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A Little Anti-Semitism Depicted ***
edwagreen31 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
As Mrs. Schroeder's 7 year old prepares to confess his sins, a stern priest tells him of the cruel Jews at the time of Christ's killing. This really went on in the 1920s and before? Terrible.

The guy who is Jewish can't pronounce "tuchas" correctly. Funny, he says "tref" meaning not kosher correctly.

Nucky will do just about anything to get around the charges against him for violating the Mann Act. How about stopping the importation of tramps all together, Mr. Thompson? Now, we're seeing the corruption of the Harding Administration with the Veteran's Department. Teapot Dome to follow?

That off the wall agent got found out by his wife. What a convenient excuse he made, and what a wonderful slap she gave back!
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