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Best fight scene
volsdic12 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Im very disappointed that the movie Predators(2010) wasn't nominated for best fight scene between Hanzo and Falconer Predator. I mean, come on. That was one of the best fight scene in a movie in my life. 20 years from now, I will show my kids and tell them, "this is a real fight scene". But they gave it to Twilight Saga: Eclipse? Sorry guys, Im not a Twilight fan. You guys should awarded to Inception(2010), that scene between Arthur and the Projection was so amazing. I like the way how Joseph Gordon-Levitt acted in that part while Im hearing that theme song. I don't know any the rest of the nominees for the best fight scene because I didn't see any of them. Kick-Ass(2010) and Fighter(2010) weren't appealing to me. Berserker Predator vs Royce should also be nominated, because Royce handled that wild, crazy, and ugly Predator very well.
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