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Sex & Nudity

  • Various scene's of violent sexual behavior, incestuous sexual behavior regarding two minor females. one minor female has an encounter ( the scene is cut half way through ) the "Act" is implied. the other female sexual encounter is when she's of elder age;out in the " barn area " of this section of the film. Various scene's of rape.incestuous rape. 1 female is seen " hooking " for money constantly.she gratifies her "johns" in several scene's in oral sex behavior.mostly outdoors.its implied she regurgitates their men's semen. a sexual act involving a couple with clothes on in 1 area of the cabin. 1 female is seen bathing in the kitchen sink in an open view without wearing her bra. 1 rape scene involving hit men including the two female leads of the film in the dining area of the cabin. 1 scene two minor preteen girls discussion of " boogeymen " which is code word for molestation as its discussed between the two girls.


  • Intense profanity throughout the entire film. however several scene's with mild profanity. this film is filmed in spanish and has english subtitles.( just an FYI ) Obscenity Language Level: 1 - 10 : 10 Sexual Obscenity Language Level: 1 - 10 : 10 Violence Obscenity Language Level: 1 - 10 : 10

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Many of the individuals throughout the film smoke cigarettes & consume large amounts of alcohol consumption. 1 bar scene with Obscene language. Level of A/D/S Content : 1 - 10 : 8

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