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  • What happens in Vegas will set the course for the rest of 20 dancers' lives as "So You Think You Can Dance" heads to the desert for the next round of auditions.

    There were 160 tickets handed out, but 140 dreams will end by the end of the week.

    Robin Antin, Adam Shankman, Debbie Allen, Tyce Diorio and Mary Murphy join Nigel Lythgoe on the judges' panel for the big week.

    The dancers will start with solos that Nigel warns will result in some elimination right away.

    Iveta Lukosiute, a ballroom dancer who's made it to Vegas three times now, dresses up as a sexy police officer in order to get Nigel and the crew's attention.

    Marlon Pelayo is wearing a unitard his mom made and his friend painted. He made an impression, but not the sort he wanted to make.

    More solos bring more standouts and after the first 15 are done, seven are gone, including Marlon. He gets a talking to from Debbie Allen, who tells him his outfit was too distracting. Iveta moves on.

    More dancers get the boot right away, but B-boy Wadi Jones tries to turn things around, and gets the judges excited. This kicks off a string of dancers who Cat says "remind the judges why they were excited about Season 8."

    Sasha and Natalia Mallory, who auditioned together with their modern-African style, decide to again perform together to close out the first round. Suddenly, just 114 dancers are left.

    Day 1 continues with a group hip-hop routine by Napoleon and Tabitha. We focus on Chyna Smith (who we first met in Salt Lake City). Meanwhile, Wadi Jones has developed severe cramps and pain in his legs.

    Chyna completely flubs the group routine, but gets a pass to the next round. The hip-hop performances just got worse, resulting in more eliminations, including Hero McCrae and Patty Anne Miller; Irish step dancer Mary Kate Sheehan, and Princess Lockeroo, among others.

    Wadi's group is up and he hasn't even rehearsed, but he works it out and Mary tells him to drink plenty of water. After that, the hip-hop round catches fire and the judges are happy again.

    At the end of the round, some second-chancers take the stage. Eight dancers, including Chyna and Iveta, make the most of their second chance and are put through to the next day.

    Day 2 brings Broadway, and Tyce is doing the choreography. Wadi is back and teamed with Jordan Casanova, who didn't hesitate to show her sexy side in her original audition. Good thing, because this routine called for some serious sexiness. Everyone seems to do well and get through.

    Rebecca Hart and Jeremiah Hughes, who've both been to Vegas before and had mixed results. Rebecca nearly gave up on the competition completely after having made it to Vegas for a fifth time. Jeremiah threw a fit during a Mia Michaels contemporary routine the last time he was in Vegas. This time, he's happy and Rebecca is sad again after being dropped again.

    Broadway knocks out 14 more dancers.

    Jason Gilkison is on hand to choreograph the ballroom portion, which is jive. Natalie gets some attention because she's bigger than a typical dancer and her partner is a little on the small side. He struggles to pick her up. Nigel wants to give Natalia a stronger partner, and they both get reassigned.

    Natalia's sister Sasha joins Ryan Ramirez in the next group. Sasha gets through to the next round, along with everyone else in the group.

    Natalia is hooked up with "The Professor" for her second take. This time goes much better and everyone, including Natalia, gets a big laugh out of it. Nigel says, "There are no words for the joy that you brought to that routine."

    Alexis Mason, Jeannine's sister, is under pressure to perform. She doesn't quite cut it and the judges ask her to dance for her life. Tyce, while Alexis is dancing, says, "There's no flair." Nigel thinks Alexis is a fine dancer, but isn't giving it enough in her performance. He gives her a no. Mary agrees on the performance critique, but gives her a yes. Tyce follows, as does Debbie, which gives her enough votes to get through.

    The group round presents random music for the dancers to get used to, and Natalia starts to feel weak. Sasha is worried, but has to go to the theater when the dancers are called.

    The first group, made up of contemporary dancers Bridget, Caitlynn, Ricky, Clarice, and B-boy Wadi, kills it. More groups do great.

    DC, Arielle, Dashi and Jordan join Natalia, who has recovered from her rough morning. We see that the night before, DC had a bit of a breakdown when he thought he wasn't connecting with his group. He took a 30-minute bathroom break. The judges love it and say the dancers made them "see the music." Nigel praises Natalia, in particular, for "knocking down walls and barriers." DC then goes on a little speech about how other crumpers where he lives are hating on him. They all stay.

    After a lunch break and a chance to see the dancers in their swimsuits at the pool, we get treated to contemporary, which is choreographed by Travis Wall.

    Ryan Ramirez leaves the stage in pain. She says her tailbone is hurting. She's going to head to the hospital, but is worried about whether she'll miss the next two rounds. She leaves.

    Natalia seems to be feeling worse, and also has to head to the hospital. Sasha is worried and shows up just in time to see her sister taken away in an ambulance. She's back on stage now and partnered with The Professor.

    After some more dancers make it through, Ryan is back after learning her tailbone isn't broken, but she has deep bruising. With limited time to rehearse and still in "obvious discomfort," as Cat says, Ryan takes the stage. Debbie Allen tells Ryan she dances with the passion they're looking for, and she should go "ice that little butt" because she's on to the next round.

    More tears of joy follow.

    Jeremiah and Arielle are partnered, knowing that the contemporary round in Vegas has knocked them out before.For Arielle, it's a stunning development but she's out -- again. Jeremiah has better luck overcoming his past, and is overwhelmed by how far he's come in three years.

    DC is knocked out, but says he can't go back home. Debbie tells him she'll give him lessons herself if he wants to work to get where he wants to go. He takes her up on the offer.

    Chyna Smith also joins the growing list of booted contestants.

    Natalia returns after having missed the contemporary round, saying that after some tests the doctors think she has diabetes and gave her tips on how to proceed. She gets a chance to dance her solo after receiving what Nigel calls "a free pass" through contemporary.

    More solos are followed by more cuts, including Kimalee Piedad, Chase Thomas and Amber Williams. Other dancers make it, and head upstairs to celebrate in a luxury suite.

    Alexis Mason is back and after her solo, she's out. She seems more relieved than upset.

    At the end of the night, there are 31 dancers partying upstairs, but that means 11 will go before Vegas is over.

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