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It's the Bucket List of baby-making.
Matthew Gannon6 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
20-something Jonah (played by Ryan Kwanten) is a self-described "f$%*stick". Stevie (played by Sarah Snook who is being described by several critics as Australia's answer to Emma Stone) is the cynical best friend while Gus (Ryan Corr) is the clueless other best friend.

Jonah discovers a lump in his nether regions during sex and after a visit to the doctor, is told that he has testicular cancer. Treatment for which will leave him infertile. This turns his whole carefree, in the moment, partying world upside down and leaves him considering whether he really wants a baby or not. The catch is he only has a matter of weeks before the operation.

Feeling like his future has been snatched from him, he goes through his list of ex's and humorously tries to convince them to be the mother of his unborn child. Stevie and Gus are both supportive but concerned about the lengths that Jonah is going to in his insane quest over this newfound dream of being a father. Covering some truths of conceiving and cancer, this film doesn't stray too far from the beaten track. There are moments of great and awkward comedy, especially played out by Gus who seems to forever linger a bit too much while not having a clue what's happening around him.

The success lies in the chemistry between the friends, mainly Jonah and Stevie. Stevie thrives in this with the moments between her and Jonah feeling natural and real, rather than a forced progression in the story.

The dialogue is unassuming but still effective and Sarah Snook and Ryan Kwanten show the complexities of each seemingly simple moment.

Fun fact: Sarah Snook was one of a handful of finalists to play Lisbeth Salander in the 2011 Girl with a Dragon Tattoo.

Despite how basic this movie may sound, it's definitely worth the watch as you travel with the main characters discovering themselves.
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He never wanted to have kids until life kicked him in where it counts.
luke-eberhardt14 August 2012
I enjoy a good romantic comedy once on a while.

The Australian film industry hasn't done much to make a genuine, funny or exceptional film in the genre, example, "I Love You Too" and "Any Questions For Ben".

But hearing good things about this film drew me to it, and as a romantic comedy or not it works. Its the third film Ryan Kwantan has made in Australia for three years now (after Red Hill and Griff The Invisible). Its the debut feature for Oscar nominated director Peter Templeman.

The Story is about a playboy; Jonah(Ryan Kwantan) who finds out on unusual circumstances that he has testicular cancer, This means he's unable to father children properly after surgery. So when his sperm sample fails to freeze he decides he quickly needs to have a child in 4 weeks before he can have surgery.

Kwantan will always seem to entertain me on any level throughout his career. But I must mention actress Sarah Snook really steals the show here proving she's someone to have a high profile in the future. The film is actually really funny and charming and will be able to beat any Rom Com I'll see for a while. The rest of the cast is really good along with the character development and smart script. Its one film I do highly recommend people to see, You'll get what you want!

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A different romantic comedy - a love affair with balls.
'Not Suitable For Children' is not what you expect but it's what you need to see. Filmed in a party atmosphere of young abandon, a serious question is treated with life-affirming humor and served up on a plate of romance by two very good friends. Michael Lucas writes what he knows by taking a taboo subject and treating it with a fresh and compassionate honesty, rooted in the hedonistic universe of youth. His script shines with experience, knowledge and unlike many Aussie scripts was obviously given time to stew until it developed the perfect flavor. Under Peter Templeton direction the film feels very contemporary - Young Australia without a single koala - full of life as they know it in a Sydney polished with affection. The affection is what struck this writer. The director made smart, funny, caring, gutsy, real and tender choices which hit their mark, every time. Each of the cast carry their weight perfectly, especially Ryan Kwanten, Sarah Snook and Ryan Corr. Their total commitment to and trust in their director and writer was obvious and much appreciated although it looks like they're just having a party - perhaps they were.
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Definitely worth it!
Shivam Sharma2 November 2012
I basically liked the story. Short and very precise. Gistful with some wonderfully enacted 'awkward moments'. Entertaining as a whole. Not to forget the sensual scenes. The movie starts with a party, and then another party, and then another. I mean what better job than arranging parties and enjoying them. The female lead acted very well. She looked gorgeous too. The best part is that it's not some American cooked up XX movie with prom night( or stuff like that ) rather it has a story and delivers the message very profoundly. Somewhat on the same lines is an Bollywood movie named 'Vicky Donor'. It is great too; just in Hindi language. Go for it. Definitely not for children. Not for geeks (Dhiraj) as well. Enjoy
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If this film attracts audiences like it should it will speak to the young adult generation as profoundly as modern films like Garden State (2004) have
Likes_Ninjas905 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Jonah (Ryan Kwanten) lives with his housemates Gus (Ryan Corr) and Stevie (Sarah Snook) and enjoys hosting parties. One night Jonah discovers something is wrong with his body and is taken to hospital. He is told that he has testicular cancer. He only has a limited amount of time before he will be operated on and won't be able to conceive children. Driven into a panic because of the uncertainty of his future, he attempts to call up as many of his exes as possible to see if they will conceive a child with him. Both his housemates are gradually drawn into this mess as they try and warn people about Jonah's mindset. Stevie is roped in the deepest as she reluctantly has to ask someone at work if they will be able to help Jonah.

Not Suitable For Children, a delightful Australian film, is miles away from the local comedies produced in the early noughties. The earliest part of the decade was a major setback for Australian cinema, as the numerous comedies produced were idiotic and unfunny. Last year Red Dog was released and people went in droves to watch a film that was clever, funny and accessible. This film deserves the same response. It is one of the most entertaining local films I have seen in several seasons. There's utter professionalism about director Peter Templeman's work here. Photographed around Newtown in all her glory, the film is shot with utter clarity and precision. There's such detail and verisimilitude in the photography that we recognise this as a world that is familiar and continually vibrant. Thematically, that's important because it shows how the world is perpetual, refusing to slow for the characters in the story. This energised world is most evident in an early party scene, where Jonah moves aimlessly between people, connectionless. This also feeds into the idea of the uncertainty of adult life as you solely drift between stages, with no one waiting for you on either side. This concept of belated maturity rests steadily on an original premise and a pitch perfect understanding of comedy. The film might be about testicular cancer but the brand of comedy is low-key, observational and subtly drawn. The script and performances opt not for the cheap laughs or gross-out gags but to provide the audience with enough time and space to think for themselves.

Take a scene where Jonah and Stevie talk to a lesbian couple about conceiving a baby. One of the women is attractive to Jonah, the other is clearly not. Listen to how loaded Jonah's dialogue is when he asks which one will be carrying the baby. We have a situation grounded in reality, as all good comedy should be, and what Jonah says is the punch line. The straight-faced comedy is further complimented by Stevie's confused facial expressions, making it a hysterical scene. The humour is masterfully controlled and I enjoyed the film a lot for that reason and laughed aplenty. Adding sophistication and humanity to the rest of the film are the performances. Kwanten is in fine touch as the dopey and spaced-out Jonah and Ryan Corr (Coby from Packed to the Rafters) provides wonderful moments of pure comic timing. Yet Sarah Snook as Stevie (who looks not unlike Emma Stone) gives a star-making performance, bringing genuine feeling and plausible motivations to the narrative. She's caught between her work life and a friend in need, meaning that there's a frustrating inseparability between those once neatly divided identities. If there is some degree of predictability about the narrative and the relationships, it doesn't matter because there's tension and humour that makes it feel involving and anew again. I think if this film attracts audiences like it should it will speak to the young adult generation as profoundly as modern films like Garden State (2004) have.
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euroGary27 August 2013
'Not Suitable for Children' is about an amiable slacker who discovers he has testicular cancer (it's a comedy, in case that's not obvious) and will be infertile in a matter of weeks. He sets about trying to convince his many former sexual partners to have a baby with him. None of them agree - presumably they don't want a baby by someone who possesses such a questionable taste in hats - but meanwhile, his best friend decides, after holding a baby - just once - that she would like to be a mother. I don't think either of them would be very good parents! Ryan Kwanten is appealing as the slacker; Sarah Snook, playing his best friend, looks very much like Australia's then-Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. It certainly won't tax the viewer's little grey cells (so that'll be the audience and the scriptwriter, then), but it's an amusing and entertaining film.
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The perfect little date flick!!!
jaxbubba20 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This has to be my Netflix Pick-of-the-Week!!! A very small, independent, Australian romantic comedy featuring a very young, not yet bulked-up Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) as Jonah. Jonah and his best mate Gus are young entrepreneurs, who have tapped into the grunge party planner/ party throwing market in which tons of 20-something party goers show up to every week to Jonah's house, pay a fee, and get wasted. One evening during an event, as Jonah is getting some oral satisfaction, his female companion notices an unusual lump on his nether region. After going to the doctors, Jonah is diagnosed with testicular cancer. The doctor prescribes immediate surgery to remove his testicle; however, Jonah's sperm cannot survive the cryogenic freezing process. So Jonah has less than three (3) weeks to find a suitable mate who is willing to sire his offspring, or risk never having children.

Ryan Kwanten is the perfect actor for this role of Jonah. Much like his character is in "True Blood", Ryan (Jonah) is shallow, self-obsessed, non-committal, immature, has nothing going for him except his looks. After approaching all of his exes to carry his spawn (child), and failing miserably. All of Jonah hopes end up resting in the hands of one of his housemates, Ava (played wonderfully by Bojana Novakovic). Ava convinces Jonah of trying some alternative routes, which include providing sperm to a lesbian couple, and seeking a relationship/contract with an "older" more mature clientele.

The on-screen charisma between Kwanten and Navakovic works wonderfully, while director Peter Templeton does a wonderful job adding lots of turns and twists into this really well written little rom-com. I actually really enjoyed this film; and highly recommend it for viewing. Please be advise there are some really intense sexual scenes in this film, that may not be appropriate for younger viewer (much in the line of Ryan Kwanten body of work in "True Blood"). However, the film would make the perfect Friday Night Date Flick…. So enjoy!!! See more of my Movie Reviews on FB at "THE FARIS REEL"
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How would you react if faced with only weeks to map out your life?
Melinda Durham25 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed the movie; I think it provided an honest look at someone in their early 20's living life, thinking they have an eternity ahead of them to do whatever they want and as such they spend their current life having parties, drinking, doing drugs (which I don't condone) and just "exploring" life.

When Jonah (the male lead) is given the devastating news about not being able to have children after his chemo treatment, he literally finds out that he has just a few weeks to plan for his future. I can relate to this situation and I think a lot of people can. I am a single mother of a 17 year old and am only 37 years old and am at the crossroads where my son will be out of the house potentially in a year and I have only a few years left to decide if I would want to do it all over again. We only get so much time in this life whether it's only a few weeks or 20 years when we're healthy and young enough to have children and there is always that nagging feeling that if we wait or don't have kids, we'll regret it when it's no longer an option.

The awkwardness between Jonah and Stevie (Female lead) during the initial sex scene was very believable and I appreciated watching their comfort level change and grow into something more intimate. Not very movies make me want to watch them again and again, but I gave this one a 10 because I honestly would watch it again and again.
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This film from Down Under is Under Par.
Rich Wright30 July 2013
An artificial contrivance is a manufactured problem, one that wouldn't even occur if everyone just sat round a table and had a good old-fashioned chinwag. Ever heard of it? The makers of this film certainly have. They also seem to have mastered the hugely original plot formulas of such as Falling In Love With Your Best Friend and The Girl You Adore Walking In On You With Someone Else And Getting The Wrong Idea. Smart guys, those writers.

Maybe it's because I can't see the appeal of those bug-eyed little bed-wetters, but I couldn't understand the point of this film. The main couple were cute, and it rumbles along quite nicely, but aside from the predictable to a tee developments, who could make a decision like having a child in just a few short weeks? Certainly not the irresponsible, party animal main character, and DEFINITELY not his mate-soon-to-be-shagging-partner, who is staunchly against the whole idea... Until she sees a few bald ankle-biters in her lobby. Yup.

Basically I don't have much time for films I feel weren't made with much care and intelligence. This is one of them. That's it. 5/10
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Unbelievable, annoying and thin
henrik-17919 December 2012
Please, what's up with the good votes here? I agree that it's nice to upvote movies from smaller countries for the variety and attention but honesty gets us way further.

This movie is just a stupidly written, badly acted, dull and very annoying piece of wannabe comedy. I tried really to watch it with an open heart but too many things put me off.

The main thin is that you can't really relate to or even feel with the story (COME ON, a guy suddenly wants a kid just like that with anybody because he has to. ANYBODY!).

We really tried to watch the whole movie. Trust me, it's not going to be painless.
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