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  • Ray is handcuffed in the back seat of Lydia's patrol car; it's unclear what her intentions are. She stops at a jiffy mart and Ray phones Tanya, pulling her from an embrace with Charlie. He advises her to let her ho go to jail, but she's determined to stop Lydia. Meanwhile, Ray and Jessica's daughter wants to move from Jessica's to Ray's because she objects to Jessica's behavior with her new boss. The childless Lydia, whose back story comes into play, insists that Ray give Jessica a hand - for three minutes - then it's back in the patrol car. Can Ray or Tanya figure out how to assuage Lydia's anger for being sent a substitute penis? What do women want?


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  • "Hung" - "We're Golden or Crooks and Big Beaver" - Oct. 30, 2011

    We pick up right where we left off with Ray in the back of Lydia's cruiser, essentially pleading with her not to throw him in jail. She drives around recklessly so he gets tossed around in the backseat. When she stops to buy cigarettes, he wriggles around, dislodges his phone from his pocket and calls Tanya and says they're at the QuickMart at Crooks and Big Beaver and he's in big trouble. She says she'll try and call Lydia and reason with her.

    She calls Lydia and apologizes for the gigolo switcheroo and Lydia is pissed. Tanya flails about and runs out leaving Charlie in her bed.

    Lydia gets back in the car and drives Ray to the police station. She points out her husband in a clump of cops on the steps of the precinct house. She reveals he's a mean, uncaring dude who has been banging 20-year-old hookers and she wants to rub his face in Ray. Ray, understandably is not a fan of this plan.

    Over at Jessica's house, the creepy, musicals-loving doctor has come over after their incredibly awkward love-making to reassure Jessica that her job is safe after they made love and for her to just be herself at work. That was her plan she says. Darby overhears this and is livid, assuming her mother is just hopping to another man, another doctor to solve her problems and she doesn't want any part of it. So much so that she packs up her stuff in a huff. Damon calls Ray.

    Ray's phone rings and Lydia is pissed that he has a phone. He says it's his ex-wife. She makes him answer. It's actually Damon who holds up the phone to Darby and Jessica's fight and tells Ray to get over there quick.

    Lydia drives him there and tells him he has five minutes. Still shoeless, he goes to the house, awkwardly tries to make nice with everyone, weakly defends Jessica, who although it's been a week for us, has only recently seen Ray with Logan, and then forces Darby and Damon to hug them and says they're all on the same team and that everything is going to be fine.

    As he and Lydia take off again she notices a car following them and she realizes he called Tanya. She spins around lights and sirens blazing and causes Tanya to run off the road essentially. She then handcuffs her and throws her in the back with Ray.

    Meanwhile, at Sandee and Jason's, Lenore has stormed in and wants to know why Jason missed a date. He shows her the black eye Lydia gave him. She cruelly presses her thumb against it. Sandee and Jason explain that he took a date from Tanya, she paid more and Lenore is not the boss of them. She is angry about it all: Tanya, the missed date, the insolence. So angry that she destroys the TV set she just bought them.

    Lydia takes Ray and Tanya to a donut shop where her husband now is. She says she's going to go in there and tell him about her having sex with Ray. She can't pull the trigger, however. When she returns to the car she admits that she pointed to the car and said she had a trick and a ho. And then she asked what he wanted for breakfast and told him she loved him. She calls herself pathetic. Ray urges Tanya to say something. She begins to babble about being pathetic, women, and roaring. To the point that Lydia drives to a deserted park and handcuffs Tanya to a pole away from the car. Ray tries a different approach. After Lydia explains that she knows with men and whores there's no feelings but with women it's different and since she'd already been rejected at home to be rejected by him too was very difficult. He says he does like her and enjoyed having nice sex with her in the bathroom until she hit him. He offers to have sex with her right there in the patrol car, saying it's the least he can do. As Tanya flails in the cold outside, they have nice sweet sex in the car. She finally lets Ray go, he goes and uncuffs Tanya and they walk off.

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