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jotix1002 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
As this chapter in the series begins, we see Ray riding in the back of a police car driven by Lydia, clearly upset. He cannot believe she has taken this step. Ray tries to reason with her, to no avail. He pleads for his life; after all, he is a teacher, a coach, and he cannot go to jail because that will be the end of his career. Lydia shows no mercy. She finally confesses about being cheated on her last rendezvous, when she got Jason instead of him. All Lydia wanted was to be with Ray, only.

Ray does not know what to do. Lydia keeps driving throughout the streets of Detroit, finally getting to the precinct where she is based. She points out to one big police standing outside the station who happens to be her husband. Now Ray is in a big jam. While Lydia steps out, he manages to make a call from his cell phone to Tanya to explain the situation he is in. Tanya, who is with Charlie in bed, figures she must go to save Ray.

A ballistic Lenore comes charging to Jason and Sandee's place. He is nursing the punch he got from Lydia after she realized the substitution. Jason does not have any other alternative but confessing his involvement with Tanya's client, something that infuriates Lenore even more. In a rage, she throws the big plasma television set to the floor breaking it and walking out on the couple.

Dr. Matt decides to stop by Jessica's to assure her their involvement will have nothing to do with her job in his office. Darby happens to be listening not far away where her mother and the doctor are talking. She realizes right away Jessica had sex with Matt and she is furious. She asks Damon to come with her to her father's. Luckily, cooler heads prevail.

Tanya is seen driving all over to locate Ray. Lydia's cruiser overtakes her as she does a U turn. She forces Tanya to the police car, getting her in the back with Ray. Both are taken for a ride to an isolated place where she proceeds to take Tanya to a post, handcuffing her. Lydia remains in the front seat trying to see what she can do to Ray. He is able to talk her out of punishing her more.

Lydia listens to Ray, still in the back of the car. He made her an offer she cannot refuse: have sex and forget about it, which seemed to be the solution to her kidnapping. Poor Tanya still tied to the post can only guess what is going on inside the squad car. Ray and Tanya have to walk home.

Gloria Muzio directed the episode. The creators of the series, Colette Burson and Dmitry Lipkin wrote the screenplay. The episode centers on Lydia's vengeance after Tanya duped her into believing she was going to get Ray. Thomas Jane, Jane Adams and an inspired Ana Ortiz, who appears as Lydia gave good performances, as their situation was the centerpiece of the story this week.
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