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Season 1

14 Apr. 2011
La Bambina
Kinji's racing death trying to keep a bomb on his bike from blowing when a hot-headed girl with major combat skills dives in to save him and unwittingly fingers the trigger on his secret "Hysteria Mode".
21 Apr. 2011
Aria the Quadra
Aria tries to strong-arm Kinji into teaming up with her--by threatening to live in his room until he complies! When he fails to shake her, the two end up on a cat caper. Later, Kinji decides to investigate the transfer student's background.
28 Apr. 2011
First Mission
Aria shows her cute side when she follows Kinji to the arcade after school. Later, when a bus full of Butei High students is hijacked, Aria calls on Kinji to team up with her to save their classmates.
5 May 2011
Butei Killer
Kinji trails Aria through town to the police station where he learns why she's so desperate for a partner. When he finds out she's flying back to London, Kinji realizes she could be the Butei killer's next target!
12 May 2011
Butei Charter, Section 1
Aboard a quickly descending jetliner, Kinji corners the Butei killer, who makes an explosive escape--but not before inviting him to a secret organization. As Kinji and Aria try to land the plane safely, they get some unexpected help--and interference.
19 May 2011
The Shrine Maiden of Hotogi
When a kidnapper after supernatural mercenaries targets Kinji's obsessive friend, Aria volunteers to guard her 24/7. Roped in as a second bodyguard, Kinji gets caught in the middle of a constant cat-fight!
26 May 2011
Caged Bird
Kinji's nerves are shot over the all-out war between Shirayuki and her pint-sized protector, so he takes the job into his own hands. But after a night of fireworks, the shrine maiden gives him the slip!
2 Jun. 2011
The elusive kidnapper makes a move, luring Shirayuki and her guards into a water trap! Lip-locking helps Kinji with his lock-picking and the three mercenaries tag-team an ice queen in a frigid face-off.
9 Jun. 2011
Honey Trap
A lethal temptress returns to Butei High to recruit Kinji for a mission in exchange for information on his brother. Bribes, schemes and a shrine maiden's dreams are exposed as a naughty loli attempts to pull Kinji's trigger.
16 Jun. 2011
Special Training
After reluctantly agreeing to help her sworn enemy, Aria struggles with the frills of Riko's undercover training. Later, Kinji's surprise session has him sweating bullets in a hot closet.
23 Jun. 2011
Aria continues her training as a maid with Riko. Later, Kinji and Aria meet up with Riko who has disguised herself as an agent of an employment agency and leads the two to the mansion. To their surprise, they find that the mansion is under the care of their teacher, Toru Sayonaki. Over the course of the following two weeks, the two of them discover the rosary's location as well as the details of the security system that guards it. After discussing options with Riko, they execute their plan. Aria is able to distract Sayonaki long enough for Kinji to retrieve the rosary...
30 Jun. 2011
Riko gets her rosary back but things get hairy when Vlad of Innumerable Sins bursts onto the scene. When the trio is down to one bullet left in each gun, they'll have to trust Kinji's hunch to bring the beast down.
21 Dec. 2011
OVA: Butei's Going on a Hot Spring Training Camp
Ms. Tsuzuri takes her students to a hot spring in order to undergo Butei training. She tells them that their training starts the next day; however, strange things start happening on their way back to their rooms after enjoying the hot spring bath.

 Season 1 

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