe to assume he is asleep."

Jack, who snooped in his mom's files and leaked the crime scene photos of the murder to the press, and who defiantly displayed his lack of remorse over the pain this caused the parents of the murdered girl, who regularly thumbs his nose at his mom's authority, never apologizing for the anguish he causes her, this same Jack is lying on a couch with his eyes closed and these experienced cops pause and glance at him for a brief moment and decide there is no danger of him hearing them talk about the gross misconduct of the police in the case.

  • Police never discuss details of an ongoing investigation like this in front of civilians, but this did not bother them. - Jack has recently and illegally stolen police files and leaked them to the media, but this does not worry them enough even to close the door to the side room where he lies with his eyes closed. - Jack has behaved deviously on a regular basis over the previous 2 weeks, but these experienced cops think nothing of discussing details of the case which, if known publicly, would likely land both of them in jail (i.e. conspiring to cover up the discovery of falsified evidence), but... they give the matter under 2 seconds of thought and continue blabbing on in loud voices all about the case and their misconduct.

Cause, the kid wouldn't fake being asleep in order to listen to them, and having done so, he would never decide to spill his guts about it. Nah, no need to shut the door. We'll just behave insanely recklessly and assume it won't come back to bite us in the azz.

You get the picture. How are we supposed to buy the idea that these are intelligent and experienced detectives? Cop shows frequently make us suspend disbelief a little bit in order to accept the plot and story line, so we can enjoy the show. But when writers push the envelope this far, it is too much. It sux. The actors have done a great job up to now, and they have no choice in the matter. This kind of poor lazy writing ruins the work they have done in creating their characters and the series.
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