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Season 1

23 Oct. 2004
Episode #1.1
On Saturday, Linus and his friends get some pocket money to buy sweets. But they realize Åsa's pet duck Biceps needs something special too. Because they cannot afford to buy fish, Marvin and the kids decide to go fishing. Marvin promises to look after the kids, but instead gets them into trouble.
Episode #1.2
Linus and his friends are playing soccer. They meet the village bully Børre, who is trying to steal sweets from Biggen's shop. Åsa, Biggen's daughter, gets angry with Børre and beats him. Then suddenly, Biceps, Åsa's pet duck, is missing. Marvin advises them to spy on all villagers to find the culprit.
Episode #1.3
Akaya feels all potted plants are unhappy and should be freed by taking them back to nature. Outside, the kids see a stray sheep and wonder where it has come from. They decide to keep it as a pet, but that turns out to be far from easy.
Episode #1.4
Linus and his friends are having running races. Marvin feels they should run for prizes, but his advice is far from impartial. Biggen remembers Marvin and he used to make bets all the time when they were young, so proposes a long hiking trip to a notable hill to give the kids a second chance.
Episode #1.5
The village kids of Svingen are playing a soccer match. But Børre keeps bullying Nure and sabotages the match. They really need to win the next match to win the championship, but then Biggen, their coach, has a serious accident. Marvin thinks he can easily replace him, but the children start to doubt his competence.
Episode #1.6
Kartini and Tor are getting married, and Linus and his friends are invited to the wedding. It turns out that Børre and his mother are also invited, while he is still bullying Linus and his friends, stealing Nure's new Frisbee. Akaya feels they should treat Børre with more respect, and try to make up with their foe.

 Season 1 

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