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This is more “Something Mild” than “Something Wild.” But Firth and Blunt handle their characters' many revelations with care and play with layers of hurt and disappointment with great sympathy and pathos.
[A] sweet, semi-romantic road trip.
The way Firth embodies the character, with a robot stare and a flat affect that expresses each thought as a kind of minimalist hologram of emotion, he's playing a cipher who pretends to be a different cipher. How indie-ironic!
Throughout Dante Ariola's film, the expressions of the false-identity theme are multitudinous, and about as subtle as the Colin Firth character's choice for a new last name.
First-time feature director Dante Ariola (working from a script by Becky Johnson) has a good feel for these characters and keeps things moving along at a brisk pace.
Much as I enjoy the actors I didn't buy a word or frame of Arthur Newman.
Arthur Newman is an old story and chronically, consistently uninvolving.
The closest most people will get to that state of existential freedom is watching actors in a movie about it, and the pleasure usually comes with a price - a reminder that identity, though arbitrary, is also inescapable. In movies like Dante Ariola's debut feature, Arthur Newman, so, too, are the cliches and platitudes.
Two lost souls on the highway of life - that's what a well-acted but benign little trifle called Arthur Newman is about.
In the real world or a realer movie, the deceitful Arthur and the larcenous Mike would eventually get in big trouble. Yet this road movie is headed not toward serious consequences, but toward docile acceptance. In spirit, it turns out, Arthur Newman is a pretty much a Wallace Avery.
There's never a moment when we forget that Mike and Wallace are just vacant personalities that two talented actors decided to try on for fun.

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