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"Hung" - "Take the Cake or Are You Packing?" - Oct. 9, 2011

Ray is meeting a Jane in a hotel, one he's been with before. Unfortunately, when he gets there Lenore's boy Jason has swooped in and scooped her up. Ray is confused.

He meets Tanya at a diner and discusses what happened. Tanya says he should've cut in, that women like to be fought over. She says he needs to listen to her, she's the captain of the ship. He scoffs at this, saying they're partners. She agrees that they're partners. She says she'll call the client Christina and find out what happened. She tells him to get some sleep since he has a 4 a.m. with Lydia.

It turns out Lydia likes to pretend shes' a cop. She chases Ray through the park, tackles him, cuffs him and they do it. Twice.

We cut to Ronnie, hitting a heavy bag and listening to hip-hop. Jess arrives to get a check. He claims he doesn't want to stop because he needs to keep his heart rate elevated. She turns off the music and says she thought they were going to be adults. He says if she wants to have her cake and eat it too, he won't be her baker. She is confused. He says Ray is the cake. Mindy, the female doctor who gave him a handjob while Jess was in the store, arrives with boxing gloves and then sees Jess and runs away. Jess says she is not seeing Ray and to forget about the check and storms off to her car. Ronnie runs after her contrite. Mindy apologizes that this is awkward. Jess says it's not awkward. What was awkward was Mindy giving her husband a handjob and she drives off. Mindy, who also has boxing gloves, throws one at Ronnie.

Lenore visits Jason in the restaurant kitchen with, ew, her dog in tow. She stuffs 200 bucks in his pocket as he washes dishes and says he has another client. He can't believe women will pay him to do this. He's having trouble working out his schedule with Lenore though and finally admits that he sorta has a fiancee.

Christina visits Tanya at the Wellness Center and says she loved him Jason and explains that he told her that Tanya sent him because she thought she'd like him better than Richard. She also mentioned she got Tanya's email this morning and though she can't go again with Jason tonight she cold do the next night.

Tanya goes to Ray-- who is still in bed and all banged up from his morning with Lydia-- and explains Lenore hacked into her email. She says they need to take care of this and likens it to a broken window in a house, which, unfixed leads to grafitti and lower property values or something. She says she is going to ambush Jason. Ray says he should talk to him man to man. She says it's her job, as pimp. He says she gets hysterical in these situations and tells her she should be his back up. He gets a panicked call from Jess.

Lenore goes to the bakery where Jason's fiancee works and essentially tells him she had sex with Jason. (She does this by way of a labored bit where she pretends to order a cake, have it inscribed "I (had sex) with your boyfriend and tells Sandee to send it to her own address.) Sandee is confused at first. Gets it. Starts crying and goes to call Jason but Lenore says she'd be better off ignoring him for a week and then she'll "get more" out of him.

It turns out Jess's mom is in hospital. She says it's not a heart attack, it's chicken wings. Ray, Darby, and Damon are there. Ray wants to loan an obviously distressed Jess some money. She says she's geting a job soon. The doctor comes out to reassure her that it was, in fact,only indigestion. He points out that he is Mindy's ex-husband and then essentially hits on Jess. Ray is perturbed and Jess is confused but you can definitely see her considering it.

Tanya visits Charlie in prison. He flatters her and essentially asks her to bail him out. She says he was mean to her last time and she'll think about it.

Tanya goes to the club to ambush Jason. Even as she tries to put on her hardest pimp talk and threaten him away from her clients, he flatters her into having sex with him in the bathroom. Ray enters later and hears the sex going on in the stall and recognizes Tanya's orgasm. He busts her outside. She says she took care of it. He is mad she went behind his back and that she had sex with him. She says she made a calculated business decision. Ray sees Jason come out and chases him down. In the parking lot he tells him to stay away from his clients. Jason says he didn't know and that Christina didn't seem to miss him that much. Jason says he's trying to make the women happy and he made Ray's pimp happy. They shove one another. Jason runs and gets away because Ray is old and hurt.

In the pouring rain he walks to his car. Tanya asks if he's okay. Ray says he can't believe she slept with him, especially since he's 12. She says he's at least 20-something. She wonders why he cares so much. He says because they're a team. She says right, a team, she's not his back-up. She says he underestimates how valuable she is. He grimaces. She says he should get his bruises checked out. He wonders what they'll do. She says she doesn't know. He tells her to not give it up to Lenore and go get the client back.

Tanya rushes off to her orgasmic living class. She starts going over types of orgasms on the billboard and spots Lenore in the class. She claims she wants to enroll. She's very taunting. She says she's had a tough couple of months with the betrayal of a friend and needs Tanya's help.

Tanya brings her into office. They fight. Lenore says the Wellness Center was her idea and that Tanya stole her clients. She wants her clients, 50 percent of the profits, and an apology. Tanya refuse and throws Lenore's cellphone-- which has all of Tanya's contacts in it, which Lenore hacked-- into the toilet. They fight and pull hair. Lenore slaps her, says she'll never make it and calls her a loser. Tanya calls Lenore a broken window andsprays hairspray in her face. She calmly goes back to her class and says Lenore won't be joining them and begins to talk about orgasms again.

Ray and Jason both show up to meet with Christina. Jason has a cupcake. Ray has a full-blown cake. Jason wonders if Ray thinks that's enough, a bigger cake? He asks why he doesn't just go home since he knows it's going to be Jason who wins? Ray says alright, conceding defeat and hands Jason his bigger cake. When both of Jason's hands are occupied, he grabs one of his wrists and handcuffs it to the handrail in the elevator. Jason is pissed. Ray throws the key onto the floor of the elevator and wishes Jason luck. He walks off whistling and smiling.


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