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Sex & Nudity

  • Several references and suggested sex/nudity scenes, but no sex or full nudity is actually shown.
  • The first season is more tame than season two, but season one also has nudity/sexual references.
  • Season one:
  • A few scenes take place at a club, the women have short shorts and their nipples covered by pasties.
  • A man hangs up a poster of a woman, and it turns out to be the mother of another man in the gang, her breasts are seen on the old mag print (no close ups). The man later has sex with the woman, when she rips open her top, you can very briefly see her breasts from the side up close.
  • A man working at an immigration office, has slept with sixty-seven of the immigrant women, some of them underage. A character finds disturbing pictures taken of the worker and the underage girls, the women are in underwear only, no tops, however the pictures are never shown up close.
  • Young women go streaking, they are seen at a distance. They run on to camera, and are only shown from behind.
  • A man and a woman start kissing, sex is implied.
  • There are a few strange sexual references, like about male midwives getting erections while delivering babies etc.
  • Season two:
  • In the first episode a man and a woman implied sex / undressing.
  • A man has thoughts about another man that we see played out, it shows two men lovingly touching and kissing.
  • A man and woman engage in sexual banter a few times, he also spanks her but it is humorous.
  • A young man and a woman with newborns start kissing passionately, the man starts kissing her breasts, the woman implies he sucked milk from her breasts and she finds that disturbing, he denies it. (no nudity)
  • A young man with a fetish smells a womans bra in a locker room where he works, parts of this are shown several times, he is shown grinding on the lockers, the last time it is shown, he is shown 'masturbating' from behind. (no nudity)
  • A gay mafia boss has a Chinese housekeeper, implied that he wants a relationship with him. In one episode implied penis touching (very briefly distant shot looks like you see a penis, ... it's fake).
  • A man and a woman start kissing and [implied] they later have sex. The morning after see her lying naked on a carpet, briefly buttocks and part breasts shown.
  • A few scenes take place at a dancing club, (women with pasties covering their nipples), one man has a lap dance.

Violence & Gore

  • The violence is mostly brief, and not too bloody and a lot of violence acts are off-screen
  • Season one:
  • The show is about a man in the CIA who gets sent to Norway in a witness-protection program (because some gangsters tried to kill him).
  • In the opening scene, in the first season, a bartender gets shot (no blood) the gunman (no blood) and a dog, the dog killing revealed later, the dog's got wounds on him and a blood is seen around him.
  • One man is shot in the head, this is the most graphic killing in the series and it is also unexpected, blood is seen spraying out the man's head.


  • Moderatley use of F-words throughout. Other words such as damn, shit, cocksucker etc. are also being used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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