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I'll Never Play Any Post-Heroes Sonic Games
henryhuggledragster7 November 2016
Tails used to be to voiced by young boys. In fact, boys did his voice from Sonic Adventure to Sonic Heroes. In Sonic Heroes, Tails' actor, William Corkery, was only 8 or 9, and could have had a long career being that fox. But after being on the job for only two years, Corkery was dismissed. From there, old sluts took over doing the little fox's voice to this day, and it seemed that Sega would never use a boy again. As a Tails fan, I find this obscene and depressing, knowing that Sega is disregarding the fact that Tails is a boy fox. I can imagine a lot young lads who thought of doing Tails' words but have been denied because of Sega's absurdity.

Yes, this game is cute and colorful as any Sonic video game. But with the disgustingness Sega continues to do to no end, I'll never play Sonic Generations or any subsequent Sonic game for as long as I live. Thank you Sega for ruining Tails.
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Generations Lost.
Shawn Watson3 January 2012
Sonic the Hedgehog and disappointment go hand in hand these days. Anyone who played the abysmal Sonic 4 when released in late 2010 will know what I mean. No matter how many times they crank out another Sonic game Sega just don't seem to learn what makes the game great and what makes the game bad. This self-congratulatory 20th-Anniversary pastiche of his so-called 'best bits' transports across all of Sonic's strengths and, unfortunately, all of his crippling weaknesses.

The story has Robotnik/Eggman ravage Sonic's world with a time vortex, leaving him stuck in a Limbo that only high speeds through various levels can repair. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Sonic just does NOT belong in a 3D world. His best stuff is 2D. Sega have had many chances at getting the 3D presentation right but they just don't get it. It's incredibly difficult to keep control of Sonic, as a weird inertia pulls him in directions you don't want him to go, and if you get the timing wrong just once you'll pretty much have to quit the level and start over as you're always being judged on speed; something that this game consistently prevents you from achieving. Even with the 2D sections in this game they don't seem to understand that hurtling the character down a declination at a furious speed, the screen unable to keep up with him, only to hit an unforeseeable dead end, is ABSOLUTELY INFURIATING!

My biggest complaint is one which ALL Sonic fans will be familiar with. The one where Sonic is on an ever-so-slight inclination but just cannot get up it because he needs to build up speed. This character, this hedgehog, is sold on speed. GIVE US SPEED! Stop giving us dead ends and cement shoes! What don't they understand? And can anybody, anybody at all, explain to me the purpose in giving us tokens that knock 5 seconds off the counter when it takes about 10 seconds to reach and collect said token? Is it no more than a sick joke at our expense.

Graphically, the game is very intense, and it may take a while for you to get used to it. The soundtrack is, as usual, absolutely brilliant and features many unlockable classics from Sonic's history, but I think they really missed a trick by not including the Lava Reef Zone theme (undoubtedly the best Sonic tune), Bridge Zone, or even a new version of 'A New Venture' from Sonic Rush Adventure. The games they chose to pay homage to are a curious assortment too. I expect reincarnations of stages from Sonic 1, Sonic 2, and Sonic & Knuckles but why give us re-hashed levels from the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Unleashed - games that were universally hated and practically disowned by Sega. They should be ashamed of those titles, not referencing them. The Sonic Advance games were far better, as was Sonic Rush. Why were they not remade instead?

The game also features 50 trophies, but there's no way I'm going for the Platinum, I've got better things to do with my time than play the same levels over and over and over and over. I got to 52% and I'm happy with that.

Sonic Adventure DX, despite it's flaws, was a better game, which is quite sad as it's 12 years older than Generations. I really wish Sega would initiate stricter quality control with their mascot. The one thing that brings Sonic down again and again is the controls (and frequent agonizing slowness).


Lots of sunshine, blue skies. Brilliant soundtrack by Jun Senoue.


Unresponsive, sluggish controls. Lots of slow sections.

Graphics A Sound A Gameplay C Lasting Appeal C
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A Good Game But With Some Serious Flaws
arorashadow_20034 November 2011
Generations is a really decent game but suffers some very serious drawbacks that frustrates more then pleases. But first on the good end of things. For the PS3 the graphics are all created in stunning HD. The landscapes and levels are wonderfully crafted both in graphics and in other details like sound. The game is a wonderful nostalgia trip for old time Sonic players with some level call backs that can be played both as the modern version and classic version of Sonic. The music is all remixed to fit the mood of the old level depending on what character you play. The story is fun but surprisingly simple, though not too surprising after a series of over the top and mediocre story lines.

The game features a lot of unlockables such as old music and artwork and even a playable Sonic 1 game.

Unfortunately the game has seriously heavy drawbacks which keep me from going higher in my score, which is a shame because I honestly thought this would be the best Sonic game of all time.

The games physics are okay however they are choppy and a bit on the stiff side.. Suffering some of the same lag and drawbacks as Sonic 4 and taking away some abilities gained in previous titles that would be more than handy. Getting stuck on walls while homing, not climbing loops, unable to clear small gaps and an unstable control that prevents you running in a straight line. Sonic can barely jump more than 3 feet high which requires precision accuracy when platforming and believe me, you will be doing a lot of it.

The game seems to want you to rely on near cat like reflexes to navigate tight corners at high speed not fall to your death in an endless parade of instant death bottomless pits and manage to make it to the goal in one piece. Too often the camera gets stuck on one of these corners and you loose all track of where you are.

Some of the stages are just downright ridiculous, Shadow's boss fight requires you to navigate a large plane while spamming the boost button to collect power ups to defeat him rather than a typical run and hit boss like a majority of the other rival bosses such as Silver, Metal Sonic and Eggman boss, and with the so-so hit detection it's very difficult to fight the Egg Dragoon which requires precision use of the homing attack.

The Final Boss is just undeniably cruel as it lacks any adequate instruction to defeat it and lacks an adequate supply of rings to maintain super form. It's understandable a Final Boss would be difficult but this is simply too difficult as navigating a large 3D Environment while trying to maintain a ring count and dodge debris is simply too much.

For those of us who per-ordered we'll be very disappointed to find the unlockable Casino Night Zone is nothing more than a trumped up minigame of Pinball that you could play on your PC. I'd say it wasn't worth the extra $5, which leads to the final problem is this game is simply too short. A great 20th Anniversary edition title with remakes of old classic levels is ridiculously short. Excluding boss levels the game has only nine stages only three from the classic Genesis games, two from the DreamCast/Game Cube days, one from the ill conceived disaster Sonic 2006, one stage from Sonic Unleashed, and one from last years Sonic Colors.

The one thing that adds to extended play time is a lot of pointless minigames but not an extra bundle of classic levels or a more expansive storyline to show off the new cast. Such a short game hardly justifies a $50 cost and only makes me think Sega is taking us for a bunch of suckers who will buy anything with the name Sonic the Hedgehog on it. For the record the 3DS version has fewer levels most of them exclusive to that. Topping the flaws off players will notice a jerky frame rate from time to time.

Painful as it is to nitpick I still felt this game could have been so much more. Sonic Colors was enjoyable with a lot of speed and a modest amount of platforming and even a fun gimmick. This game has a lot of platforming and not enough speed and an unstable control scheme. The game is certainly worth a play but it isn't worth $50. Those anxious to play will find it fun, and I did find it fun but I also found it very frustrating Earns a 6.5. The game deserved a bit more for the cost.
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Everything I want in a 3D sonic game for the most part.
This game is just amazing. It has great level designs, great, exhilarating gameplay, great soundtracks, decent bosses, and a more original story than other sonic games. This game just seems to correct most of the mistakes from previous sonic games, which is great. The fact that you are able to play as both classic and modern Sonic is great, as it adds a lot more variety to this game. The overall gameplay is great for both classic and modern sonic, as it works perfectly for each of them, which makes it fun all around. The level design and soundtrack is nothing short of incredible, as they not only have elements from previous games, but they also implemented the other version of sonic with them as well so every experience is fresh and fun, as well as nostalgic. The bosses are great for the most part. Some of them require you to do the same thing over and over, which can be a bit repetive, but when they're great, they're great. The story in this game is surprisingly pretty good, as it sort of waters down the whole "Stop the villain and win" cliche and adds a lot more flare and originality to it, by making it more about time travel and being in limbo, while still trying to stop the one who put Sonic in limbo to begin with. And it's not Eggman for once. So I am very glad to see a less predictive story in a sonic game. Overall, the only issue I have with this game is that some of the cutscenes and voice acting can seem a bit kiddy at times, but besides that, this just may be the best 3D sonic game I've played so far, as it is everything I want in a 3D sonic game for the most part.
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This game is epic!!!
Pjtaylor-96-13804430 March 2012
After the disappointing sonic games on this gens consoles, it's nice to see a game that stays true to the original sonic games. The 2D sections of this game are almost exactly the same as the original sections. The 3D parts are also great! Each stage is a recreation of a stage on a previous sonic games, whether it's sonic heroes or sonic unleashed, they all play great.The boss enemies are epic too. You'll be surprised at how many characters from the sonic series are in this game! Alsong with the main story, there are lots of challenges and an online mode.Playing this game almost makes me want to play sonic unleashed... almost. Saga couldn't have done a better job on bringing the series back to life, and I hope that the future sonic games will be like this one.
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Best Video Game EVER!!!!
Jason_VoorheesIMDb29 August 2013
Sonic Generations is a breath of fresh air. Not only the best Sonic game in my opinion but also the best video game in history. With the game being hard that's a good thing. It's a challenge and challenge equals good depending on how the challenge is done. If the challenge is in the game that's good, if the challenge is in the controls that's bad. But thankfully Sonic Generations challenge is in the game. True it can be hard trying to figure out where to go but that makes it more challenging and better, giving you more room to explore. And the story is great with the appearance of multiple time holes, giving us a classic and epic time travel game. Even the boss battles are great. Metal Sonic, Shadow the Hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog, Awesome. But the fact of there are only being three boss battles I do hate. Anyway, Sonic Generations gives great gameplay, great graphics, great story, and great challenge. In quote of what the back cover says: Old meets New and worlds collide. Also a Blast to the Past. But what the hey, give this game a try and see what you have been missing. Thanks for reading!
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