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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

It gets it right sometimes

Author: rising gun from Los Angeles
22 June 2013

The Amazing World of Gumball is a great show overall however, sometimes there will be episodes that down right suck. Their season 2 premiere, Colossal, wasn't that good and the have been times where i just sit there watching an episode and hate it for being on air. The best part about the show is it's humor. I have not seen a show with that much slapstick humor since Ed Edd n' Eddy. But, even comparing this to a classic is hard enough. The show doesn't really do a good job most of the time and just falls into a genre i like to call "Half-Baked" which in short means: a show that i like from time to time depending on: 1) How well the episode is 2) The way it is portrayed 3) I enjoy it

The Amazing World of Gumball isn't a bad show, it just that growing up from the early 2000's of Cartoon Networks life span, i expected more to come out from this point in time. Regular Show, Adventure Time, and this show are the only ones i can tolerate because they keep me interested and the mainly because the other shows really suck(This is my first review.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Not for everyone

Author: J jacen Dlg from United States
7 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Here is the deal. It seems that most reviews are written by a certain twenty something demographic with no kids, and this is fine. They enjoy their animated entertainment with a decidedly adult edge and again this is fine. The Amazing World of Gumball however provides edgy (but not obscene) animation that can be enjoyed with kids in the room and this is where I base my rating. Sure when the kids are asleep I can watch some SP or FG but when every other word is bleeped and the innuendos run rampant, it can make it hard to enjoy a show. I can't believe I am already in this demographic but here I am, and my entire family can sit down (kids are 4,6 and 8) and not worry about penis jokes, sexual innuendo or drug references. I can already hear the collective sucking of teeth at this point if view, but you too will be where I am soon, and you will long for entertainment suitable for kids that doesn't make one want to jump out a window (Max and Ruby I'm looking at you) Thanks for reading my review and I hope you check it out at least once no matter how many dependents you claim on your w4.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Its almost the best

Author: Tron from United States
11 November 2011

This show is near excellent, and has now entered my top three favorite shows on CN. Lately CN was failing, but with this show its proof it quickly getting a grip. The animation is spectacular and beautiful to watch. The clever blending of real backgrounds with multi dimensional characters is a fixed up version of Roger Rabbit. The set up is an interesting choice. Rather than have the main characters dazzled for the areas they're placed in, its a sitcom approach. Which at first seems rather boring and overdone. But sitcoms actually work with material that interest the audience. This a good example. Everything works in terms of the over working mother, lazy dad whose unemployed, genius sister, and two naive boys. The plots are a mix of minor things to huge problems. Its an interesting take. Although hard to explain. Initially i planned to review this show terribly for watching only one episode. But then i started watching them and was drawn in. the music is rather clever as well. The Problem: As mainly with the newer episodes, sometimes they're hit or miss. Its titled the Amazing World, and while the world is amazing, it doesn't reflect into the plots. Nothing wrong with a very good episode about a DVD or a Secret. But somethings a bit off when you have bad episodes like the Genius, Picnic, and the Sock. Although the Picnic sort of made up for it in terms of interesting visuals. I just expect more crazy plots. The posters for the show seems amazing, so why not the actual show. More crazy things happening and more locations. The show cant just center around one area and expect it to be good. But this show is in its early stages of airing. SO i truly admire this British American show. Nice to see animation from Europe as well. Just, try and be more amazing all the time. Random isn't the key (thankfully you understood that unlike most of CN) but extraordinary plots and funny execution are. But so far, with the exception of those three, you're episodes are perfect.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

An actually good cartoon? Is there really a God!?

Author: ManWithTheMask from United States
22 April 2013

I was kinda anxious to review this title. I mean just say the title out loud. THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL. Does it sound like its going to be good? When I first saw its add I thought it would be an even bigger flop than the last to Cartoon Network "masterpieces" (term being used loosely) Johhny Test and the Problem Solverz. Now keep in mind I'm around the age when it isn't socially accepted to still watch cartoons. So one day, when I was alone, i flipped on the the TV and went to see what it was all about. And in all honesty this is one of those shows that deserves its title... Despite how ridiculous it sounds. I've taken the time break it down and analyze it piece by piece

Animation- gorgeous, never seen anything like it... Except jimmy neutron, back at the barnyard, planet sheen, etc. when you first hear a 3-D animated show you think, "now where's a rope that I can use to hang myself with." But actually it really works. The character designs are really unique, fun and imaginative. A nice mix of cgi and traditional cartoon animation. The animation flows really smoothly and transitions are almost if not near perfect.

Characters- all right you know the drill Roll Call! Hi I'm Gumball and I'm the mischievous son stereotype, I'm Darwin and I'm the naive friend stereotype, I'm Anias and I'm the smart one that no one listens to stereotype, and so on and so forth. The thing is this, they aren't necessarily bad characters, quite the opposite they are all actually a ton of fun, the problem is that WE HAVE SEEN THEM BEFORE! The Simpsons, family guy, South Park, American dad, bobs burgers, king of the hill, do I really need to go on? OK maybe I'm a bit to harsh. there are some really fun designs with the characters, like making the bully a T-Rex, the Nerd a Robot, the hillbilly a Potato. Well with that being said lets move on to humor

Humor- listen kid I got one word for yah, one word: plastics, Uh I mean Smart. The show is actually really clever with its jokes. This goes back to the shows animation. They use all the characters to their advantage. I mean theirs this one robot kid that does sort of a HAL 9000 meets Face Off kinda thing and its actually kinda funny. There's the fact that the mom is a suburban ninja, a teacher who's been living for thousands of years and asks her deceased skeletal father for help, and even a calling out a shameless Pixar and Dreamwork's knock off (Brinequedo). The only problem is that the humor can fall a bit flat. Not that any of the jokes are bad, because there is definitely some good material in the show, but its just that all the jokes don't have the same effect as others do.

Stories- really fun and unique. I think I've used these words a bit to much, but the stories really are something special. They aren't boring and are all completely original. Well almost all original. You have your typical episodes here and their, but even when the stories aren't new or something we have seen before they change it up a tiny bit. That's a sign of good writing, the fact that you can turn simple stories we have seen before and turn them on their heads and make them enjoyable again. They all have some charm and cuteness, with mix of hilarity, creates a recipe for success. Shows like Gravity falls, TAWOG, MLP are using this combo to their advantage and as you can see its meeting critical acclaim. The only problem I have is the moral they almost always hammer in: Family watches out for each other. But it's not necessarily a bad lesson and it doesn't feel as forced or contrived as certain shows make it "Cough, Cough, MLP, Cough" so it's not really that bad and can leave the episode of in really good note

Conclusion- obviously there is still much more I can delve into such as its art style and writing, in which the show would pass in all categories. I mentioned this before I really overused the words unique and fun, and that's exactly what this show is. They took seemingly unoriginal concepts and make them into a good story. Despite the humor falling a bit flat here and there, it still has a bunch of charm and charisma. And dare I say it, It honestly might be one of the best cartoons ever made. And i know its kind of cheesy to end a review like this but if you are really willing to watch this show, All this fun and more can only be found in THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL Final Score 8.5/10

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

A great show on Cartoon Network

Author: evilmonkeysnamedjoareatt
19 September 2011

Letter Score Art:A Animation:S Sound:S Writing:A+ Characters:S

Art: Gumball is filled with a vast amounts of different characters that were made in different ways.Puppets,3d animation,and 2d cartoon.The Backgrounds are realistic and it really makes me wonder how they put them all on there. Computers these days. Animation: I have notice no errors Sound: Voices Actors do a great job with the voice.No problem with the music. Writing: Jokes and Dialogues are funny and good,but not perfect but close. Characters: A bunch of fun characters. None I have a problem with


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10 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

Mostly Amazing...

Author: JustSomePersonOrSomething from United States
12 June 2011

I must be the only person on earth who isn't completely in love with Adventure Time and Regular Show. Yes, I'll admit that they're both funny at times, and pretty clever, but to me they seem like they were made to appeal more to annoyingly trendy high school students than to actual kids. Maybe thats the point though, so...massive shrug, I guess. Also why am I reviewing a children's show? Why am I pointing out flaws in two unrelated children's shows? What is the point? Ugh...

Anywho, The Amazing World of Gumball at least feels like a children's cartoon. Its bright, bubbly, and pretty inoffensive. It also has a pretty nice look and style, what with traditionally animated characters mixed with real backgrounds, CG things, and whatnot. it also teaches some pretty positive lessons to the cute little baby children, like "Look out for you little sister" and "Live life like your going to die soon", and never teaches the lesson that you shouldn't help ugly people because they're probably evil, so there's that. The biggest problem with The Amazing World of Gumball is probably that most of its jokes are really unfunny. About half of them just fall completely flat. Imagine that I'm putting an example here. But what this show lacks in hilarity it more than makes up for in being totes adorbz, to put it into technical terms. Watching this show is more about whispering "adorbz" to yourself at certain points than it is about laughing, although their are a few funny moments now and again.

The Amazing World of Gumball may not measure up to, say, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (which is, in my mind, one of the best shows ever to air on Cartoon Network), but its still pretty likable. Kids should probably love it, which is really all that matters.

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British Silliness With American Madness

Author: IkhwanArif
19 May 2017

Cartoon Network has a history of making outstanding shows, and Gumball is definitely in the top tier.

Gumball is a kid's show that takes risks - a lot of risks - from the way the show is animated (VFX, stop motion, live shots etc) to the partially dark and slightly disturbing humor, Gumball manages to weave a simple story with an intricate and psychedelic assault to your senses and sensibilities.

And yet, at the heart of it, it's still a kid's show, about kid's problems and that's what so funny and messed up about it. Things like getting your first kiss, surfing the internet, finding a new best friend, having a monstrous sibling, a mentally unstable mother and a deadbeat dad are explored in a refreshing and disturbing childlike innocence, with unbridled imagination while cleverly referencing pop culture.

But due to this, it will not appeal to everyone. Gen X will definitely appreciate this show, I'm not sure about Gen Y and the Millenials since it may be triggering. But if the new generation picks this up, it will definitely do them more good than harm.

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The best show with the worst surface appearance.

Author: smileomega from United States
13 December 2016

The Amazing World of Gumball takes place in a mystical place known as Elmore, where cartoons of all shapes, sizes, and even styles live in harmony with one another. Our main cast is Gumball, a blue cat who doesn't think things through, and can be a jerk sometimes, but can also have a good heart and intentions, Darwin, a Fish and his best friend/brother who is usually playing the straight man to his crazy antics, a rabbit sister named Anais who is intelligent for her age, a idiot father rabbit named Richard (See: literally every idiot dad in any show ever with VERY little deviation) and Nicole, a cat mother with a big temper who's dysfunctional family often stresses her out to no end.

Honestly, on the surface, this show seems like it would be one of those shows; a show that throws away trying to tell good humor or a interesting story, and focuses on being SUPER RADICAL and HIP WITH TODAY'S YOUTH, with all the slang and fads that come with that mindset to try and get good ratings and sell merchandise.

But, this show, beneath all of the appearances, is surprisingly really well-made, and knows what it's doing with its jokes and its plot. (for the most part)

The world of Elmore has a ton of creativity in its cast of characters, and this is one of Gumball's greatest strengths. Each one looks unique, to the characters that are completely 3d, to the 2d characters, and almost all of them have their own style that helps them stand out. You'd think having, say a 2d animated humanoid cat talking to a 3d rendered t-rex or a character that looks like it would be in the muppets, or a living balloon would look terrible and that all these different styles would be a mess to look at, but it's all blended together in a way that makes it look believable as a world.

Not only does it look good, all of the characters have a lot of personality to them. There's Miss Simian, the teacher that can't stand teaching, Mr. Small, the Good-natured counselor that loves helping people, but is really bad at any practical advice, Banana Joe, the crazy Class Clown, a ton, and I mean a TON more.

And characters like this make for interesting conversations and episodes. Like, there's one episode where Gumball's father thinks a plastic magic wand from a cereal box is real, and they pretend to be affected by his "magic" so he doesn't get disappointed. And it does a lot with that concept, and it's all hilarious.

I will say that it does have SOME modern elements, like making jokes around your typical YouTube's fare of lets plays and prank videos, and even rickrolling, and it feels like it will be dated someday, but it's very few and far between and it's far less painful. It's less "HEY GUIZE I LIKE VIDEO GAMES AND SO DO YOU" and more using stuff that's modern to try and make some jokes ever few episodes.

I'd say if you're going to watch it, it'd probably be good to pick up some season 2 onward episodes, as, like a lot of shows, it takes time to really become good, and the earlier plots were more lackluster. Not bad, just more trying to get a feel for the world.

If you haven't seen it before, and want a less continuity based show, with some of those shows' humor, I'd say give Gumball a look.

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The Amazing World of Gumball is a commonly misunderstood show that is way better than it seems.

Author: Laurence
25 November 2016

Gumball is a very hard show to review, as it is almost completely different to how it was when it first started. In this review I will focus on Season 3 onwards, as this is when the show first started utilising the style it has now.

First, let me get something straight. Gumball is a surreal, satirical comedy series with frequent use of meta humour and occasional dark themes. This show is not aimed at young children, and pushes the boundary of it's TV-Y7 rating. CN's marketing department do not do it justice. That's not to say the show can't be watched by families, but rather it won't really be all too entertaining to audiences under the age of 8.

The show is created by Ben Bocquelet, a French-British animator, and is the first production to come out of CN's European division. As such, most of the show's writers are British, and it definitely shows. The comedic style is very similar to that of Monty Python, focusing on absurd situations that ridicule reality. From the planets of the Solar System singing an existentialist song about the irrelevance of life, to a character becoming a dictator and plotting to take over the world in the name of safety. Despite the series comedic style, it has many heart-warming and emotional moments, in addition to some good messages, and never crosses the line between darkly comedic and depressing. Finally, it is one of the few TV series I have seen to use pop- culture references successfully, utilising them as subjects to write jokes about instead of a joke in itself.

The art style blends real images and photo-realistic CGI to create backgrounds and settings, and utilises multiple mediums for character designs, such as Flash Animation in various different art styles, puppetry, and CGI. All the characters blend into the setting incredibly well, with realistic lighting and solid animation, instead of simply being placed on top of the backgrounds.

The characters, for the most part, are incredibly well written and are as follows:

-Gumball- A perfect example of a flawed character done right. Gumball is a mischievous 12 year-old cat best described as a jerk with a heart of gold. His personality is a combination of a adventurous, cheerful inside and a cynical, sarcastic outer shell. He isn't necessarily a protagonist in the traditional sense, as a lot of the episode plots are caused by his negative actions. But said actions are portrayed as being negative and he never gets away with doing something legitimately bad, a problem a lot of shows with similar concepts seem to have. He speaks with bizarrely extensive vocabulary, very much like cartoon strip characters such as Charlie Brown and Calvin, but generally has an average level of intelligence.

-Darwin- Gumball's adopted fish brother, who just happened to grow legs in an event that I won't spoil for obvious reasons. He acts as his "moral guardian" and a straight-man, constantly warning him of the consequences of his actions. He is drastically more optimistic than Gumball, but also suffers from naivety as a result.

-Anais- An admittedly rather cliché child prodigy character with a unique spin. As a result of her intelligence, she was pushed into 8th grade at the age of 4. She is very socially awkward, occasionally spiteful, and smarter than every other character in the show, yet has a tendency to suddenly revert to the childish behaviour you would expect of a character her age.

-Nicole - In my opinion, the best character in the show. Nicole is overworked, under-payed mother who may or may not be possessed by the demonic powers of her own fury. She is very competitive in nature, and will do anything to protect her family, such as beating up a group of Mad Max-style apocalypse survivors, and attacking a snobbish mother while in a demon-like form after she calls her children "disappointments" directly in front of them.

-Richard- The only character on the show that is written poorly, and the show's largest fault. Richard is essentially the stupid sitcom dad cliché. While he has nothing particularly unique about him, he does have some good lines, never does anything intentionally malicious, and contributes heavily towards the aspects that make Nicole such an interesting character.

Overall, I would give the series a 8.7 out of 10. It is incredibly funny throughout, and rarely has a joke that doesn't hit home. It manages to avoid a lot of flaws that harm other shows of similar style, and excluding the problems with it's first two seasons, it has amazing and creative animation, loads of great characters, only has one notable negative aspect.

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New season did some damage but not enough

Author: rob_dierenvriend from Edam
2 November 2016

The first season was so freaking good. This was the best live action combined with cartoons show since Who Framed Roger Rabbit. And just like how the house from Up exists in real life, all these locations exist as well in real live. And the characters are also really clever and good. Like a blue cat, a walking fish, a walking comedic banana, a peanut and a giant, and a balloon. You have got to be a legit genius to think of that. And like with for example Patrick Star, their cute innocence and stupidity is what made them admirable. And then the new seasons happened. Characters aren't that creative anymore. Instead of something REALLY creative, most of the new characters look like they took them straight out of Spongebob, and the Spongebob characters have become completely ridiculous so they would be "memorable". And most of the other new characters look like those pretty mediocre walking and talking animals like the Looney Tunes, but the Looney Tunes are funny and these guys aren't funny. And Gumball and Darwin don't have any of that cute dorky charm anymore. They even use words that the audience that this show is obviously aiming for don't even know. And where the animation has become better and sharper, it also has become more Spongebob like. Just gruesomely detailed. And one of the episodes is just to bad for words, it's about Darwin looking sadly at a fish tank and them trying to cheer him up with ocean stuff, because he's a fish? Racist much? And after that they throw him in a pond without him knowing what is even going on. It turns out that he just wanted the tank, and guess what. He doesn't even get the tank. OKAY JUST GIVE HIM THE FISH TANK! YOU ARE THE PEOPLE THAT PUT HIM THROUGH THIS STUFF!!!! But the humor is still excellent, you have to give it credit for that

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