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27 Jan. 2009
The Tenant Meeting
Sal the Landlord answers all of his tenants questions at the tenant meeting.
28 Jan. 2009
American Idol Rockstar Edition
The American idol Judges have to choose which one of these Rock Stars win a chance to go to Hollywood.
20 Jun. 2009
Monster Mania 2009
Barry and Bob go to Monster Mania where Barry gets to hang out and talk with with Jason Mewes.
3 Feb. 2009
The New Entourage
Being Chuck Slavin is tough but he's got his entourage to always have his back.
3 Feb. 2009
Making the Band 17
Three contestants compete to work with the legendary Rap star P-fifty on a recording contract.
6 Feb. 2009
Uncut January 2009
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23 Feb. 2009
The Roc
FBI Agent Stanley Goodslow has to convince John Masom to help him break into the Roc.
23 Feb. 2009
What Are They Waiting For?
Everyone is waiting to find out what the world is laughing about.
12 Apr. 2009
X-Guys: The Mutant Among Us
A new mutant Mr. Finister is taking over the Brother Hood of Naughty Mutants, so Professor X-Javier has the X-Guys break out Magnutto to help defeat this new threat.
22 Apr. 2009
G.I. Bob: The Enemy Within
the Bob Show is being taken over this time by Cobra Commander and the Baroness. It is up to the cast of the Bob Show with the help of Beach head, Lady Jaye, and Quick Kick to take down Cobra Commander and rescue Bob who has become Cobra Commander's prisoner.
23 Feb. 2009
G Harmony
G-Harmony where gangsters can find true love.
23 Feb. 2009
The Wilson Protection Program
The Wilson Protection Agency they will make sure not even your mother would recognize you.
13 Nov. 2009
The Uncut Remix
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13 Jul. 2009
The Elevator
One Unlucky guy finds himself trapped in an elevator with an assortment of interesting characters.
14 Jul. 2009
The Workout
The wives get the guys to work out until they realize that their instructor is a knockout.
20 Jul. 2009
The Interrogation
After a death a mime is brought in and interrogated and he won't say anything.
The Spare Gut
The Spare Gut chases down a hoodlum and keeps the city safe.
27 Aug. 2009
Uncut: G.I. Bob
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10 Sep. 2009
Spikey-Doo: The Haunting on Hooper Hill
At the funeral of Scrappy Doo, the Spikey Doo Detective agency is born and their first case is to investigate a Haunting on Hooper Hill.
10 Oct. 2009
My Big Brother
Neil Wallace is constantly picked on and made fun of. To get back at his tormentors he summons his big brother to deal out his kind of justice.
17 Nov. 2009
Mafioso: The Italian Thanksgiving
The Bob father invites two other crime families to his big Thanksgiving Dinner. Unfortunately they are mortal enemies so it is up to Left Finger Louie and Knuckles to keep the two warring families from seeing each other.
18 Dec. 2009
The Holiday from Hell
Jeff Bender had the plan of having a quiet Christmas with his girl and to propose to her. Unexpectedly his crazy family decides to show up and ruin everything.
Three Stooges Tribute
A tribute to the greatest comedy trio of all time the Three Stooges.
31 Jan. 2009
The latest on celebrity gossip and news about the biggest stars.
7 Jan. 2009
Live with Undertaker and Kelly
The Undertaker teams up with Kelly Rippa for day time television.
26 Feb. 2009
Uncut February 2009
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31 Jul. 2009
The Number One Show
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