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Explosive trash

Author: Neil Vincent from India
25 March 2012

The Neil Vincent Review of "The King and the Commissioner"

"It's all about the commercial quotient. So why not cash on that? "This was Renji Panicker's statement before the project began. How true! This could be the laziest film of the year with such poor homework done. I don't just mean logical fillers but just BAD scripting. This entire movie is based on the two characters. Its more like the story of Joseph Alex with Bharath Chandran thrown in to assist him.

Mamooty is indeed Joseph Alex, IAS. He's panache and suave with crisp dialogues and prolific dialogue delivery playing the role to perfection as usual. 'Mammuka' looks young and so dashing and yet sophisticated and in control.

Suresh Gopi lost 30 pounds to get into the skin of Bharath Chandran IPS and he's a thorough treat to watch. I don't think he shares great chemistry with 'Mamooty' but every strand of hair on my body stood up and saluted when he said: 'Ormaya undo e mugham?'

I was also thinking in real life if 'Mammuka' and 'Suresh Gopi' could mug all those dialogues they should have applied for and written IAS. The number of trees cut for the paper on which those dialogues were written could easily have been a forest in Palakkad.

Janardanan as Minister GK was so effortless, possibly the only sensibly etched supporting character in the movie. Saikumar brought so much of sense to such a senseless role. I can't stand meaningless demigod super villains whose sole motive is money. And Mohan Aghase was an awesome Prime Minister who did actually make me smile. Jayan Chertala was bad to say the least. He seemed lost and in a hurry to finish his lines. I did not know what was worse, his acting or his makeup. Janardanan, Saikumar and Mohan Aghashe did a job worth my ticket price. Their acting made me realize that there are no small roles, only small actors.

Alas I have finished telling you everything good about this movie. Now if we had a few bullets of that which were fired all across the screen then you could use three for the cinematographers! Bharani K. Dharan, Sharavanan & Shaji Kumar handled the camera and it looks like the whole of what they shot was stuffed onto the screen. The entire movie is not shot straight but from such hard to view angles and they change so fast that your mind cannot even process them. It makes me wonder what did Samjath do while editing this movie. I got lost many times when scenes that had no relation just followed each other.

Murphy's Law is so adept for this movie. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong! Let's begin with the great Shaji Kailas. Since 2001, Shaji Kalias has done 19 movies of which 16 were colossal flops. In that regard this is a huge improvement. Comparatively. Renji Panikar needs lessons in GK, Current Affairs and also technology.

TKATC portrays India as a devolving anarchy. The villains are so typecast with money being the sole criterion for anything they do. That again is the fault of poor scripting with such shallow meaningless characters. Moreso, the film is unnecessarily long at 3 hours and 10 minutes and I'm not a fan of constant senseless killings.

Please watch TKATC with your friends; and before you walk into the theatre for TKATC please carry two dictionaries (English & Malayalam). The amount of dialogues the villains and the heroes speak would require the use of dictionaries; and with your friends around, searching becomes easier.

I felt numb after the movie and so did all those around me. Dear Mr.Shaji Kailas & Mr.Renji Panikar, please treat the 'malayee audience' with respect, don't write out garbage just for the money. Create something worth watching.

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loosing hope on malayalam film industry.

Author: ironhearted_punk from india
9 April 2012

this is a plain&simple review and i am not much of a reviewer or anything. this is my first review.i felt like writing a review on the movie as their isn't much reviews on this movie.

this movie is extremely boring and from the starting to the end you get that lame feeling when you watch it. this is just another idea from the people working in the film industry just for the money and they did make a lot.there was lots of unwanted scenes and dramas made just for the entry of both the actors in the movie.from the starting till the interval of the movie all we can see/hear is lame dialogues,praising each other and some dumb fights.i felt like my 16 year old brother can write a better story than the story of this movie.

there's basically nothing new in this movie.just the same old BS dialogues and i regret going for this movie.and my suggestion don't pay for it and watch this movie.if your just another DUMB mammootty fan go watch it and make un-necessary noises in the theater and go home.or if you are one of those people who are actually looking for a good movie to watch and feel good after you leave the theater,no don't go for this movie.that's my vote. ps:i tried to sleep from the theater but couldn't because of all the noises,the movie is that bad. my rating 3/10

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Unnecessarily long

Author: varghesejunior from India
5 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

TKATC is meant to be a thundering flick that should leave everyone awestruck, but it does not do that.

An IAS officer and a police commissioner join hands to uncover a murder mystery amidst political rivalry, corruption and fake spiritual leaders in New Delhi,and soon find that they are probably up to more than they expected.

The good: The attempt to use the combination of Mammootty and Suresh Gopi reprising their previous roles in The King and Bharatchandran IPS respectively is good, the film has a good opening for each protagonist, some dialogs are well written, and some action sequences are good. And yes at least this time the makers have not tried to victimize the Christianity religion by giving all the negative role actors Christian names.

The bad: It is unnecessarily long...there was no need to make this film 3 hours long. It simply drags at many points.Most of the stuff is predictable,there has been unnecessarily use of English and Hindi by pure malayalees trying to act like north Indians and like foreigners, and this gives it a cheap nature.

I am not sure if I should recommend watching this film.

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