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Exactly to the 1:23:58 AM, in the night of Friday 26 April, 1986, happened the worst nuclear disaster of all 20th Century: Chernobyl. Journalist Iker Jiménez, host and creator of the Spanish supernatural TV program "Cuarto Milenio" (Fouth Millennium), makes a special documentary to analyze and investigate the infamous explosion of the reactor No. 4 of the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl, former USSR (actual Ukraine), when a failure of the engine of the system caused a radioactive cloud that quickly crossed all Europe Central, arriving Asia and America, giving three complete laps around the world. Talking with scientists and historians about the event, Iker Jiménez and his collaborators makes a return of the days and weeks after the explosion, explaining all the consequences for the inhabitants close to the region of Chernobyl and the complete abandon of a city, Pripyat, turned unwittingly in the horrible and isolated legacy of the Atomic Age, a city uninhabitable for the human life ...

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