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[from trailer]

Margaret White: Help this little girl who's sinned in her days and ways, if she'd made innocent the curse of blood would not be brought upon her...

Carrie White: Mama that's not even in the Bible, it doesn't say that anywhere.

Margaret White: Go to your closet and pray.

Carrie White: No

Margaret White: Pray!

[Margret grabs Carrie by the shoulders,throws her in the closet, and locks the door]

Carrie White: No! Ow! Mama!

Margaret White: You pray little girl, you pray for forgiveness!

Carrie White: NO! MAMA! Let me... LET ME GO! HELP!

[Carrie is banging on the door and then telekineticly makes a crack in the door]

Sue Snell: No! Carrie please don't hurt me.

Carrie White: Why not? I've been hurt my whole life.

[last lines]

Sue Snell: Carrie had some sort of power. But she was just like me... like any of you. She had hopes, she had fears, but we pushed her. And you can only push someone so far before they break.

Margaret White: I don't want you to get hurt.

Carrie White: Or you could be happy for me.

[from trailer]

Carrie White: There are other people out there like me who can do what I can do.

Chris Hargensen: [Sees Carrie standing in the street after the prom] Run her down! Kill her, Billy! Kill her!

Billy Nolan: [Stepping on the gas pedal] I've got this!

Carrie White: Mamma before you say anything else, I've been asked to prom.

[Margret slams the oven door]

Carrie White: Mamma I've been asked to prom.

Margaret White: [lightning roars]

[her head held up to God]

Margaret White: Oh God why?

Carrie White: Its next Saturday and he's a very nice boy, and he'll come in and meet you before and he promised to have me home by 10:30

Margaret White: [Margret shakes her head] No, no, no, no.

Carrie White: I've already excepted.

[Margret is stunned]

Carrie White: I know this scares you, it scares me to. The other kids they- they think I'm weird, but I don't wanna be, I have to try and be a whole person before its to late

Margaret White: [Margret holds Carrie's head in her hands and smiles, Carrie smiles back] He'll hurt you

Carrie White: [Carrie's smile fades, she moves her head out of Margret's hands] No mamma. No mamma ther- there are bad people but not Tommy he's good, you'll like him, hes a very nice boy

Margaret White: Boys, boys, after the blood... comes the boys. Sniffing, slobbering like dogs

Carrie White: Stop it mamma

[Carrie turns and walks from her to the living room]

Margaret White: He's gonna- he's gonna paw at you, until he finds out where that blood smell comes from. He's gonna take you Carrie, in his car, to the wilderness, out where its cold , and the roadhouses are and the whiskey

Carrie White: Stop being so crazy

Margaret White: Yo- you tell that boy your not going

Carrie White: No

[Carrie walks away again but still faces her]

Margaret White: Well move from here, were never gonna stop moving

Carrie White: No mamma

Margaret White: Your gonna go to your closet and your gonna pray, your gonna get in there and your gonna pray for forgiveness


[every object in the living room lifts from the floor]

Margaret White: Ahhh

[Margret falls to her knees along with all the furniture in the living room. Margret looks up at Carrie, there is a long silence]

Carrie White: Mamma stand up

[Margret stares at Carrie]

Carrie White: Momma, STAND UP!

[Carrie lifts up her hand. Margret's entire body rises from the ground, she screams]

Carrie White: Mamma I'm going

Margaret White: Witch

Carrie White: Carrie- I'm not a witch mamma, there are no witches. Margret- The Devils Got her now

Carrie White: Carrie- Its not the devil mamma, there are other people out there like me that can do what I can do. MARGRET- You poor child, don't you know, don't you know he's working through you? CARRIE- Mamma its inherited, it was passed down from grandma and it skipped you, yo- you know that.

[Margret shakes her head in disbelief]

Carrie White: Carrie- Or maybe it came from daddy.

Margaret White: He gave me a cancer, I thought you were cancer

[Carrie shakes her head and flexes, Margret's body is pushed]

Margaret White: CARRIE- Mamma that's awful, don't- don't say that. MARGRET-


Margaret White: she- she's lost by your creator...

Carrie White: Pray all you want mamma, but I'm going. And nothings gonna stop me.

[Carrie drops her hand, Margret falls to her knees, then drops face first to the ground and cry's]

Carrie White: And I don't wanna talk about it anymore.

[from trailer]

Margaret White: You know the devil never dies, keeps coming back. But you gotta keep killing him.

[from trailer]

Carrie White: If I concentrate hard enough I can make things move.

[from trailer]

Margaret White: Brightly beams our father's mercy from his lighthouse evermore, but to us he gives the keeping of the lights along the shore.

Margaret White: [Margret White looks up at Eleanor Snell, she stops cutting herself. ] These are godless times, Mrs. Snell.

Margaret White: I'm gonna have to tell the boy the truth, that your father took me and you were born of sin.

Carrie White: You will say nothing.

Margaret White: [Carrie turns from Margret and makes her way downstairs] And from that sin...

Margaret White: [Carrie is downstairs and Margret's right behind her] From that sin was born another, the worst sin. A man or a woman who is a with, you are to be put to death you are to be stoned...

Carrie White: [Carrie stops and turns to Margret. Carrie FLEXES. Margret's body stops completely] I'm warning you, moma.

Margaret White: The devil's hand.

Carrie White: Please don't do this.

Margaret White: There will be a judgement... Carrie. As Jesabel fell from the tower, you too will...

[Carrie FLEXES. Margret's mouth shuts]

Miss Desjardin: Are you gonna get him a boutonnière, or are you just gonna pin a bloody tampon to his lapel?

[from trailer]

Tommy Ross: The prom is next week, if you don't have a date already maybe you wanna go with me?

Margaret White: You must renounce this power, you must give it up! You must never use it!

Miss Desjardin: [shouting to the girls to get them up] Alright stand up, line up please. You have a big month coming up. Prom and then graduation. Are you excited? Probably all have your dresses, have your dates by now.

Miss Desjardin: [She walks over to Chris]

Miss Desjardin: What about you Chris? Who's the lucky guy?

Chris Hargensen: Billy Nolan. You don't know him, he doesn't go to this school.

Miss Desjardin: Are you gonna get him a boutonniere? Or are you just gonna pin a bloody tampon to his lapel?

Miss Desjardin: I so don't need to hear this.

Chris Hargensen: You're not going anywhere.

Miss Desjardin: [walking towards Sue] What about you, Sue? Are you and Tommy busy campaigning to be prom king and queen? I would have voted for you. Not now.

Chris Hargensen: [to the rest of the girls] You all did a shitty thing. A really shitty thing. And one you had the audacity to post a video. Somebody made a video of it?

Chris Hargensen: This is bullshit!

Miss Desjardin: That's it. Thanks to Miss Hargensen you can run suicides.

[the girls moan]

Chris Hargensen: I'm not doing it.

Miss Desjardin: That's up to you. That's up to all of you, but anyone who stops running, is suspended, and if your suspended... You don't go to prom. While you're running, I'd like you all to think long and hard... about what it would be like to be Carrie White.

Tommy Ross: [after the bucket of blood is dumped on Carrie] What the hell!

Chris Hargensen: [after Carrie accidentally hits Sue Snell in the head in Water Vollyball] You eat shit!

[Marget's car pulls in the White House driveway. Margret and Carrie sit for a moment or two. Margret stare at the house, awhile Carrie looks down]

Margaret White: Lets go inside little girl, *Margret exhales* you need to come inside with me.

Carrie White: Momma why didn't you tell me? I was so scared momma, I thought I was gonna die.

[Margret ignores and and starts getting out of the car]

Carrie White: Momma they laughed at me and they threw at me.

Margaret White: We'll talk about this inside Carrie.

[Margret closes the car door and walks towards the house. Carrie is fed up, momma always does this]

Carrie White: [Carrie gets out of the car] NO!

[Margret stops and turns to Carrie. Carrie's voice gets quieter with each word]

Carrie White: I wanna talk about it right here. I don't- I don't wanna go inside with you.

[Carrie gets back in the car and closes the door while Margret continues into the house. Carrie regrets saying that, she's never said anything like that to momma before. Suddenly a loud bang on the window distracts her]

Neighborhood Kid: Crazy Carrie. Crazy Carrie. *snort*

[the boy rides his bike around the car, Carrie goes from shocked to angry]

Neighborhood Kid: Crazy Carrie. Crazy Carrie.

[the boy is pushed to the ground falling off his bike]

Neighborhood Kid: [Both the boy and Carrie are shocked. The boy quickly gets up and rides away, Carrie watches him, then looks up towards heavenly light above and back down]

[Carrie tumbles down the stairs. She hits her back against the wall, leaving a blood splat and continues to fall down until she lands on the floor]

[Carrie looks up and sees Margret slowly making her way downstairs, her knife in hand. Carrie drags her herself back, away from Momma]

Carrie White: [Broken, you can tell by her voice she is hurt] Momma Please.

Carrie White: No Momma. Momma Please. Mommy. M...

Margaret White: [Soft] Its not your fault Carrie, it's mine...

Margaret White: [Crying] Mommy, this isn't praying.

[shakes her head and continues to drag herself]

Margaret White: ...You know the devil never dies. Keeps coming back, but ya gotta keep killing 'em...

Carrie White: [Almost a Whisper] No Momma.

Margaret White: ...Over and over again.

[She raises the knife. Carrie moves faster]

Carrie White: Momma Please. MOMMA!

[Marget lowers the knife, but she misses and hits the floor. Carrie turns to her stomach and tries to crawl away]

Carrie White: MOMMA NO!

[Carrie's hand hits the knife and knocks it forward]

Carrie White: [Margret grabs Carrie by the legs and pulls her] NO MOMMA! STOP IT!

[Margret has a hard to getting the knife with Carrie not staying still. She finally grabs]

Carrie White: NO! NO MOMMA! NO! NO MOMMA!

Carrie White: [Margret has Carrie's leg in one hand the knife in the other. She cuts Carrie's leg] AHHH!

[Carrie turns on her back. Margret tries to stab Carrie again. She misses her, by an inch and stabs the floor. The knife is stuck in the floor]

Carrie White: NO!

[Margret tries to pull the knife out of the floor. She climbs on top of Carrie]

Carrie White: STOP IT!

[the two girls fight, Carrie tries Margret off her, holding onto the knife. Margret tries to pull out the knife]

Margaret White: AGH!

Carrie White: MOMMA STOP IT!

[Carrie and Margret both pull the knife out, causing Carrie to punch Margret in the face]

Carrie White: UGHH!

[Margret's body sways to the left. She goes back in with the knife, and cuts Carrie's arm]

Carrie White: AHHH!

[Carrie throws her arms up. Margret raises up the knife]

Margaret White: WOHAAA!

[She brings it down right to Carrie. Carrie Flexes. The knife stops it an inch away from her face. Carrie keeps her the hold on the knife]

Margaret White: [Carrie tries to push the knife away. Margret is stronger. Carrie is broken, when turned to the world she was hurt, when she goes back to Momma she is more hurt. Margret brings it down, slowly. It's about to stab Carrie, but she Flexes. Her neck cranes]

Carrie White: UGHHHHHHA!

[Margret's body gets lifted up and stops mid-air]

Carrie White: [Carrie Flexes. EVERY SHARP OBJECT IN THE HOUSE IS FACING MARGRET. Margret is frozen, her eyes wide]

Margaret White: [Whispered] Carrie?

Carrie White: [Whispered] I'm sorry.

Margaret White: CARRIE!

Carrie White: AGHHHH!

[Carrie Flexes. They all impale Margret as she is sent flying backwards to the closet door]

Margaret White: [Some objects impale her chest. She's in pain] AHHHHH!


Margaret White: HUGHH!


Margaret White: UGHHH!


Margaret White: ACH!


Margaret White: UGH!

[MORE IMPALEMENTS NOT SHOWN. Carrie see's all of this, tears roll from her eyes]

Margaret White: Aghhhh-

[Margret is dead]

[Carrie is staring out the window in English class, with her powers she is making the flag flap and shake. A small smile grows on her face]

Mr. Ulmann: Alright, who's next? Uh... Carrie?

[Carrie quickly turns to face her teacher]

Mr. Ulmann: Favorite poem did you bring one?

[a couple of kids laugh]

Carrie White: Yeah.

Mr. Ulmann: Why don't you come to the front of the class and share it with us all?

[Carrie gets up, she makes her way down the rows of students who laugh quietly. When she gets to the front of the room sh faces them, not taking her eyes of her book she reads]

Carrie White: [Quietly and softly over the small laughter] This un- This unfrequented place to find some ease. Ease to the body some, none to the mind. Times past, and wh- What once I was and what am now. Oh wherefore was my birth from Heaven foretold, twice by angel who at last in sight of both my parents, all in flames... Ascended.

[Most kids are amazed and confused at the same time]

Mr. Ulmann: Ok, that was uh- disturbing.

[Kids laugh. Tommy looks up at him angrily. Mr. Ulmann is being a prick]

Mr. Ulmann: This is the most you've said all year. Anything else you wanna add or are you done scaring us for the day?

Tommy Ross: [Slips out] Asshole.

[some kids gasp, they all turn to him]

Mr. Ulmann: Excuse me, Mr. Ross, did you say something?

Tommy Ross: I said awesome. I just thought what Carrie read was awesome didn't you Mr. Ulmann?

[Carrie makes her way towards her desk]

Mr. Ulmann: [Changing the subject] Ok, who's next. Nicki. Ah- I mean Lizzy.

[Carrie sits down. Keeping her head down, she pushes some hair in front of her face. She turns to Tommy. Sue sees her, something clicks in Sue, Sue now knows Carrie likes him]

Sue Snell: [Sue walks in, she sees Carrie and Margret on the floor. She is upset and nervous] Carrie.

[Carrie turns to her]

Sue Snell: Let me help you Carrie.

Carrie White: [Carrie is crying, she looks down at Margret and back to Sue] Why couldn't you leave me alone?

Sue Snell: [Sincerely upset] I'm sorry.

Carrie White: [Carrie looks down at Margret and back at Sue. She Flexes. Upset and gentle] Look what you turned me into.

Sue Snell: [Sue's throat is tight, she's gasping to make words] Don't hurt me Carrie.

Carrie White: [a sadistic smile on her face, she says, gently and in one breath] Why Not?

[the smile slowly fades]

Carrie White: I've been hurt my whole life.

[Carrie releases her grip on Sue's throat. She lifts up Margret and starts to make her way towards Sue. There is rumbling sounds through the house]

Carrie White: [Gentle and Crying] I- I killed my mom. I want her back. I'm- I'm sc- I'm scared.

[She looks at Margret and Sue between lines, and lets out one of those crying chuckles]

Carrie White: [Sue is shocked and upset. This is traumatizing. Rocks start falling through the house, Carrie looks up and then back at Sue. The force is to strong, Carrie falls to her knees. Sue drops to for no reason]

[Sue gets back up. If they stay here longer, they will be dead. She can't just leave Carrie behind, what type of person does that. Carrie is cradling Margret's dead body from the rocks, as Sue runs over to her]

Sue Snell: [Yelling over the noise] We gotta get out of here. Give me your hand. Give me your hand. Come on.

[Carrie's mouth drops, she puts her hand to Sues belly and hears a heartbeat. She didn't know Sue was pregnant, neither did Sue. Carrie smiles]

Carrie White: [Gently and Happy] Its a girl.

Carrie White: [Confused] What?

Carrie White: [Confused and Gentle] You don't know?

Sue Snell: [Shocked] Oh my God!

[Carrie is still upset, she wont leave Momma, but Sue won't leave without her, and if Carrie let that baby die she'd hate herself. Carrie Flexes. Sue rises up from the ground]

Carrie White: [Crying, Upset, and Angry] Get Out! Get out!

[Sue goes flying out the house and gently lands at the end of the front lawn, near the street]

[from trailer]

Chris Hargensen: Wipe that smile off your face.

[from trailer]

Miss Desjardin: If the two of you are planning some kind of joke on a poor, lonely girl...

Chris Hargensen: She is such a freak.

[first lines]

Margaret White: [long bellowing cry from behind the door] Help me!

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Miss Desjardin: [the Ewin High School halls. We hear a bell ring, students and teachers walk through the halls, quiet chit-chat. Ms. Desjardin faces Tommy and Sue as she stands across fro them. She is angry yet she begging for an answer, from the two teens] Come on Sue, you and Chris are best friends if you 2, if you 3 are planning on playing a joke a lonely, defenseless girl...

Sue Snell: This has nothing to do with Chris, or you Ms.Desjardin, and for me-

[Tina Blake passes by them, all three of them notice her. She locks eyes with Sue, giving her the death stare. They know for sure, she WILL tell Chris about this]

Tommy Ross: Listen, due respect, Ms. Desjardin this is between Sue and Me, you know it's kinda like a private thing. A- And what is the big deal anyways, its just for one night, right? Famous athletes, like Tim Tebow, he- he takes kids to prom all the time and everyone loves him for it.

Miss Desjardin: [Ms. Desjardin looks at him, shes still angry and now annoyed, her face says, "are you serious right now? You cant b serious right?"] Really? Your hardly a famous athlete this is a really big deal for her.

Tommy Ross: I- I- I- *exhales deeply* Listen, it doesn't matter. She said no.

[Sue's eyes widen, she didn't know this. She steps up to him and looks into his eyes]

Sue Snell: So you'll try again.

Miss Desjardin: [Not a question] Don't!

Tommy Ross: [giving up to easily] Ok.

Sue Snell: [Sue is begging and pleading, she really wants for him to take her] Its not ok.

Miss Desjardin: Tommy.

[She steps up closer to Tommy]

Miss Desjardin: When you show up to prom with Carrie White on your arm, don't you think you're gonna look the tinniest bit ridiculous?

Sue Snell: [Steps up in front of Tommy] We don't care how we look?

[to Tommy]

Sue Snell: Do we?

Tommy Ross: [the second bell rings] No.

Sue Snell: [Sue grabs Tommy's arm arm and the two begin to walk they don't wanna be late for class] Come on

[They walk right by Ms. Desjardin, she turns to watch them, shes not happy but she can't do anything]

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[Margret unlocks and opens the closet door, she walks in and sees Carrie sleeping on the floor. Margret gets down on her knees and gently pets Carrie's hair. Carrie's wakes up. She leans on her arms, while still on the floor]

Margaret White: Did you finish your prayers little girl?

Carrie White: [Gently and quietly] Yes, momma.

Margaret White: That's my good girl.

[Margret kisses Carrie's check]

Margaret White: [Margret moves the hair behind Carrie to Carrie's right shoulder. Margret braids Carries hair and smiles. Carrie smiles back at her] I love you.

Carrie White: I love you too, momma.

[Margret kisses Carries check again, she continues braiding Carrie's hair]

Carrie White: [after Margret is done the two look at each other and smile]

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[the halls are half empty, students pass by and stare. Carrie throws her book bag over her shoulder and she power walks through the hall, she's upset. Tommy is running after her, he is holing her jacket. He runs up to her a taps her arm]

Tommy Ross: Carri...

Carrie White: [Carrie spins around] Stop just- Please just, stop trying to trick me.

Tommy Ross: No I'm not trying to trick you, I'm not tricking you.

Carrie White: Aren't you with Sue Snell?

Tommy Ross: Yeah, I'm with Sue Snell but she doesn't wanna go.

[Carrie gives him a look, he has to be lying. Tommy holds out Carrie's jacket]

Tommy Ross: I'm sorry.

[Carrie quickly grabs the jacket and runs off. Leaving Tommy all alone. She runs through the crowd of students, as she tries to hold back her leaking tears. The bell rings]

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[Carrie sits on her bed reading one of her Telekinesis books. She closes it, and sees another one from across the room. Carrie Flexes and the book starts to rise and move toward her. She Flexes again, all the books on her bed start to levitate and float around the room. The lights start flickering. Two books collide into each other causing one to fall to the floor. Margret hears this from downstairs]

Margaret White: [Margret looks up, worried and confused] Carrie?

[Carrie lifts her entire bed off the floor. Margret grabs a knife form the sink, she makes her way up the stairs]

Margaret White: Carrie?

[Margret grabs the doorknob and tries to open it, but it won't give in]

Margaret White: [Carrie gasps, she drops the bed and books. Margret finally gets the door open. All the lights are off and Carrie's lying down. Margret looks around the room then back at Carrie. She gently places the knife down on the night stand, and puts a blanket over her daughter. Carrie pretends o be asleep]

Margaret White: [Whispered] I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you little girl.

[Margret lays down next to Carrie]

Margaret White: Your safe here with me.

[Carrie has her eyes wide open. She flexes her open palm close and the knife Margret placed on the night stand falls straight to the floor, stabbing it. Margret flinches, then lies down. Carrie smiles]

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[Billy's car is driving above speed limit, pulls up in front of Chris' house. The three get out. Chris and Tina are laughing]

Chris Hargensen: And that, ladies and gentlemen is why he lost his license.

Tina: And why he's still driving.

Billy Nolan: Don't need a license, if they cant catch me.

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[from trailer]

Carrie White: I've been asked to prom.

[from trailer]

Miss Desjardin: Carrie what's wrong?

[from trailer]

Margaret White: I'll pick you up after school

[kisses Carrie's cheek]

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