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Unexpectedly awesome
Freddy Meyer12 January 2013
I first watched this show because I had a little spare time while it was on. And I didn't stop from then on.

Jackson Galaxy may not look the part at first, but he has it all down. You get the feeling he genuinely wants to help the cats and people he works with first and making a show second - and he succeeds at both.

Apart from getting that fuzzy feeling when he settles disputes between any number of four legged and two legged roommates, a lot of his tips have helped me understand my cats better even if they never misbehaved.

I would definitely recommend this show for everyone who has cats to watch, but everyone else may wish to tune in too to learn a bit about those animals we like to surround ourselves with.
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Terrific understanding of Cats, and Human Relationships
pclock-batnet18 August 2012
Jason's got it down: owning a pet's little different than raising children, people gotta take responsibility, adjust and do what's necessary for a healthy and productive member of the family!

Don't try it all on your own, bring over a Jason, friend, family, whomever to help out occasionally, or get a second opinion.

I watch his shows regularly, I have 4 cats, live with my brother, raising a teen, look for tips to improve our routine together.

Jason's the best! No surprise he's worked years in animal shelters, clearly he understands CAT fundamentals, that living with a cat, or any animal for that matter, means working with their needs and instincts, and accommodating them to their environment. That means cat hair in the house, along with their love and affection.
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Jackson Galaxy is the real deal
jmw-947-17831910 May 2015
I say Jackson Galaxy is the real deal because he won me over. I was HIGHLY skeptical of this show before first watching some time ago. Then my wife and I brought home our first kitten, and were lost with his unusual behaviors. We wanted to love and care for this new household member but didn't know how. Then we saw this show... Jackson Galaxy and his quirky program My Cat From Hell helped us immensely. Even though our kitten wasn't a "cat from hell", Jackson answered many questions for us, both through the show, and his website. We are very, very grateful for that, and as a result, we have a well-adjusted cool cat roaming the rooms of our house! He's definitely NOT a Cat From Hell!
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Seriously .. what do we really know about cats?
A_Different_Drummer13 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The controversial writer Lobsang Rampa (about 400K google hits) claimed to be in telepathic communication with his cat, and allowed the cat to write an entire book in that manner. Not making this up. If you go to the virtual Smithsonian, the Dog and Cat sections, you will see skeletons of man and dog/wolf going back into farthest reaches of time but, generally, cats just "appeared" in ancient Egypt (a place about which we know next to nothing, the so-called "science" of Egyptology notwithstanding) as a QUOTE "gift from the Gods" UNQUOTE where they were in fact worshipped for a time. Tombs of carefully mummified cats have been found, a far cry from the euthanasia treatment of today. (Which explains why cats have become cynical about humans over the millenia). And in the film ALWAYS, directed by Spielberg, there is a scene where the only one in the room who can clearly see "the ghost" (played by Richard Dreyfuss) is, ta-duh, the cat. I mention all this simply to point out that, just because cat-lovers are portrayed in the media as crazy, does not mean there is not something here to be crazy about in the first place. Which brings us to this show, which pretty much hits every "hot button" a reality show can possibly aim for. The star is a sort of a lone gunslinger with a "secret identity" -- cat whisperer by day, jazzman by night. To contact him, you don't have to shine a searchlight into the clouds of a giant cat -- but you do have to send a video, and even then there is no guarantee he will take your "case." His human clients all have one interesting thing in common -- they are ready and willing to throw their human partner under the bus if it means maintaining their bizarre relationship with Fluffy. Even if (in most cases) Fluffy has turned their entire home into a combination litter box and scratching post; has sent one or both of them to the hospital, on various occasions, for stitches and cat-scratch fever; and Fluffy's idea of a roaring good time is attacking his owners when they try to take a potty break in the middle of the night. All this is great TV, especially since, if you were to actually break down onto a spreadsheet the actual "techniques" that Jackson uses, I think there are really only 4 or 5 in all. ("Catify" the home, stop acting like prey, play with Fluffy every day until he is so exhausted he passes out on the rug; check with the vet to see if the cat needs to be medicated; neuter him if you have not already done so, and SHAME ON YOU anyway; and there was one more, but I forgot it.) Bottom line, I like cats so much that I can watch this show for hours much the same way a cat can watch a video of birds. I realize that is not the most overpowering endorsement for a show, but it is 100% sincere, and the producers have taken this as far as they can.
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I LOVE IT. .. LOL cats are so funny!!!
shellwake29 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Hahaha..! I LOVE it!! The only thing that these kitties have in common is that it is impossible to force them to do anything they don't trust! Fortunately, that makes for great t.v. Each cat needs a different fix.

Here comes the spoiler.

The personalities are the best part but some of the solutions are pretty funny too. The random activities, places and things that are highly valued by some of the cats kill me.

Mad Max repeatedly escapes "Max Penitentiary" the owners built to keep him in to beat up the neighbor's cats. Other's fight over a place on the bed. There are cats that need to be walked on a leash, a cat that needs to run in a hamster wheel, a cat that will only calm down when it hears opera music, a cat that enjoys cuddling with a mini fridge. A Happy-go- lucky cat that always gets into things or in the way, a cat that needs to be included in the owner's Pilates studio at home.

THIS is why people watch cat videos on the Internet,
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Jackson Galaxy is the Cat Daddy!
catnap22229 April 2017
In my 46 years I've been guardian to 16 cats and foster to 6 cats. I've lived with 8 roommates who, with the exception of 3, had no cat Mojo. Cats can exhibit dog-like behaviors, but they're relationship with humans is completely different, but just as much rewarding as a human's relationship with a dog. Some people are more inclined to living with one species over the other, and some people are "bi-petual". I am the latter. Interaction with any domesticated animal is conditional on the energy you bring to the situation, as well as being attuned to the animal's body language. Jackson teaches that lesson with exceptional insight, which comes from years of experience and observation. He repairs both human, as well as cat relationships with frankness, tools for cat enrichment and patience. He is one of the most visible, vocal and compassionate ambassadors for the most misunderstood and maligned pets. Every episode is a building block to advance to the next. He started in 2011 with basic problems and has progressed to more complicated ones, tackling issues such as TNR (Trap Neuter Release of feral colonies), making over shelters and rescues, featuring cat cafes that offer interactions with cats saved from kill shelters and featuring how loving cats with special needs are just as important as those without. He has given incredibly generous gifts to help guardians give their cats better and safer lives. Everyone who lives with a cat or cats can learn something from each episode of _"My Cat from Hell" (2011)_ (qv).
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