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Great job on 'Lions Among Men'
MichaelKevinRoss20 January 2012
I watched 'Lions Among Men' and the short is great. The story, directing, acting and production is outstanding!. Traci, you and your team did a great job. The scenes really capture the era of that day bringing it all to life and reality. We need more films that can tell the story of such a rich history in America. As an African-American film producer, I can relate to the culture of the movie. This film has the potential to be something big and could bring about a new awareness of the challenges many have endured to make life happen through-out the century's. I give it thumbs up. I look forward to seeing 'Lions Among Men' on the big screen one day and many other films you direct and produce. Keep up the great work!

Michael Kevin Ross, Wilmax Films.
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An Incredible Short Film
Indie Friendlie18 March 2012
Here at Indie Friendlie, we watch hundreds of documentaries, features, and short films before we recommend one. "Lions Among Men" is one of the most impressive short films we've seen.

Traci Hays' vision for this story--and it is a really great story--screams for a feature film version. The tale of a woman, disguised as a man and serving in the British Royal Navy in the 1800s, being shipwrecked and at odds with her commanding officer, is rich in potential for a full length film. Throwing in a West African captive and a slave-trader, and Traci's got fertile ground that would make Robert Louis Stevenson proud.

The cinematography and music are exactly what they should be for this genre. The casting, which can make or break a film of any length, are on target, and the performances are excellent. In short, everything a director should do to make a film compelling, Traci has done.
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