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When Beth Williams (Sara Canning) and Shari Hull (Barbara Kottmeier), cleaning women at theTitle Company on Commercial Road just off Interstate 5 in Salem, Oregon, are brutally raped, shot, and left for dead, Detective David Kominek (John Corbett) picks up the case. Digging into other incidents of a similar nature, Kominek realizes that there's a serial killer working the I-5 corridor and sets out to find him.

The film is based on The I-5 Killer (1984), a nonfiction account by American crime writer and former policewoman Ann Rule of a rapist/murderer who seemed to choose his victims along the U.S. Interstate 5, which runs through California, Oregon, and Washington. The book was adapted for the teleplay by Teena Booth.

Yes. The movie is based on the case of American serial killer Randall 'Randy' Woodfield, dubbed the 'I-5 Killer' or the 'I-5 Bandit'. An Oregon native, Woodfield was convicted of three murders, but he is suspected of killing up to 44 others.

While awaiting the search warrant, Dave arrests Randy for parole violation. However, Randy still had enough time to burn his hoodie, shoes, and the rolls of adhesive tape, so the police come up with nothing upon search. With no other evidence to go on, Dave calls Beth to come down for a lineup, but she doesn't want to look at her attacker again and hangs up. In the meantime, Randy's girlfriend Angie (Julie Johnson) comes down to the station to talk with her fiance, who assures her that he is innocent and that the police are making it all up. Unconvinced, Angie ends up walking out. To Dave's surprise, Beth shows up at the station and agrees to the lineup. She readily identifies Randy and, as she is leaving the station, she severely lambastes him when he is ushered past her. In the final scenes, Beth and Dave leave the station, Beth driving north to join her boyfriend and Dave heading home to his wife. In an epilogue, the viewers are informed: 'Randall Woodfield was convicted of the murder of Shari Hull and sentenced to life in prison. In the following years, DNA evidence would confirm him as the killer of Samantha Adams and Stacey Donner. In all, police blieve Woodfield killed as many as 14 people across three states, and committed over 50 robberies, rapes, and secual assaults. Beth Williams has worked hard to rebuild her life and lives with her family in Louisiana. In 2000, Dave Kominek retired after 20 years in law enforcement and moved with his wife Gail to North Carolina.'


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