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Season 3

15 Apr. 2015
Cal Carr(Jeff Hirbour), now the King of Olympus, is still mourning the loss of his uncle Poseidon(Caleb Claxton) when his leadership is questioned by the World God's Council(Mikel Miller, Brittany Ortiz-Nelson, John Fowler, Robert Paterno, A.J. Diamond) after Hermes(Thomas Bigley) drops a music video touting his ability to turn women into mermaids(Eliza Kiss.) Lucy (Jenny Ashman) and Cal's Assistant Serafina (Diane Chernansky) are bemused by Hermes Music Video.
22 Apr. 2015
Magic Bubble Bath
After being threatened with expulsion from the World God's Council by Yahweh (Mikel Miller), Cal (Jeff Hirbour) drags Hermes (Thomas Bigley) on a mysterious adventure to Lucy's (Jenny Ashman) Apartment. Cal uses The Golden Fleece and The Godslayer to make a very special bubble bath for the Lord of the Seas. Lucy lets Hermes know exactly how douchey she thinks his Mermaid Sex video.
30 Apr. 2015
Cal(Jeff Hirbour) deals with the fallout from the World God's Council(Mikel Miller, Brittany Ortiz-Nelson, John Fowler, Robert Paterno, A.J. Diamond) after resurrecting Poseidon(Caleb Claxton.) Hermes(Thomas Bigley) talks to the Orb of Tartarus(Paige Sturges) about his recent demotion. Lucy(Jenny Ashman) and Poseidon bond over bubblegum and swing sets.
7 May 2015
Death Rattle
Cal (Jeff Hirbour) wakes up at Isis House (Brittany Ortiz-Nelson) surrounded by friends (Diane Chernansky, Jenny Ashman, Caleb Claxton.) Cal learns how to communicate with Hermes (Thomas Bigley) and figures out how to find Gaia. (Paige Sturges) Lucy and Poseidon are left alone to ponder their next move.
14 May 2015
Walmart Tom Cruise
Cal(Jeff Hirbour) wanders through Los Angeles hoping Hermes(Thomas Bigley) will lead him to Gaia(Paige Sturges.) Isis(Brittany Ortiz-Nelson) and Serafina(Diane Chernansky) head to the God's Council leaving Poseidon(Caleb Claxton) and Lucy(Jenny Ashman) alone feeling excluded. Gaia tries the recruit the God's Council butler Ned(Brandon Gilbrech) to her cause. A couple unexpected visitors show up and there is an important flashback to Hera.
21 May 2015
Blood Relative
Cal(Jeff Hirbour), Hermes(Thomas Bigley) and Billy Shakespeare(Charles Pasternak) try figure out how to restore Greek divinity. Isis(Brittany Ortiz-Nelson) and Serafina(Diane Chernansky) meet with the World God's Council(Mikel Miller, John Fowler, Robert Paterno, A.J. Diamond.) Hades(Sean Pritchett) explains to Lucy(Jenny Ashman) and Poseidon(Caleb Claxton) why he is the best uncle. Gaia(Paige Sturges) and Ned(Brandon Gilbrech) share a meal.
28 May 2015
Return of the Queen
Gaia(Paige Sturges) and Hermes(Thomas Bigley) are at the World God's Council about to kill Cal(Jeff Hirbour) in order to restore Greek Divinity as Yahweh(Mikel Miller) passively watches. Lucy(Jenny Ashman), Poseidon(Caleb Claxton) argue with a gun toting Hades(Sean Pritchett) about how to find Cal.

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