First look preview of Batman: Creature of the Night

DC Comics is set to release a Batman comic with a difference this November as it launches the four-issue miniseries Batman: Creature of the Night from writer Kurt Busiek and artist John Paul Leon. A spiritual companion to Busiek’s Superman: Secret Identity, Batman: Creature of the Night follows a young Batman fan whose obsession with the Caped Crusader leads him to some very dark places which he must ultimately confront when his parents are murdered after walking in on a robbery. Check out an unlettered preview of the first issue here…

Young Bruce Wainwright lost his parents in a violent crime…and in the real world, no superheroes exist to save the day. But as grief and rage builds inside Bruce until he feels he can’t keep it inside anymore, something strange starts taking wing in the Gotham night! Perhaps Bruce’s grief isn’t inside him after all?
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Forbidden Tomes: Journeys to Nowhere – Kelly Link’s Quests into the Psyche

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There are some authors who transcend genre so fully that classification becomes a moot point. Kelly Link is one example. Link’s writing style mirrors other authors - Angela Carter, Shirley Jackson and Neil Gaiman come to mind - but only superficially; her words are her own. The moods swing wildly, from whimsical to melancholic to deranged, though her voice always comes through. She writes as if talking in her sleep, lackadaisical and sparse, strange but deeply evocative. Yet what truly sets her apart from other genre authors is her incredible understanding of the human mind.

Though she has written some terrifying tales, Link is hardly a simple horror or fantasy writer. It’s difficult to think of a writer whose imagination covers more conceptual territory. “The Specialist’s Hat” may be her most straightforward ghost story, but even this narrative hints at melancholic truths. “Water Off a Black Dog
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Panel Discussion #38

Hello again, and welcome to the recently resurrected Panel Discussion. I’m Kieran, and every week I’m going to go through some of the best comics of the week to give you an idea what you should pick up that you might have missed. This is another stacked week with some fantastic first issues and great jumping on points for books you might be behind on, so let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

The big release of this week isn’t a Marvel or DC book, but is instead Secret Weapons from Valiant Entertainment (Secret Weapons #1 review). Valiant has been quietly and consistently the best publisher of superhero comics for a good couple of years now. It might seem like a bold statement, but if you’re going by ratio of quality to books published, Valiant takes it in a walk. The new incarnation of
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The Best Reveal of Superman’s Secret Identity Ever Put on Film

One of the biggest running “what the hell is wrong with this comic, movie, TV show” type of queries is the whole Clark Kent is Superman thing. In every comic, movie, or television show that he’s in Clark Kent is merely Superman with glasses and yet all of us sit there thinking “what the hell? are people this stupid?” We all just sit there and take it because that’s what’s given to us in the story. If all of us refused to watch the movies, read the comics, or engage in the shows then the franchise would be bankrupt and

The Best Reveal of Superman’s Secret Identity Ever Put on Film
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Arrow: He Is Prometheus? Plus Takeaways From "Fighting Fire With Fire"

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Photo Courtesy of the CW.

1. Prometheus' Identity Revealed--At the beginning of the episode I thought," We need to see more of Vigilante."  Not necessarily every episode, but the character has been one of the more interesting individuals this season.  Why is he so appealing?   Vigilante wants to clean up city by killing the corrupt.  Sound familiar?  He's the equivalent of The Hood from Season 1.  Adrian Chase was my number one suspect as he is the supportive Da by day, but he has his own, darker agenda at night. Also, Chase is one of the alter ego's for the character in the comics. Next, he and Prometheus came face-to-face, battled, then Prometheus revealed that he is...Adrian Chase?  Well that was...interesting?...I'm hoping he isn't the actual Prometheus. When he first encountered Vigilante and stated, "Oliver is mine," it didn't sound like the same voice used by Prometheus in previous episodes.
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Marvel's New Warriors: cast announced

Rob Leane Mike Cecchini Jul 11, 2017

Milana Vayntrub will headline Marvel's New Warriors TV show, stepping into the role of Squirrel Girl...

Are you ready for a half-hour comedy series set in the Marvel Universe? One that features younger heroes with offbeat codenames and superpowers? Well, you'd better be, because Marvel ordered a full season of New Warriors earlier this year.

See related Fargo season 3 episode 1 review: The Law Of Vacant Places

Today, we have cast info to share. Cbr reports that Milana Vayntrub, who impressed in the family drama This Is Us, will headline the show as Squirrel Girl.

Vayntrub has also been seen in Love, Silicon Valley, Other Space and - briefly - 2016's Ghostbusters.

This is what she looks like, to save you a Google search...

Derek Theler (Baby Daddy) will play Mister Immortal, Jeremy Tardy (Dear White People) is Night Thrasher, Calum Worthy (Austin & Ally) is Speedball,
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Star Wars Bits: The Return of Force Friday, the Secret Identity of Boshek, and the Most Detailed Study of the ‘Star Wars’ Universe Ever

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Star Wars Bits: The Return of Force Friday, the Secret Identity of Boshek, and the Most Detailed Study of the ‘Star Wars’ Universe Ever
What? The official announcement that Star Wars: Episode 8 has begun filming wasn’t enough for you? Okay. Fine. Sheesh. Here’s some more Star Wars Bits. In today’s edition: A possible date for the next Force Friday event. The latest round of awards for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. A seriously intense study of the Star […]

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Superman’s Secret Identity is No Longer Clark Kent

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Since the character’s introduction in 1938 (77 years ago), Superman has always hidden behind the secret identity of Clark Kent. But the latest comic book storyline has exposed Clark Kent. The result is forcing Superman, for the first time in the character’s history, to find a new alter-ego. But what will the new Superman secret […]

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11 underappreciated graphic novels

  • Den of Geek
We asked our writers to recommend graphic novels that deserved more fanfare, and here's what they chose...

Geek tastes running tall and wide, when we asked our writers to recommend favourite books that they felt hadn't received the levels of popularity or public recognition they deserved, in came a heap of suggestions. Too many for one piece, hence us dividing the entries into four separate lists: adult sci-fi, fantasy and horror fiction; graphic novels; children's/Ya fiction; and non-fiction.

We'll let you use the power of your eyeballs to see which one of those lists you're currently reading. And in the spirit of the piece, hope you'll join in by providing your own suggestions to keep the recommendations coming in the comments section. Sharing: it's what makes geek communities great.

Nextwave: Agents Of H.A.T.E – Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen

Written as a reaction to Ellis’ "widescreen" storytelling in The Authority,
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Comic Book Spoilers: Female Thor’s Secret Identity Revealed

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Since last year, a female Thor has been tearing her way through the pages of the Marvel comic book universe. But the heroine’s true identity has remained a secret — until now. She finally reveals herself in Thor #8, released this week. Click through to find out the female Thor identity. Obviously, major comic book spoilers abound […]

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Emily S. Whitten: Geek Chic Spring Shopping

  • Comicmix
Three years ago right around this time, I was lamenting the fact that there was a sad, sad lack of comics and genre fashion merchandise geared towards women. At the time, my experience was that the available clothing for women to purchase and wear was mostly t-shirts, only some of which were actually fitted for or geared towards women. And accessories of the sort women might be interested in, like jewelry or handbags or less manly wallets, were mostly available only via Etsy or through other fan enterprises.

Generally speaking, what was available via licensed merchandisers was also lacking in the style, flair, subtlety, or imagination that I’d have really liked to see in female comics fashion. Despite being a fan of the comfort of a cute tee shirt, there are times when I’d prefer to be able to let fly the flag of my geek pride with
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‘Amazing Spider-Man 2' Star Emma Stone Cries Like a Tween in Front of Scary Spice (Video)

  • The Wrap
‘Amazing Spider-Man 2' Star Emma Stone Cries Like a Tween in Front of Scary Spice (Video)
Celebrity sightings are rare, and sightings of celebrities being star struck by other celebrities are even rarer, but Emma Stone put her die-hard idolization of the Spice Girls on display this week while promoting “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” in Australia. “Is Mel B talking to me? Oh my God! I'm so excited! I'm legitimately crying,” Stone declared after receiving a video message from former Spice Girl Mel B in an interview (above) with Sydney radio station 2DayFM. “I'm the biggest Spice Girls fan ever.” See video: ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2': Peter Parker Puns and Punches, Gwen Stacy Reveals His Secret Identity Since Stone had.
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'Arrow': Colton Haynes on Roy's Difficult Journey Ahead and New Partnerships

'Arrow': Colton Haynes on Roy's Difficult Journey Ahead and New Partnerships
[Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.] Roy Harper is about to face some hard times on Arrow. After getting shot in the leg with an arrow by the vigilante (aka Oliver), Roy (Colton Haynes) gets into even choppier waters in the Dec. 11 midseason finale of The CW comic-book drama, with Oliver's self-proclaimed protege getting the beat-down from Starling City menace Brother Blood (Kevin Alejandro) after getting captured. To say the episode -- eerily titled "Three Ghosts" -- effectively changes Roy's journey for good is an understatement. Video: 'Arrow': Barry Allen Closes in on Oliver's Secret Identity In a chat

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Arrow 2.2, “Identity” Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

On this weeks episode of Arrow, we are introduced to another new villain in the Bronze Tiger, we have progress on the story line on the Island, we have more troubles in the Glades for Oliver and the Vigilante and Roy gets to meet the vigilante. While all these are well and good, the episodes are still being held back by their lack of action. At it’s peak at the end of the first season, episodes were crammed full of action sequences, that I have no doubt this season is building up to, but the progress is slow and it feels like we’ve gone two steps forward, one step backwards.

While Isabel Rochev, the villain introduced to us last week, has disappeared, we are introduced to Ben Turner, aka the Bronze Tiger. This episode continues Roy Harper’s transition from small time vigilante to the Hoods sidekick.
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3 Theories On Xbox Fusion’s Secret Identity

Prior to the Xbox One reveal many thought Xbox Fusion would carry the namesake of Microsoft’s next-gen console.

The information came to light after a domain registration blog, Fusible, reported that Microsoft had registered several domain names related to Xbox Fusion. Speculation circulated that the Xbox 360′s successor would be the Xbox Fusion.

Microsoft also registered similar domain names under other popular contenders Xbox Durango and Xbox Infinity. Yet Fusion remained a popular choice to be the Xbox 360′s successor among speculators. Primarily because Microsoft not only registered the domain name but also linked it directly into the Xbox homepage. Microsoft had so much of an invested interest in the keywords ‘Xbox Fusion’ it led many to believe it was their next-gen console. But we’ve known since the Xbox One reveal on May 21 that Fusion definitely isn’t a next-gen console.

So now we’ve ruled out what it isn’t,
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'Man Of Steel': Required Reading

by Brett White

Judging by the film's ridiculously big opening, odds are you saw "Man of Steel" this past weekend. Whether or not you enjoyed it is almost irrelevant, because either way people are talking about Superman. They're talking about him a lot.

With that in mind, we've put together a list of Superman's greatest hits, designed to either keep your Super enthusiasm high after seeing "Man of Steel," or reaffirm your faith in case the film shook it up a little.

"For The Man Who Has Everything," "Superman Annual" #11 (1985)

Writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons unleashed this Superman team-up story just a year shy of creating "Watchmen," and it has aged just as well as that other work. Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman pay a visit to the Fortress of Solitude to celebrate Superman's birthday, only to discover that he's been taken under mental control by the evil tyrant Mongul.
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What did we learn from the latest Man Of Steel trailer?

  • Den of Geek
Feature Seb Patrick 18 Apr 2013 - 06:50

Superman is back on our screen shortly, and clues for what we have in store were in abundance in the new Man Of Steel trailer...

In contrast to a lot of comic book movie trailer campaigns, the promos for Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan and David Goyer’s Man Of Steel have been somewhat slow and considered, carefully building their reveals bit by bit rather than showing us everything at once. It seems to be doing a good job of heightening anticipation for a film that’s now only a couple of months away from release, but we’ve still been able to pick out a little bit about the film more from the latest, longer trailer. So following the various things we noticed in the previous trailer in December, here’s what we were able to discern this time…

Secret Identity

From the amount
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Once Upon a Time Bosses Tease the Final Four Episodes, Four Reveals and One 'Really Big' Twist

When Once Upon a Time unspools Season 2′s final four episodes starting this Sunday at 8/7c, there is one thing the ABC drama will definitely — and finally — have going for it: momentum.

Related | Save the Dates: Our Calendar of More Than 100 Season Finales

Going To Extremes | After seeing the show suffer through multiples stops and starts since its winter hiatus (a problem that a lass named Alice might remedy next TV season), Adam Horowitz says that he and fellow series creator Eddy Kitsis look forward to presenting “an uninterrupted string of episodes where we can really tell a story and
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Comic Book Checklist: April 3rd, 2013

by Brett White

Wednesday is new comic book day, which also means it's new potential-movie-source-material day. Here are all of the comics and collections out today starring the comic book characters from the movies and television shows of today, tomorrow and yesterday.

Of particular note this week has to be the trio of Iron Man collections designed to get new readers up to speed in time for "Iron Man 3" and the start of new stories in "Action Comics," "Indestructible Hulk" and "Thanos Rising."

2013 Movies

("Iron Man 3" "Man of Steel" "The Wolverine" "Kick-Ass 2" "Thor: The Dark World")

» Action Comics #19

Written by Andy Diggle, art by Tony S. Daniel & Batt

» Adventures Of Superman: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez hardcover

Written by Gerry Conway, Martin Pasko, David Michelinie, Len Wein, & Elliot Maggin, art by José Luis García-López & Various

» Iron Man Vol.1: Believe hardcover

Written by Kieron Gillen, art by
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My So-Called Secret Identity #1 Review

Are you tired of how female superheroes dress and behave in mainstream superhero comics? Well, writer Will Brooker and artist Susan Shore have created a comic for you called My So-Called Secret Identity which features as the main character a woman who doesn’t dress in revealing outfits nor act the damsel in distress. Her name is Catherine Abigail Daniels, a PhD candidate living in Gloria City, a thriving metropolis plagued by terrorists and superheroes in equal measure. And if you’re not a hero or villain, you’re “little people”.

If you read this comic without reading any of the publicity, you wouldn’t think this was a superhero comic. There’s an explosion early on in the story where a bomb goes off in a subway but that’s not indicative of superhero comics. Instead, we get the internal monologue of Cat on page 1 mentioning “special powers” apropos
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