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Tiger Woods in Having a Bad Day
Tiger Woods is found out and is chased by a group of women banishing golf clubs.
Blind Date
Marty and Stacy on their blind date lets see if opposites do attract.
Child's Playa
Three thieves rob from a donation bin and they get more than they bargained for.
Paddy's Irish Pub
Two drunks stumble out of paddy's Pub into a promotional video for said bar.
Super Megafest Promotion
Captain Jerk is teleporting to Supermegafest and is seen by two spaced out Slackers.
Super Megafest 2010
Shawn, Alex, and Bob go to Supermegafest 2010 and interview Tony Atlas, and Bob Backlund.
Home Alone 5: Revenge of the Wet Bandits
Harry Lyme Jr, and Marv Munchins Jr have decided to go after the McCallister family for revenge on what they did to their fathers and in true home alone fashion they get more than they bargained for.

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