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An excessively low IMDb rating.
beanofdoom31 March 2013
At the time that I am writing this review, this movie has an abysmal rating on IMDb (less than five stars).

If IMDb were a room full of people with exceptional taste, I guess I would understand why. The movie is thoroughly derivative; it tries a little too hard. I get the feeling that it's supposed to be a 'Hunger' for the modern era, moody and atmospheric-- they've even traded the classical and operatic soundtrack for haze-scene and low key beats looped with synth harpsichord melodies -- and yes, sometimes it falls a bit short and comes off amateurish.

But IMDb is not a room full of people with taste, so I don't get it. There so many movies on this site with absolutely no redeeming value that have ridiculously high ratings. This movie, while not art, did try; it never came off heavy handed, overall it was approachable, and entertaining. I keep asking myself what about it is causing people to react so negatively; the only thing I can figure is that perhaps the vampire crowd are portrayed as too cultured or something, I don't know.

Ultimately I guess I'm writing this review for people like me, those who put a lot (perhaps too much) stock in IMDb ratings. As a fan of films like The Hunger and the whole 'artsy, excessively classy but tortured immortal' cliché I can honestly tell you that I didn't think this film was an utter waste of time (at least no more so than many other movies). It was a perfectly fine hour and a half spent on a rainy afternoon.

I find its current rating a bit unfair.
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Underrated Vampire Film
Claudio Carvalho12 September 2015
In the countryside near to New York, Djuna (Joséphine de La Baume) lives alone with her housemaid Irene (Ching Valdes-Aran) in a manor that belongs to her friend Xenia (Anna Mouglalis). When she meets the screenwriter Paolo (Milo Ventimiglia) at a video rental store, they immediately fall in love with each other. However, Djuna discloses to Paolo that she is a vampire and while making love, she turns him into one. Paolo moves to her house and they happily live together. Out of the blue, her wicked and troublemaker sister Mimi (Roxane Mesquida) appears to stay for a week with them, turning their lives upside-down.

"Kiss of the Damned" is an underrated and sexy film romance with a good romance with an international cast where the female vampires are French actresses. The plot is well developed and the music score is classy. In 2013, Jim Jarmusch wrote and directed the cult "Only Lovers Left Alive" with a similar storyline. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Beijo do Vampiro" ("The Kiss of the Vampire")
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Diamond in the rough
johnnywrjackson1 April 2013
Visually, nice and dark, as it should be, and cinematographically surprising, considering the rating.

It is underrated to be sure. The group that created and carried through with this work should be encouraged to continue. This is not the usual treatment of the subject matter, and was a highly worthwhile viewing experience for me. This one is different, and enjoyably so. There are rough spots, of course, but on balance, it has earned its place. I am glad that I have been reading user reviews of late, because bare IMDb ratings have not consistently been reliable guides, especially in non-blockbuster situations.
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A mortal dude falls in love with a vampire elite.
bloodbank-643-81711427 March 2013
Sexy and thrilling! Tired of Twilight histrionics? Sick of slasher remakes? Yearn for classic dreamy elegance and melancholy of The Hunger or Nosferatu? Then dip into dreamy dripping seas in the land of this film. The last time I saw a film this personal yet gorgeous was when I went on a Jean Rollin kick earlier this year. Xan Cassavetes goes right to the European masters for inspiration. She balances spooky house atmospherics with creative humor, and a downright "queer" sexuality as it relates to traditional vampire lore. Bottom line - this is a really unique and special film. I totally encourage you to let go and experience the bliss of one. Become undone as you merge with the infinite beat.
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My Review Of "Kiss Of The Damned"
ASouthernHorrorFan3 April 2013
"Kiss Of The Damned" is a modern Gothic vampire tale that melds elements of classic romance with dramatic thriller edginess. The film is directed by Xan Cassavetes and stars Milo Ventimiglia, Joséphine de La Baume, Roxane Mesquida . In the movie Djuna falls in love with a young man Paolo whom she tries to resist. Her desire and connection to the suitor overtakes her convictions and she begins a relationship with the man. Soon he becomes her companion in the world of night and vampirism. By no means is this a horror film. "Kiss Of The Damned" is more of an Erotic Thriller than it is anything else. Keep that in mind when watching this film if you are expecting a "True Blood" high intensity or gore level because you will be disappointed. That being said, I really enjoyed the movie. Let me explain…

"Kiss Of The Damned" carries us back to the golden age of vampire tales when we held a romantic and dark desire for the creature of the night. This film is what I would imagine reading one of those supernatural themed Harlequin-eque romance novels would be like. The director explored the more passionate side of daily life and love affair between a vulnerable but strong woman and a man desperate to love her in every way. It was down right Gothic and sweet. The film didn't bother getting too graphic or soft-core with the heightened sexuality of the relationships depicted in the movie but it was adult enough to be sheer supernatural eye candy. This movie is a great date movie for that vampire loving partner or person you want to kick it with. The story was compelling in true dramatic style that expresses the lives we expect vampires to enjoy. Just note that this is not a "horror" movie nor do I believe the director ever intended it to be one.

"Kiss Of The Vampire" is a film that flows more as an emotional heart- song with moments that rise to melodrama before sliding darkly down into melancholy. There is plenty of blood soaked sequences that express the true nature and conflict that lives within the vampire but it does not push the themes to the level of grindhouse or exploitation. The movie will not be for everyone and if you enter the tale looking for high octane exuberance, of ravenous creatures as monsters, with bodies writhing in guts and gore- then you will not be satisfied. However if you remember the classic view of the more romantic creature of more Gothic tales of the vampire then this movie gives you the heat, passion and- yes -the bloodstains as well.
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Worth a look and different from the mainstream
hervicus12 April 2013
If European cinema in the 1960s had access to HQ digital cinematography and sound, then a vampire film made then would be like this. Xan Cassavetes has crafted a deliberately retro feel to the movie and it works. I love the soundtrack, which has variety (just listen to the opening few minutes). It uses experimental sounds to crank up the tension for example. If you ever loved prog-rock, and know then that punk rock by comparison has no class, no depth, you will love the fact (is it an in-joke?) that the baddie comes complete a with a punk rock soundtrack. Xan reveals herself to be a delightful musical snob. She is also firmly on the side of the vampires.

This great-looking movie is a mixture of what works and what doesn't, hence a seven. Kudos to getting French actress Anna Mouglalis to play Xena. While beautiful, Anna actually plays Xena as a character actor. What a voice! When her character 'loses it' later on in the film, Anna beautifully conveys the tics, twitches and desperation without overdoing it. She should be in more movies. The bourgeois party scenes are convincing. The film tells a conventional but slight, linear story, with a beginning, middle and end.

On the minus side, although the initial romance is convincing, a better film would have gone deeper into the romance and involved the viewer more, with more complex characters. Another better version would have gone all out to scare you, successfully. The 'horrific' bits here are not really horrific.

This is deliberate. The film is by design a mood piece. It is even relaxing in parts, making it a good film to 'wind down' to with your partner in the evening. Xan understands that relationships, even in a vampire flick, are more interesting than blood and screaming. But she is even more into the 'feel' of the movie. Viewers raised on the Texas chainsaw massacre remakes and their ilk might not want 'relationships' or 'feel'. If you can understand these things before you watch it, you should enjoy the movie.
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Subtitle, Short, and NOT Twilight
parasiteross5 April 2013
I saw this movie at this year's SXSW. It's refreshing to see a vampire movie that features vampires in classical form... and it is even more refreshing to see a story from the vampire's perspective. This movie may not have hardcore CGI and 3D Gore splashing out into the audience, but it does however offer an interesting 'to the point' storyline and creative indie film tactics. People giving this movie poor reviews are probably looking for the next "Interview With A Vampire" or "Twilight" and are judging it on a summer blockbuster 10 million dollar budget scale. I found this movie to be plenty entertaining and worth checking out.
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More than kissing
kosmasp23 May 2014
With passion comes great responsibility ... especially if you are not able to control it. The main character is a very strange one and the actress has a tough role to play. There is a stretch in what she has to depict. The story itself is more adult than your average teenage movie that came out lately (yes Twilight and any spawn it gave "birth" to), but also very predictable.

I watched it at a Festival, so the audience knew or expected this to be a strange one. If you are about to watch it, you should note that too. There is a lot of sexuality and some violence in this, something to consider too. A nicely done movie about containment, self control and love in general. Also about the meaning of life ... it does have to say a lot, as you can see
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Modern day euro-vamps ...
Nigel P18 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is an erotic and stylish vampire story in the mould of 'Daughters of Darkness' and 'The Hunger'. It looks lavish and sounds exotic (at least to my UK ears – the soft European accents of the actors occasionally makes their performances seem a little flat, but there's no denying it helps give the characters a sense of grace).

The vampires are beautiful but wary of harming humankind, instead choosing to feast on wild deer and the like. When they do bite another of their kind, it is usually to the sound of opera and surrounded by sumptuous décor – and often because of the machinations of wild-child Mimi, who comes to visit her sister Djuna and her new lover, Paolo. While Paolo's relationship with Djuna goes from furtive glances in a video store to a passionately established couple-dom within the space of a few short scenes, the pace is otherwise leisurely, and there is much chance to drink in the glamour of their vampire society before Mimi crashes the party and seduces and bites as many people as she possibly can.

Inevitably, she seduces Paolo, which is dealt with in an understanding, mature way by Djuna. Mimi's eventual undoing occurs with no intervention from her sister. She swerves her car to avoid hitting a deer – an act of kindness, ironically - the kind of livestock that sustains her sister's appetite.

With such beautiful production values, it's tempting to think the plot would be more profound than it is. However, the simplicity of the telling allows us to drink in the haunting landscapes, architecture and incidental score without much interruption. My only slight problem is how quickly Djuna and Paolo settle into cosy domesticity in order to underline, and contrast with Mimi's debauchery.
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is welcomed and desire for more....
adrossan10 January 2015
Like Tilda Swinton's "Only Lovers Left Alive", this is a vampire story for serious adherents to the genre.

No ridiculous spraying of fake blood, and I loved the philosophical discussion as to vampires' targets and the relationships between humans and vampires.

8 out of 10 stars, keep it up we the consuming audience will lap this up and clamor for more - standing ovation !!!!

If only every vampire offering had this level of thought we wouldn't be so thirsty for decent offerings...

I loved this film and look forward to more from writers and directors....
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Vamps Done Right
timothymayer26 August 2013
Finally, someone puts the Vamp back into bloodsuckers and does the medium justice with Kiss of the Damned. Directed by Alexandria "Xan" Cassavetes (daughter of John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands). the film has recently been released to DVD and Netflix. Kiss is an homage to all the "sexy' Euro-vampire movies of the 70's which lit-up the Drive-ins and city theaters. It has a continental European feel, unlike the British Hammer movies of the time, where the action was more important than the mood. Jean Rollin would be impressed.

Hunky Paolo (Milo Ventimiglia) is a screenwriter working somewhere north of LA on his latest assignment. One night he gets writer's block and decides to visit a video rental store (making the movie a period piece) where he meets the sultry Djuna (Josephine de La Baume). Smitten by her looks, he asks her out one evening and both end up at her palatial mansion in the forest, which over-looks a lake. You know something's not right with her since we've already watched the maid come in and daintily clean blood off the marbled floor.

Djuna kicks Paolo out when he tries to get to close to her for no obvious reason. Not to take no for an answer, Paolo begins stalking her and one night just shows up at her door. She keeps the chain locked, but they begin kissing through the gap. Djuna bites his mouth, drawing blood, and he finally leaves.

This time when Paolo confronts Djuna she confesses: she's a real life vampire. Paolo refuses to believe, but, totally in love with her, chains her to the bed as the only safe way to have sex with her. In an unbelievably hot scene, Djuna sprouts fangs and feral eyes as she tries to put the bite on Paolo. Instead of running for his life, Paolo unlocks her chains. Djuna plunges her fangs into him, not to kill him, but to exchange blood, thus infecting him withe Living Dead curse.

After Paolo has been vamped, the audience discovers some very interesting things about the breed: they have extremely long lives, don't succumb to natural diseases, and heal instantly upon injury. The need to feed is a by-product of their condition, but vampires have learned to over-come their desire for humans by going after game animals such as deer (could use a whole vampire coven in the national park near me). The blood drive is always a problem and through-out the movie you see Paolo and Djuna staring at people's necks, fighting back the urge. Human servants are chosen from those with blood disorders, so the won't be a temptation. Vampirism is portrayed as alcoholism with benefits.

But Djuna and Paolo's sojourn comes to an end with the arrival of Mimi, Djuna's sister. You know Mimi is going to be trouble from the start when she arrives. Soon Djuna has placed a call to Xenia, one of the Undead Elders to find out what can be done about her problematic sibling. Xenia assures her the younger vamp is "having some issues", but she has a safe house arranged for her in Phoenix. However, Djuna has heard all this before....

There is plenty of discussion on the Internet about how this movie resembles a 70's vampire movie in its form and style. I don't feel such comments are criticisms, but an observation of how low the medium has sunk in the aftermath of Rice and Twilight. Yes, Kiss is a very Gothic movie, but Karnstein goth as opposed to Bauhaus. It has the same dreamy set-pieces which Lemora tried to copy back in 1975. Here, they work extraordinarily.

It is also a very erotic movie. The love-making scenes between Paolo and Djuna nearly melted my HD screen. But this is Daughters of Darkness sexy; the sort of scene you might have saw on the bottom half of a double bill in 1975. Subtle, not at all what you'll find surfing the Internet.

The only recurring problem with film are the accents. The director choose French fashion models to play most of the lead women vampires and their way of pronouncing words in English does add to the sexiness. But sometimes it is hard to understand a word Djuna is saying. I'll have to buy the Blu-Ray just to turn on the subtitles (watched it on Netflix).

I highly recommend this movie as an homage to all the great vampire movies of the 70's.
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Wow...Stunning ,haunting beautiful
dominiquemaria22 March 2013
I saw Kiss of the Damned at SXSW film fest in Austin Texas. It honestly blew my mind. Great Director. Great film. Actresses were hauntingly stunning.Im sure they will be working all the time after word gets out. The sound track was to die for. The Images are staying with me everywhere I go. Please make more films Mz Xan Cassavetes. The relationship of the sisters can be related to many real life siblings and/or friendships .The timeless feel of the home the sets the lighting the music...its an other worldly experience.It might be ahead of its time for people to get right away but its going to be something that people will be drawn to for years to come. more more more please.
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Boring vampires, who do almost nothing.
Cassandra Kelsey28 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Take some conventionally attractive people, semi nudity, blood, vampires mix it together and under normal circumstances something quite sexy will pop out of the other end of the movie making machine 9 times out of 10. This movie is the remaining 1. Spoiler alert -An early scene deserves some credit as I have never seen a man dry hump a door before, that was quite novel and funny. At one point there is a mostly clothed threesome the highlight of which is seeing a big man's hairy bum slap bang in centre frame. Yummy! This film does try so very very hard to be erotic, but incredibly it just doesn't work because the 'erotic' scenes have no authenticity. The result is akin to the kind of soft porn you can see any day of the week on late night TV which is funny to begin with but becomes dull after a while.

What confuses me most about this movie however, is the fact that these people are vampires (which let's face it is pretty cool). Despite this they have unbelievably tedious lives which seem to be mostly made up of whining, squabbling with each other in a bitchy sort of way and going to parties full of snooty people who hate them in a passive aggressive manner.

On a positive note, the music in this film is bloody fantastic. it's just a shame that the rest is so pants.

If you like your vampires boring, this is the movie for you. If you like them sexy or menacing get some Hammer Horror or watch 30 Days of Night instead. If you are a hipster you will probably love it though.
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porn for women
nightcrawlercyp1 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Imagine what you are left from a porn movie if you cut all the scenes with actual sex. Now stretch those 5 minutes for an hour and a half and you get this type of movie. It is a waste of time. The only quality of this movie is the fact that Roxane Mesquida is hot. Unfortunately she appears in only a couple of scenes.It is a video equivalent of women's cheesy novels. It will appeal to those that have loved Twilight and other brain dead people.There have been a lot of romanticizing of vampire movies lately so I tell some of my ideas on vampire myths. If vampires would exists this rules would apply: 1. Sun light only weakens not destroys them 2. They do not need to feed very often. They can feed once every few years with one or two humans and would be enough. But to have superhuman strenght to heal faster or to have powers they need to feed more often. Basically the more often you feed the stronger you are. 3. Vampyres cannot consume synthetic blood or animal blood. It is not the consumption itself that gives them their power. The act of consumption of human blood is part from a demonic contract. In return of this act they gain rejuvenation and others. 4. Turning something into a vampire involves a contract between the human and the vampire sealed by the act of consuming each other blood. It cannot be done by accident. As a conclusion this movie has only one target: horny women. If you are not in their target you will waste time of your life for nothing.
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Boring Vampires
billcr1231 March 2013
The only interesting thing about this movie is the fact that it was directed by John Cassavete's daughter, Xan. He had a reputation for making off-beat dramas, and his offspring has his eye for the strange. Djuna lives alone in a big, creepy house, until one day at a video store she meets Paolo, a screenwriter, and it is kismet; well not right away, but eventually after a bitten tongue, he discovers that she is a vampire. While having sex, she bites him on the neck, and, he is now one of the undead. They have a lot more sex, and attend dinner parties with fellow travelers of the night, and just have a grand old time. Trouble arrives with Djuna's sister, Mimi(Roxane Mesquida from Rubber and Fat Girl). The sibling rivalry erupts and many victims are drained of their blood along the way. The problem is that Kiss of the Damned is never scary, and the erotic scenes are tepid and downright boring. Beware of this boring film.
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Just dreadful.
David Thorne30 March 2013
I can only assume the positive reviews of this tripe are by people involved somehow in the production. I watched this with my offspring who summed it up perfectly with "It's kind of like a vampire film, but without anything interesting happening." Poor acting, below average directing and a slow script. Prior to seeing this movie, I heard it likened to The Hunger and the poster looked like it was aimed at the kind of person who owns a lot of Stevie Nicks albums so I went in not expecting much and I wasn't disappointed - I became bored twenty minutes into it. That's not to say it was all bad, some of the sets were nice so those more interested in furniture placement than being entertained may enjoy this movie.
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Horror Trunk Review: Pucker Up Dracula
Katie Bonham18 April 2013
Kiss of the Damned presents a Gothic romantic film that is nostalgic of classic vampire themes. The camera captures the essence of the hauntingly beautiful and separate world of the mystic vampires. The film showcases colour in a dreamy and melancholy atmosphere, from the intimate close up shots of lust and violence, to the isolated and sprawling landscape shot at twilight.

Kiss of the Damned is best described as a romantic thriller rather than a horror, as the bloodshed is pretty tame. The film uses a mixture of 70's European music and classical, creating stylised and cultured vampires who are forever suspended in a timeless vault of isolation and immortality.

A 'homage' to vampire films of the 60's and 70's that captures the freedom and erotica of vampirism, without the moral arguments or judgements. Kiss of the Damned is a luscious canvas of colour and raw sexual desire, with some blood splattered scenes included for good measure. A simple storyline that would have benefited from building more complex characters and creating a less structured plot to ensure a lasting impression. An arty and poetic take on the creature of the night, expect more 'The Hunger' than 'Twilight', this however is not a negative comparison.

They dispense kisses...especially pecks on the neck...
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Still a better love story than Twilight...
TheCornProject1 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
All jokes aside, Xan Cassavetes' directorial debut is destined to become a cult classic. From the opening shots of the lonely mansion by the lake, the film sets a tone that has you hooked. Cassavetes uses the long empty corridor, the endless staircase, and the empty lake foreshadowed by the overcast weather to put the viewer in exactly the right mood for what's to come. Her unique style of directing skips any unnecessary prologue and tells the story through the interactions between her characters. We first meet Djuna (Joséphine de La Baume), a neurotic introvert who spends her nights scavenging the forest for animals and watching romantic movies. It is her love of the latter that causes her to cross paths with a handsome young man named Paolo (Milo Ventimiglia) in a video store one night. From the moment their eyes meet for the first time, both characters form an undeniable chemistry.

However, Djuna has a secret that could force an end to any possible relationship. She's a blood-sucking vampire who lusts for the innocent flesh of mortals. Paolo's naivety to such detrimental truths draws him closer to Djuna despite her rejection of his advances. Like a fly caught in a spider's web, eventually Paolo's persistence reaches a deadly apex. He discovers the truth behind Djuna's dilemma, but instead of running for the hills like one would expect, his infatuation remains undeterred. He would rather be cursed as a vampire forever than live a life, regretting the love he denied. Immortal love happily ever after, right? WRONG! Paolo and Djuna's romantic harmony is soon disrupted by the arrival of Djuna's sister, Mimi (Roxane Mesquida). From the moment Mimi steps foot in the door, trouble looms like a dark cloud. Mimi is loud, obnoxious, psychotic and exudes a sexual presence that threatens to uproot Djuna's bond with Paolo. Wherever they go, Mimi sticks out like a sore thumb. She lacks regard for social etiquette at a formal gathering of vampires, she openly hunts for human victims in public areas, and she hosts sex parties in Djuna's home without her approval. Mimi is the epitome of a villainous vampire. She lacks the moral fiber that the other vampires cling to and consciously attempts to undermine their ethics.

Events begin to spiral more and more out of control until the final shocking act. Xan Cassavetes must be highly commended for her first effort here. She treads a thin line that borders on vampire exploitation but never crosses it. She intersects horror and romance genres effortlessly without the film ever becoming self-parody. Her use of atmospheric scenery, shot selection, lighting, and an eerily effective score are impeccable. There were moments where I thought I was watching Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. To those whose opinion of vampires has been tarnished by the Twilight series, please watch this film to see it done correctly for once.

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so much potential wasted in this one
dragokin20 April 2013
There were several interesting things to start with. Above all, The Kiss of the Damned tried to tackle vampires from a new angle. It tried to step away from the current mainstream perception of the topic, which is a crossbreed of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

Vampires live among us and avoid sunlight under the guise of a skin condition. They speak English with a foreign accent, which is a detail from Bram Stocker's original, if i remember right. They've accumulated considerable wealth during decades and centuries on this Earth allowing them a fairly comfortable living. Craving human blood, they try to attack humans as rarely as possible.

The approach to filmmaking in The Kiss of the Damned makes the viewer reminisce about the movies of the nineteen-sixties and nineteen-seventies. With long shots mostly devoid of dialog, again in vogue in the beginning of the twenty-first century, it is ready to create an outstanding atmosphere. Faithful to it's presumable inspiration, the authors selected an exciting soundtrack to run in the background.

However, between scarce moments in which something happens there are endless sequences with gloomy atmosphere which eventually put the viewer to sleep.
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Boring romantic vampire movie
henferdeline19 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The script is 100% predictable. No scares, no tension building. Pretty actresses and lead actor. Consistency is not a strong suit here either. At one point we are informed that they "heal almost instantly", at another we see them running and catching a doe but, when one crashes the car (a Mercedes. at no more than 40 mph. and the car topsides. in slow motion.) we see the poor character pass out, wake up still broken and bleeding and start LIMPING the remaining yards to the refuge, eventually collapsing as the sun rises. Yuck. You can't get more clichè than that in a vampire movie.... Some pretty ludicrous bloody scenes and sex scenes that qualify for Game of Thrones could bring this to be thought of as a B-movie. It's not. It is a cross between True Blood and Twilight. No fairy vampires that twinkle in sunlight, but the "veggie" vamps are there, synth blood and all. Beware.....
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Not as bad as I expected
Teodora Stoyanova30 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I watched "Kiss of the damned" last night because I haven't seen a movie with Milo Ventimiglia in a while.I am not going to lie, he was the main reason to watch it. Most people will probably think this is another vampire movie like Twilight but this one is not that cheesy and contains a lot of sexual scenes(little too much I think). The good thing is that I didn't fall asleep because there were definitely parts that got me interested .The bad thing is that some of the scenes did not make sense to me, others could have been done better and I felt like the story could have been more deep, with little more details and explanations.All in all this is definitely not a movie that I would like to watch again. So if you like Milo or Joséphine you will want to see it but other than that I don't find anything special or remarkable about "Kiss of the damned".
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High Gothic vampire romance with moments of cinematic brilliance despite poor editing choices.
davidzwashington14 October 2017
This is a story of a "reformed" vampire living outside New York City who turns handsome screenwriter Paolo, whereupon they begin sharing a life together as she gradually introduces him to higher society. All is going well until her troubled sister moves in with her while her house is being established in Phoenix.

I thought Milo and the two female leads were really, really strong. Great, believable performances. True emotions. Fantastic job to all of them. The woman who portrayed the stage actress was also wonderful.

However, the editing of this film is REALLY bad. The photography is beautiful and the acting is all brilliant, but the awkward editing and sound effects (the door bell noise? Please re-edit that with someone knocking on the door. The bird chirping is also really bad) take the viewer out of the moment. There were a lot of jarring cuts that made a beautiful, cinematic moment then transition into something that seemed very amateurish. The work deserves better.

If this film was RE-EDITED (please, please do this and re-release a director's cut or something) and sound effects were redone, it would be much improved.
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Excellent Vampire movie!
jimthor-138474 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I'm confused why the rating on this is so low. The plot is good, the acting is good, the vampires are good. I believe anyone who loves Vampire movies would love this movie. It has everything I like in a Vampire movie. Sort of a love story, violence, good ending, good plot line, and the Vampires are realistic (well, as vampires go).

I wish I could find more movies like this one. I'm running out of Vampire movies. The Twilight Series is OK, but this movie is the kind of Vampire movie I like. It has a good mix of a love story mixed with Vampire violence. It's not one or the other.

Enjoy! It's a lot better than the IMDb rating it me.

Jim W
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Chik-Flick Vamp Scamp
samkan10 November 2013
Although some may consider this film soft core porn, fairness warrants calling such legitimate erotica. And most definitely geared toward women. The plot is relatively simple and as believable as a contemporary vampire film can be made. There is a brief "talk" scene where vampire ideology and politics are bantered about. Though interesting, such would have been better left on the cutting room floor; e.g., just as one is allowing him/herself to suspend belief for fun's sake we're asked to take things even more seriously. Vampire technique is very well done: Gruesome and realistic yet neither gory nor exploitive. There's good acting and expensive sets: This is NOT your cheap B-movie. Evil Sister Mimi becomes the star of the show, no small feat given our interest in the firstly introduced love partners. If you think you've worn out he selections in the Horror section of NETFLICKS, try this one for a surprise.
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worth 7 + at least
bandito1 March 2018
Great vampires story! better then the hunger ,less boring for me. great cast and direction. i wish the director make another great movie again. nice LIttle vampire sexy movie, accept its imperfection and enjoy .
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