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Much of what's contained in Phantom is at best speculative and at worst completely made-up. But, regardless of the accuracy, it makes for compelling viewing. Phantom is one of the best films of a lousy early 2013 release roster.
Ed Harris in Phantom is like Steve Carlton with the Philadelphia Phillies in 1972 - delivering a wall-to-wall, amazing performance that's lost in a sea of dreadfulness.
The crew doesn't much look the part either, save for Schaech's Stalin 'stache. Yet the movie does show the ability to get past this, even with the weight of all its narratively risky conspiracy theorizing. It's a shame the intrigue has to get torpedoed by elements that mostly feel correctable.
Robinson is undone partly by his own workmanlike touch as a writer, and partly by matters of casting. I like Harris, and he's quite moving here, but every time Duchovny reappears the overall energy level sinks to crush depth.
The combination of tight close-ups and jarring camera work might require a dose of Dramamine. Better yet, give this movie a wide berth and check out a superb film set in a submarine, the 1981 classic "Das Boot."
To be honest, I can rarely recall any film, on any subject, that made less sense.
Todd Robinson's Phantom gives us a couple of things we haven't seen in a while: the great Ed Harris and a Cold War submarine thriller. It's not something you want to plunk down $12 for, but just diverting enough to check out when it arrives on Netflix Instant.
The newest model of the old submarine-from-hell picture.
Despite the world-changing ramifications inherent to the plot, the results are more tedious than thrilling.
Heavy-handed dialogue, flurries of melodrama and a silly ending make the whole enterprise sink like a stone.

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