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Season 1

12 Jan. 2012
An Orphan Walks Into a Bar
Walter's robot is ruined while retrieving one of John Fogerty's beloved guitars. Model-behaved army brat Cooper Allison hires Sherman to find his missing father, military pilot lieutenant colonel Nick Allison. Walter accepts but warns there's no way back if the results displease. Sherman works out the plane's suspicious last course, speculating on contraband and accomplices likely to include the murderer, as Nick's corpse is found in the sabotaged wreck.
19 Jan. 2012
A former prison warden enlists the help of Walter to find a bullet that could prove the innocence of a death row inmate just days before his execution. Meanwhile, FBI psychologist - and Jeffersonian team member - Dr. Lance Sweets evaluates Walter's competency to consult on federal cases. In the process, Sweets begins to understand Walter's intangible gift and motivation to find the unfindable. Also, Willa attends a beach party and gets herself into trouble.
26 Jan. 2012
A Cinderella Story
NASA mathematical genius and utter nerd Ira Messing hires reluctant Walter to find his dream date, who left only a single stiletto. Walter soon finds that rather then a Cinderalla, this case stars a serial killer. The shoe soon seems to be at the other foot. Meanwhile Timo is unwittingly drawn into Willa's crazy attempt to 'help' Leo who happens to bump into his nemesis, responsible for his family's death.
2 Feb. 2012
Swing and a Miss
Baseball star pitcher Frank Haywood hires Walter to retrieve his stolen sports bag. Walter, who only accepted as a favor to Deputy U.S. Marshal Isabel Zambada, senses the crucial item isn't even on the content list, nor of monetary value, but embarrassingly superstitious. Setting out for the prized trinket, he seeks suspects and motives among rivals and gamblers, braving the grim, unrelated Twins and an illegal betting club.
9 Feb. 2012
The Great Escape
Although Walter despises 'magic' shows, he accepts to track down illusionist Preston Miller's assistant Angelica Angel, who disappeared during the 'phoenix' escape act after the box accidentally burnt to cinders. Walter soon finds she staged it to steal, well switch with counterfeit bills, a fortune from the club's safe. Making clever use of clumsy FBI Agent Judy Green, Walter starts the chase for Angelica and at least one accomplice, soon found murdered as is found to be her sinister MO. Meanwhile it becomes clear that Timo isn't Willa's cousin but her unwilling ...
23 Feb. 2012
Little Green Men
Dr. Jack Hodgins hires Walter, a fellow yet highly skeptical conspiracy theorist, to clear the reputation of NASA pilot colonel Chuck Bradshaw, whose career was wrecked for failing to consistently discredit his co-pilot, Major Jeremy Wren, who reported 'Santa Claus' arriving from outer space. Walter instantly finds the colonel, who proves not too helpful, and works out with Hodgings the object must be a missing Russian satellite. They are countered by the mysterious Ed Scanian and sinister government anti-finder Pope. Uncle Shadrack refuses to let Timo buy his way out...
8 Mar. 2012
Eye of the Storm
A severe hurricane strikes Southern Florida, but torrential weather will not stop Walter from searching for a female high school student who went missing during the storm. While Walter is stranded on Looking Glass Key at the Ends of the Earth Bar, Isabel visits the missing girl's high school and uncovers clues that link her disappearance to foul play and a more serious and life threatening crime. Meanwhile, Willa's probation officer is stormed in with Walter, Leo and Willa, and puts her differences with Willa aside to help the team solve the case of the missing girl.
6 Apr. 2012
Life After Death
Leo's ex, the attorney of the late rapper J-Stryke, gets Walter to investigate for a present star where his brilliant recordings are, which turn up posthumously. Walter works out the parts played by the deceased rap star's inconspicuous kid brother and the present one's bossy, bitchy wife.
13 Apr. 2012
The Last Meal
In a romantic mood, Walter accepts to find for Joe Turnbull the favorite dish he hopes may save his marriage. That really means retrieving the brilliant Cuban chef of their closed-down favorite restaurant, whom Walter identifies as the legendary Alejandro Lopez-Fernando, who alas keeps changing identity all over Miami to avoid crime baron Federico 'Fico' Vasquez. The quest proves dangerous for everyone.
20 Apr. 2012
The Conversation
Walter accepts to find out for oil-rig-laborer Carlos Abreu's family whether he relapsed to his gang past. The collaboration with FBI agent Gail McHottie needs repeated reassessing. Timo faces Leo and does a tarot-reading to prove his honorable intentions with Willa.
27 Apr. 2012
The Inheritance
Walter's rules forbid accepting to find a murder, like Joyce Weatherby' father's, but he does accept to find her inheritance. Walter soon realizes it relates to winning at a race track, where he finds Ed Beiderman and his cahoots are tampering with a horse. Walter also tests the value of the late gambling addict's 'system'. The kids meanwhile think of their future.
4 May 2012
Voodoo Undo
Latin crime lord Xavier Obispo begs Walter to rid him of non-stop bad luck by finding the voodoo doll he believes to cause it. Walter traces it trough a voodoo shopkeeper to one of three Miami witch priestesses, only to find her murdered and become the target of Obispo's hit-man 'Icepick' as well as a zombie poison trap. The team now goes trough possible motives and suspects in- as well as outside of Obispo's gang.
11 May 2012
The Boy with the Bucket
Hearing one of his early finds, a masterly painting, is found a fabulous falsification by a computer, Walter is dead-set on rectifying his error, by finding the real one without fee, to which end he recruits master forger Jason Stefanian. However his beloved brother Langston Sherman arrives, asking priority, granted only after insistence from the whole gang, for their father Franklin's dying wish, finding and bringing their mother, who left when the boys were still babies. Uncle Shadrack meanwhile feels the time has come to force Timo into a marriage with Willa.

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