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"Covert Affairs" The Outsiders (2011)

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The middle of the Bialowieza Forest in Poland. Annie (Piper Perabo) and Reva (Jaimie Alexander) trek through the wilderness. They've been on a hiking expedition for a week.

Reva is unimpressed by the scenery. "This is very pretty. I'm sure it's also very pretty when you look at it on Google Earth," she says.

She took the assignment to play with some technology. Also, to eventually get a better desk job. Annie determines they're as close to a the Belarus border as they can get without crossing. Reva sets up electronics disguised as rocks.

Annie uses the satellite phone to check in with Auggie (Christopher Gorham). He tells them the Polish government is arranging their transportation back to the airport.

Annie sees something on the Belarusian side not on the map, like a town without any people. She and Reva are looking at it through binoculars. They turn around to see men in fatigues pointing guns at them.

Annie tries telling the men they're just tourists.They're put in the back of a transport truck. Reva panics and cites bad stats as Annie looks for a way out. Annie thinks their captors are Belarus secret police. Reva reviews protocol. They stick to their covers and deny any knowledge of the CIA's cooperation with Poland.

Annie reassures her it'll be fine. Reva is clearly freaking out in the field.

Back at Langley, Joan (Kari Matchett) describes Annie and Reva being marched away as captured by the camera rocks. Joan has an idea of what to do.

Berlin Jai (Sendhil Ramamurthy) interviews for a risk management job with a big corporation. His phone rings, then his other phone rings. He steps out in the hall. He tells Joan he's in London, She knows he's interviewing in Berlin. She's not worried. She wants him to go to Belarus to find Annie. He leaves mid-interview.

The truck pulls up. They're greeted by Max (Peter Stormare), who informs them they're under arrest for espionage. He isn't buying the hikers story. He finds Annie's cover ID and her equipment linking up to a military satellite. He takes it.

Jai leads two other men on a helicopter for their off-book rescue. They have no back up. They follow the women's GPS to the truck.

They land in its path. The driver stops. Jai checks the back. It's empty, except for the GPS. The driver tells them the secret police paid him to drive the truck.

In an identical truck, Annie and Reva are brought to a big house. Annie asks to call the Canadian embassy. Max takes out his knife and sharpens it ominously. He says there's no phone. He feeds them stew and leaves.

Reva worries it's poisoned. Annie says they're feeding them because they need them alive.

Joan meets with someone with the State Department. Back at Langley, they receive a request for "urgent economic aid" for $60 million for their safe return. Joan wants them to pay, but the State Dept. wants to try diplomacy first.

Joan calls Jai. She tells him to keep looking covertly.

Back at the giant mansion, Max makes small talk with Annie. She says she admires the Belarusians, who have held up under years of oppression. He doesn't believe her insistence she's a hiker. He implies if she keeps insisting she's not CIA, she's going to be moved to rougher captivity.

He says the money they'll get for her will help his country. She shoots back he'll probably get to keep 15 percent. He explains he has to prove himself all the time.

Back in DC, Danielle (Anne Dudek) goes poking through her stuff, trying to help her daughters find stickers. She finds Annie's real passport. She then calls and leaves a message for her. She thinks Annie is in New York, then going on to Edinburgh. Auggie gets the message.

At the mansion, Annie asks her two captors to share their vodka. She insists she can handle it. She comes up with things for them to toast. The three knock back three shots. She gets them singing Russian drinking songs, then tosses a liquor bottle into the fire. They run out.

Annie and Reva hike through the woods again. Reva calculates they've gone about nine miles. Reva wants to go to Poland, where they're expected. Annie says they have to do something unexpected to stay safe.

Auggie checks with a friend to pull some strings with the Scottish embassy so Danielle won't keep asking questions.

Jai checks in with Joan. They've got mechanical problems with the helicopter. She needs them to work quickly since she's lying to the State Department and several members of congress about him being there.

Danielle meets with someone at the embassy, who assures her Annie couldn't have gotten into the country without her passport. As she's explaining, Auggie's contact Andrew takes over. He "looks up" Annie's information (really a kitten screen saver) and tells Danielle the consulate issued Annie a temporary paper. Everything's fine. He offers to send Annie the passport. Danielle is relieved.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Belarus, Annie and Reva pause to drink from a stream. Annie makes a snack out of black Elderberries. Danielle taught her which ones were safe when they were growing up on a military base in Sweden.

Annie sees a house nearby. She wants to ask the people for help. She doesn't think they'll turn them in because they're farmers and have been oppressed by the government. Reva gets angry and wants to go to Poland, following protocol. She storms off, but trips and hurts her head and ankle. Annie assures her they should go to the farmers for help, betting their lives they're friendly.

They approach the house. The farmer (Thomas Gallezot) greets them with a shotgun. His daughter (Sophia Ewaniuk) comes out with a doll. Annie says hello.

Inside, the family feeds them and bandages Reva's foot.

Late at night when they're all in bed, they hear the sound of a truck approaching. The farmer directs them to go out the back.

Max sends his men inside to search the house. They don't find the women.

At Langley, Joan has received new demands, upping the ask and the timeframe. Auggie thinks that means they're desperate and trying to speed things up. He thinks the women might have escaped. Joan says she can't go on that.

Jai calls to report there are rumors around the country about two foreign women hiking. He thinks that means they've escaped. He can't go look for them because his chopper is still grounded (which he doesn't tell Joan). Auggie has an idea about where they're heading.

Annie and Reva keep hiking. Reva is wounded and moving slowly and ready to quit. They see a car pulling up behind them. It's Max and his men. They race ahead and come to a cliff. The Ukraine is on the other side. They have to cross.

Reva announces she swam varsity at USC. They jump.

From the top of the cliff, Max sees them getting away.

On the other side, they climb up the embankment. They hear vehicles approaching and worry Max found a way across.It's Jai and his guys on motorcycles. Annie and Reva hop on and ride off to safety.

Back at Langley, Joan explains Belarus has been using the fake village as a holding station for weapons for hostile nations. They're sending operatives to investigate. Joan tells Annie and Reva they should be proud of their good work.

Annie congratulates Reva on her promotion to the Advanced Technology Desk, just like she always wanted.

Anne apologizes to Auggie for the trouble Danielle caused. He also texted Danielle on her cell so she wouldn't worry.

Annie asks Auggie how he knew she'd go to the Ukraine and not Poland. "Because it's unexpected," he says.

Annie comes home. Danielle admires her cool passport stamp.


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