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Along the way comes a bracing, honest confession about these interactive creations, voiced by one designer but no doubt applying to many more makers of all kinds: "I made it for myself."
Video-game developers: Geeks, nerds, socially adrift obsessives. Indie Game thankfully gets past such base introductions in a flash and graduates to far more engrossing levels - levels which open up into the real worlds of the best independent game developers working their craft.
Well-crafted and intelligent, this film is an illumination of the agony of creation - the self-doubt, the obsession, the life sacrifices - that are the core, not merely the side-effects of those define themselves through "art."
An insightful new geek documentary, well directed by first-timers Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky.
The picture scores big points by drawing a sharp distinction between corporate vidgame programmers and indies.
Fortunately, Pajot and Swirsky don't overdo the minutiae (this is a movie even non-gamers can enjoy), offering just enough insight into the creative process to feel enlightening.
Makes a compelling case for games as not only clever hand-eye coordination exercises, but also as manifestations of their creators' emotional and philosophical viewpoints.
This is a movie about a subculture, made for that subculture; only hard-core Xboxers need apply.

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