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  • Now aware that her partner has forged the key piece of evidence that led to the arrest of mayoral candidate Darren Richmond, Det. Linden again delays her departure. Linden tells her boss and he gives her the okay to continue the investigation. She is beginning to see the possibility of a larger conspiracy. Richmond is seriously injured and in a coma. His staffers Jamie and Gwen are at the hospital waiting for news from the doctors and are desperately trying to get in touch with his next-of-kin, his sister. Holder seems lost and doesn't quite understand what is going on. The police have arrested the shooter, who is Stan's employee Belko. At home Stan is having problems not only with Rosie's death but also with the fact that Mitch has left. He's stunned when Linden tells him Richmond is innocent and the charges will be dropped. He asks Terry to stay with them. At the police station, Belko has a run-in with the police.


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  • Linden and Jack are at the airport. She tells him they're staying in Seattle for good and he asks if it's because the man on the TV was killed. Linden looks up and sees the report of Richmond being shot. She rushes him out of there.

    At the scene of the Richmond shooting, the stricken candidate is taken away in an ambulance as Gwen and Jamie watch in stunned horror, both covered in blood.

    Linden goes to Oakes' house. She tells him the photo of Richmond was a fake and Rosie's killer is probably still on the loose. Linden wants to go to the DA about the faked evidence but Oakes doesn't like the idea. Ultimately they decide she should look into the evidence. She doesn't think Holder could have done this on his own and he tells her that Holder was recommended to homicide by his former supervisor with the Sheriff's Department, Gil Sloane. She points out the Sheriff's Department oversees bridges and tunnels.

    Holder is in a car with Sloane from whom he got the faked photo. Holder gets a call about what went down.

    It was Belko who shot Richmond, hours after killing his own mother. Holder tells Stan about Rosie and the online escort service.

    Gwen and Jamie are trying to track down Richmond's sister. It seems very much in doubt as to whether he'll survive an emergency surgery.

    Linden drops by Records and asks about the cameras on the bridge where Richmond was supposedly driving. The first officer confirms for her that those cameras have been out of service for months. When he leaves to get her written confirmation, another officer tells her a different story and somehow knows her name and refers to her lieutenant. She leaves quickly, rushing to Oakes' house where she grabs Jack and leaves. She and Oakes stare at each through a window.

    Jamie doesn't understand how Richmond could have been charged, since he was with Gwen that night.

    Mayor Adams tells campaign director Abani he "didn't want to win this way."

    Linden is now very paranoid, leaving Jack with some friends. She is ignoring Holder's calls to her cell phone.

    Holder talks to a visibly shaken Belko. He gets him to admit to shooting Richmond as a way of evening the score for Rosie's homicide.

    Terry and Stan talk about the fact that Mitch is still missing and the boys are starting to wonder. The press has shown up at the Larsens' front door in large numbers.

    Gwen and Jamie talk about Richmond's love for his wife.

    Linden goes to the Sheriff's Department looking for Sloane. She's told that he had retired a few months earlier. She spots his face on the wall and recognized him from Holder's Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

    Linden goes to a NA meeting to find Sloane's number, which she scams out of one of the volunteer staffers. Linden gets a call from Jack, who is with Holder. She rushes to the station to collect him. She lies to him about why she's back and leaves quickly.

    Holder is given blown-up pictures Linden had requested from Rosie's Super 8 film. It shows her riding the bike with somebody who had a Japanese cartoon figure tattooed on his arm.

    Stan asks Terry to stay with them and help out until Mitch returns.

    Gwen admits to Jamie that Richmond wasn't with her the entire night Rosie was killed, telling him that Richmond left and returned soaking wet. She tells him she told the police.

    Jack wants to live with his father. Linden tells him he's her son and that's not going to happen. She apologizes for how difficult things have been.

    Holder shows Sloane the tattoo'd arm and tells him Linden lied to him about why she's back. Sloane tosses him his new Detective's gold shield.

    Stan meets with Belko at the station. When Belko talks about "getting him good" and references the teacher, Stan looks at him in a disapproving way. Belko gets really upset.

    Linden has a reporter friend call Sloane and ask him for comment about him providing the photo that helped get Richmond arrested. He hangs up and starts to freak out. With Linden watching from her car, Sloane goes to his computer and scrubs his hard drive.

    The boys are asking about Mitch.

    The surgeon tells Jamie and Gwen that Richmond has survived surgery but is paralyzed from the waist down. Jamie tells Gwen to leave.

    Belko manages to get a gun away from one of the officers. He holds the gun to the man's head, asking when he can go home. Eventually he shoots himself in the head.

    Linden follows Sloane, who meets with Abani down at the docks. While she secretly watches them converse, somebody is taking surreptitious photos of her.

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