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Season 1

22 May 2011
Petty criminal Mitchell is about to be released from jail for good behavior to his neighborhood, a cesspit of general debauchery. His possessive fiancée Tilly's joy soon turns into dangerous fury when she discovers Mitchell started an affair over Internet with Kim, the sister of her friend Roxanne.
29 May 2011
Some Dutch friends mixed the business of illegal marijuana growing and personal friendship/love. But greed and the implacable demands of the mob they must supply by contract don't mix, so when an ambitious bitch plans to start on her own, a bloody drama is in the making.
19 Jun. 2011
In post-libertine Amsterdam, confident giant Allan opens a blatantly gay nightclub with his also openly gay, yet less convinced lover. Alas, not only the public stays away in droves, the bar's lavatory also becomes a frustrating stop in the calvary of Rogier, a gay local who showed the city sites to his country lover and his friends only to find he's looked down upon and ends up physically abused. When Alan finds out, he looses control even more tragically.
26 Jun. 2011
In the Dutch municipality Arnedijk, ethnic Turk Ömer refuses to understand his café renovation plans are denied a zoning permit because the whole quarter is to be developed 8 years later. Having reopened anyhow, he's slapped with a hefty fine. The alderman in charge, Renkum, refuses to meet the bothersome entrepreneur and orders his staff to pretend he's otherwise engaged. Ömer looses it completely, torches a car and intrudes the town-hall, planning to hold Renkum at gunpoint, but he really left the building, so Ömer end sup with civil servant hostages. His stubborn ...
3 Jul. 2011
Gerrie and his wife are unemployed Dutch ruffians with three children. No wonder their offspring goes astray with lousy role-models: only pa Gerrie occasionally has menial (night) jobs, ma even makes daughter help her steal from the store where she works, oops, that means the sack. Cocky but promising son Rody means well too, but gets suspended for copying doted pa's 'nazi humor'. At Gerrie's birthday party, drama lurks after daughter's Moroccan lover Youssef, whom she stupidly assumed would marry her although he never presented her to his parents, refuses to ...
17 Jul. 2011
Art graduate Roel was traumatized as soldier in DutchBat, the UN unit which allowed itself to be disarmed by Serbian militia and stood by as thousands of innocent Bosnian Muslims they were supposed to protect were sadistically slaughtered. Seven years later, he seems alright in his metal workshop with SM girlfriend Miranda as outlet. However Roel remains calling on his therapist while her grossly abusive deadbeat brothers Bertus & Tinus keep taunting until they go too far.

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