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Don't bother, you can never get that hour and a half back of your life!
sylviaugogrl26 November 2017
In short 3 self absorbed, coke head, boxes of rocks basically attempt to throw a Bachelorette party for (Rebel) they claim to be friends with her (but they don't actually care about her at all) The movie is more about the bridesmaids than the bride and they are NOT FUNNY like literally I didn't even laugh one time and I really, really wanted to. Unless you are someone who acts like them, treats people like crap, does drugs, super fake and decides at the end to kind of fix things poorly then maybe you'll find it funny, and I am far from uptight. I almost laugh at everything. I'm just very confused why this cast would sign up to have their name on this it blows my mind. Trust me the idea which has been done to death seems like it could be funny, but they seriously tanked on this one. Two thumbs down!!!!
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WhitneylTerry12 November 2017
Two stars for somehow convincing these actors that this script was worth the permanent scar on their filmography. Although people are, indeed, this selfish; even mildly decent movies are written around relatable qualities that don't make you feel like you spent 90 minutes of your time hating the fact that you might somehow be as selfish as any of these girls.

Absolutely terrible, no unique personalities, no character growth, just complete awfulness. This pretty great cast couldn't even hold the thin plot and poorly written humor "romcom" together because there is no way a single actor related to the one-dimensional aspects of this awful movie.
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Worthless, wicked, and not a bit funny.
jotaemesg-5539320 June 2017
The bad reviews regarding this film are utterly right. A pack of stoned whores and jerks betray and forsake an overweight former class mate on the very eve of her wedding. It is as dreadful a movie as one where healthy sports people made fun of disabled people or worse. It is cowardly and base. I watched this on German TV but you can tell from the users comments that it works the same in every language, so no misunderstandings here. The so called jokes are gross and unpalatable. Ten minutes into the movie you wonder where the comedy is. Twenty minutes into it you intensely want Lt. Aldo Raine and his boys to butt in and start shooting, knifing and scalping all those bastards ("that" would make a dark comedy), which of course and unfortunately never happens.

Now, it is very sad to see this kind of crap coming from Hollywood, the city of dreams for so many movie lovers like me. What also angers me is to get the impression that most of the players seem to be having a great time while making this unspeakable flicker. Just for that I will never forgive them. I do not think they were in such hardship so as not to be able to reject the script.
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Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
PanamaVeggie17 March 2017
I totally get why this movie has garnered so many opposing reviews. It's a classic case of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus...AND it is more than that. I'm not saying that you need to be a woman to "get" and like this film. IMHO you have to be the type of person who's been through therapy and understands how people can be passive-aggressive and yet loving/caring...all at the same time. If you have a true understanding of the human condition (not just female)--a TRUE understanding--then you'll have fun watching this movie. No, it's not life changing or transcendental. But it's very real and it's very engaging. Watch with a glass of wine. And enjoy!
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No respect for women at all
Sxz King30 January 2017
Being male, it might seem different:

THIS Hollywood film is just another piece of junk with plenty of derogatory remarks towards the actresses.

The worst phrase I heard is "Shut the f**k up, c**t!" during a sex scene.

Everything pertains to the conclusion that women are cheap and can be considered as objects instead of people with emotions, feelings, respect and all.

I don't mind curses in films, it's fine, understandable when in the context. BUT, purposeful derogatory curses are really bad.

General male attitude towards females is what is most disturbing in this film. (only 1 guy had respect for females)

ABOUT the acting/comedy:

I didn't laugh like.. AT ALL! The film is about how friends try their best to make up for a stupid mistake with a countdown to a wedding. Some drunk & high girls saying meaningless words does not make it a comedy. Kirsten Dunst did a nice job, really appreciable. Lizzy Caplan has proved that she can do much for the big screen as well. Isla Fisher was just the third wheel, without adding much weight to the whole film, and was totally wasted during most of the film.

The acting, well, everyone did what the script said to do.

I hate this movie. I can't believe it myself.
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A Mediocre Film That Could've Been Better.
Stephen Abell13 January 2017
To be honest, I watched this film as my testosterones were firing on full once they heard the cast included Kirsten Dunst and Isla Fisher, not only are these two beautiful women but powerful and talented actresses. Then the cast just got stronger with Rebel Wilson, James Marsden, and Adam Scott all of which I've seen in better movies.

Bachelorette goes to show that you can still have a bad film with a great cast. Unfortunately, it;s the story and the implausible characters, which I found annoying and quite unbelievable. I am also tired of film-makers and writers trying to show drug addiction in a brighter light than it really is. I know addicts and none are like Isla Fisher's and Lizzy Caplan's characters. I find this to also be degrading to family and friends who know people suffering drug addiction. These people would not keep watching this film. There was no reason for this to even be in the movie, it just seemed like a "Quick Fix" to add some immature comedic moments. The writers and director should've taken a more responsible approach. With a little bit of work and creative writing, they would've had a stronger story and film.

So it sounds like I'm coming down on the movie and that I didn't like it, well if it hadn't been for Kirsten Dunst and Rebel Wilson I would've turned this off quite early. Because of them, I stayed to the end, and even though I suffered feeling embarrassed for the actors at the start of the movie, I wasn't too upset at the end of the film, where everything works out okay in the end.

This film suffers from weak writing and mediocre direction and could've been so much better. There are some good giggle moments, but nothing in the laugh-out-loud. If Immature humour is your thing then you may like this.
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Petty, not funny
kristenleakennedy4716 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is literally one of the worst things I've ever tried to watch. From the beginning, the characters (besides Rebel Wilson's Character)are unlikable, vapid, and petty. They are not nice to her, why would she even be friends with them? She wouldn't. No person is going to be friends with people that called them "pig face," and couldn't even be happy for them when they got married. The 3 "b-faces" in this movie can't possibly understand why a man (let alone a handsome one) would want to be with their so-called friend. It's just so superficial and sad. These characters aren't likable and I just wanted the bride (Rebel's character) to punch them the entire time. This movie is a pathetic excuse to make fun of a chubby person. Don't waste your time.
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Definitely better the third or fourth time watching....
Corlissa099412 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
As people have mentioned this movie is like "the hangover" girl version. Difference being, on first viewing the characters are very unlikable. Kristen Dunst is just hate-able from the beginning as the controlling, bitter and miserable ring leader of the group. But in defense, she is supposed to be. Isla Fisher as the dumb-as-rocks, annoying, and one dimensional token idiot friend. Rebel Wilson as the awkward, timid and almost irrelevant Bride. The only character that seemed to be semi-likable and relatable is Lizzy Caplan. The promiscuous, low self esteem comic relief friend.

Men characters are just as one dimensional and hate able. James Marsden and Adam Scott are just duchy and forgettable.

You follow the three girls: Kristen, Isla, and Lizzy around New York city after they have pretty much completely ruined the rehearsal dinner and bachelorette party (which was technically only 5 minutes) with cruel comments and erratic intoxication resulting in destroying the brides dress.

They zoom around trying to find ways to "fix" the dress, not really because they feel bad, but because they don't want to be responsible. You almost catch the feeling like they aren't the brides friends at all? Just being bridesmaids out of obligation?

There is more drug use, sex and dark secrets that emerge to help you understand why the girls are such heartless disasters. Only in the end to get the dress as "wearable" (still awful), get to the wedding on time and still pretty much remain cold and unphased. All and all after watching a third or fourth time, you start to get over the fact that the characters have no souls and just be entertained by the "dark comedy" elements. 5 out 10!
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not good enough
phoenix 210 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
No, No, No!! What is it with movies trying to recreate the hungover?? Can't they just be original or something?? So, for starts, the story seemed interesting, but ended up being an over loaded night out in New York. The bride's "friends" weren't her friends after all, as they keep complaining about her and mostly don't really care for her. They are so different, only their addiction to drugs (any kind) and partying is the only thing they have in common. The story did try to get a little deeper into the characters otherwise shallow personalities, with Regan's eating disorder when she was young and her friend's teenage pregnancy. But even that didn't help to improve the movie. In the end, it ended up being yet another movie which tried to be about the adventures that can happen before a wedding, with an all star cast, but ended up being even under average. So 2 out of 10.
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A good movie to watch but I missed the moral of the story
healthfusion31 January 2016
This movie made me realized that a group of friends are not necessarily friends with each other. There is one glue to the friendship of these girls.

Definitely made me hate the other girls, I understood them, but they definitely are not the kind of people I will hang around with.

The ending is OK, not so dramatic, no tears shed here, but it was not a total waste of time to watch this movie.

I was hoping for apologies here and there, flashbacks, etc., to get the feel of their friendship, but did not see it at all.

Keep your expectation low when watching this movie.
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A sassy acerbic comedy
patricklingwood27 January 2016
It is curious how this movie divides opinion. So it will depend on your sense of humour, but if it suits your sense of humour, this movie is full of funny one liners and bitchy comments that had me and my partner at times in fits of laughter. Coupled with a frenetic storyline of a night full of disaster, escapades and panic, along with 3 rather endearing if bitchy but believable friends, and a underlying sense of reality - no romantic schmaltziness here - you come away having had a great time and fun - what more can you ask? Definitely to be recommended and a cut well above the normal romantic guff in this genre.
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Unfunny and Moronic Comedy
Claudio Carvalho8 November 2015
Becky (Rebel Wilson) summons her high-school slut friends Regan (Kirsten Dunst), Gena (Lizzy Caplan) and Katie (Isla Fisher) to be bridesmaids of her wedding with the handsome Dale (Hayes MacArthur). The trio spends one crazy night of drugs, booze, sex and confusions in New Yorkr trying to fix the wedding dress of Becky that they have torn .

"Bachelorette" is an unfunny and moronic comedy with unpleasant characters, gross jokes and stupid situations. The three friends are drugged, alcoholic, envious and promiscuous women. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): "Quatro Amigas e um Casamento" ("Four Friends and One Wedding")
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Ups and downs
Ole Sandbaek Joergensen19 September 2015
This film has some great actresses, and not all are in their familiar role set, but that doesn't matter, because they fit their parts and all do a good job. Kirsten Dunst really surprised me in this, this film can be corny and even though Kirsten Dunst character Regan is more business woman and more of a ordinary sweet girl role for Kirsten, she is also a partying, out of control, trying to keep control, but freaking out kind of character. So the characters and the real person behind them, do a good job and actually carries most of the film through.

What isn't really working is the parts where the film is being too much (it does happen many times), sadly most of these times there are lame jokes and embarrassing moments, that really wasn't necessary, because there are many small fun moments that work and are good. This ruined some of the film for me and there really wasn't enough truly sweet, funny and good moments to counter weigh the bad ones.
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Great *real* female characters
Ann_O1 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I only gave in to watch this movie because Rebel Wilson was in it. Honestly from the way it had been marketed, I thought I would absolutely hate it. I thought it would just be another less funny "Bridesmaid" (which I already did not really love). The beginning only reinforced me in this belief... but then something incredible happened: I realized that I absolutely knew these women... Often in Hollywood movies, women tend to be portrait as very 1 dimensional. Not here. I felt like I absolutely had met them in different real women that I know in my life. It was very refreshing to see so much realness. Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher were absolutely delightful to watch! Rebel Wilson ended up being my least favourite part of the movie, but not in her fault: I think her character was just very under-worked by the writers.

Negative points of the movie: the relationships between the people (especially the girls) is very foggy. It is difficult to understand why they are friends in the first place if they all dislike Becky.

This part contains a spoiler:

Also I disliked the fact that Trevor being a disgusting person who doesn't see the problem in having sex with barely conscious women is barely mentioned. In the end he is also part of the happy end and gets a "Call Me!", but aside from Joe just mentioning in one sentence "That would be like rape" it's not really made an issue... and he could come off as a cool guy to many people. Which date-rape-y guys should definitely not be seen as!

But other than that this movie does not deserve the harsh reviews it got here! Many things could have been done better, but the acting was just wonderful! At least you need to give that movie that!
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why the ratings was so low?
Lela Alifah Rahmi31 December 2014
I don't understand why the ratings was so low.. I wrote this review to make you all know that this movie deserves higher ratings. Well, even the ratings wasn't everything.

I really enjoyed this movie,very intimate. This clique really shows us the real friendship between girls. They remind me of my friends, the actresses had real chemistry.

This is an honest movie.Yes.Sometimes we talked about each other behind their backs, and sometimes we made a fool together but we still came along after this time. In every clique has different kind member characters. I loved the story about Lizzie Chaplan as the rebel woman and his ex, many of woman has a same problem.That's why i called this movie has intimate vibe.

Movie isn't always had a big effects or magnifying stories, for me, when you enjoyed during watched, so the movie was succeed.
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It Came Up Short Despite The Talent Involved
Desertman8427 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Bachelorette is written and directed by Leslye Headland and it was adapted from her play of the same title.It stars Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan and Isla Fisher.It is about three troubled women who reunite for the wedding of a friend whom was ridiculed in high school. The three friends are: Regan, an overachieving Maid of Honor who's secretly smarting over the fact that she's not the first to marry;Gena,a whip-smart sarcastic who actually a closet romantic;and Katie,a ditzy beauty who loves the good life.

On the night before an old friend's wedding, three frisky bridesmaids go searching for a little fun but find much more than they bargained for. With lovely Becky set to marry her handsome sweetheart, Dale, the remaining members of her high school clique reunite for one last bachelorette bacchanal in the Big Apple.

Despite of the talent involved to make is a good movie,it turned out to be underwhelming due to an average screenplay and the humor rarely delivered laughs to the viewer.Also,it also played safe on the story to come up with a sentimental conclusion to the detriment of the film as a whole despite having a few good moments.
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peter-stead-740-4869633 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I could live a hundred years and not understand why this received such low ratings. Similar to Bridesmaids in content, this has a harder edge as well as a soft heart, but it is always funny and always believable.

It pulls no punches around how self-centred and shallow people often are. You could almost believe that Becky's friends are trying to ruin her wedding and subconsciously this may be what is happening, but the characters, brilliantly led by Kirsten Dunst's bitter Regan in their mayhem, come good in the end and make peace with the fact that Becky is getting married and they are not - and in the main confront their own issues. If this sounds cheesy, it isn't. The girls lurch from one to disaster to another in a totally relatable way. The Acting is terrific, but the real star is the script which fires one-liner after one-liner at you without losing narrative discipline, unlike a lot of comedies these days that seem to be written as extended skits rather than stories.

Witty, pretty and badass, this film does not disappoint. Ignore. The. ratings. Get it on DVD.
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Not horrendous but nothing special
Zoooma26 September 2014
Independent picture that played for a mere 4 weeks in art house theaters. At most it was only in 60 theaters one weekend. It made less than half a million dollars in the U.S. but over 9 million foreign. Stars Kirsten Dunst as a rhymes with witch and her coke head friend Lizzy Kaplan and her idiot slut friend Isla Fisher and Rebel Wilson as the one they all pick on because of her weight. She's barely in the movie which takes away a bunch of laughs but it still manages to be quite funny. Humor and laughs but kinda lame. One night of partying till dawn before a wedding. Not much story, not much depth. I love Kirsten Dunst when she has a meaningful role but this is skipable. Not horrendous but nothing special.

6.1 / 10 stars

--Zoooma, a Kat Pirate Screener
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Living in Bridesmaid's shadow
bowmanblue19 September 2014
Have you seen the film 'Bridesmaids?' It's pretty much the question you have to ask yourself when you're considering watching the 'Bachelorette.' It's effectively a poor clone/remake/whatever.

It's about a woman who's going to get married the next day, when her best friends accidentally tear up her wedding dress (yes, seriously). Therefore, they have to get it fixed in the middle of the night and end up going on a hilarious adventure.

Unfortunately, it's not hilarious. It's not even funny. I checked the time on the DVD at about 40 minutes in and I still hadn't laughed. And that's not a good sign for a comedy. If you check out the general reviews, you'll see that most people describe it as a 'horrible' film. I wouldn't call it horrible, just not funny.

The characters are pretty unlikeable and every mess they get into is largely their fault. You won't really care about any of them and, despite being good actresses (Kristen Dunst and Isla Fisher) they can't bring any real humour to this film.

If you like the idea of a film that's basically 'a female The Hangover' stick to Bridesmaids. That had charm and humour. This has neither.
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Knew IMDb would not like it... lighten up...
Dragoneyed36310 August 2014
A dark comedy starring three women. That's all the basic information you need to know this was not going to bide well with film snobs, much less the misogynistic ones. Bachelorette is a very humorous and fun movie that I had a great time with. I knew as soon as I got through watching it to come rate it on IMDb though that people would be bashing it, but I had no idea the backlash would be this harsh.

The story is simple enough: Four high school friends all get together to relive their glory days as one, the most unattractive (Rebel Wilson), is about to get married. The bridesmaids consist of high-strung Kirsten Dunst, burnout Lizzy Caplan, and dim-witted but lovable Isla Fisher, which in my opinion Isla Fisher absolutely stole the show. I loved it. It is very mean and in your face with it's brutality. You almost wonder why these women are even friends to begin with, but unlike everyone saying there is no reason, the film ties up all it's loose ends and shows how all of the women have their own battle scars and shining personalities in the end.

Don't let the comments and rating shy you away from this one, there are some gut-busting scenes. Like I said, Isla Fisher was magnificent. I thoroughly enjoyed and believed in her character, not to say the other stars didn't deliver, she just outshines them!
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Worst movie Eva
Ckinnear-58-54518420 July 2014

The cast should be ashamed of themselves. I cannot believe that I had to register to say how bad this movie is.

What a waste of time and money.

The acting is terrible.

The plot non describable .

Do yourself a favor and don't even attempt to view this movie.

So sad that I wasted ten minutes even trying to enjoy the acting or humour because there was zero. waste of time.

There is no plot - is boring and goes nowhere.

Honestly I did try to enjoy this movie because two of my fave actors are there but seriously is a bad pic.

Even the scenery was bad - not real.

Never again.
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4 former Highschool friends gather around to celebrate the first of the cliques wedding. After several obstacles they still manage to pull of the wedding and the day is saved.
lily w1 July 2014
From the first to the last minute, this movie was one of the worst I have ever watched in my life. The plot revolves around 4 'friends' which a normal person would not even label as such, since they constantly insult their soon-to-be-married friend,by for example calling her 'Pigface'. None of the characters develop emotionally or in their actions, but stay in the given stereotype. In the end I got so angry that it took mental motivation to finish this film. Would not recommend watching this, even if you enjoy watching movies without likable characters or spending 90 minutes of your life torturing through a series of flat jokes and dull acting.
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Bachelorette: an excellent sophisticated comedy by Leslye Headland.
niutta-enrico29 June 2014
If drugs and occasional sex do not bother you, you will enjoy very much this comedy: it has rhythm (plenty of it) and an interesting and sincere feminine point of view.

Plot is predictable, yet it catches you, maybe because characters are really good and the actors seem happy to impersonate young, smart, fresh people.

Leslye Headland is a very interesting writer: waiting for her last work ('Sleeping with Other People') to be completed, I'll go check her remake (for black actors) of 1986 Edward Zwick's movie (based on a 1974 David Mamet's play) 'About Last NightÂ…'.
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francescof8617 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
"Bachelorette" (based on the play of the same name from the director Leslye Headland) is one of the most underrated black comedy in the last few years. The three leading characters are Regan(Kirsten Dunst),Gena (Lizzy Caplan) and Katie(Isla Fisher)who are invited at their friend's unexpected wedding Becky(Rebel Wilson), who used to be ridiculed in her high school for being fat and therefore called "Pig's face". It's a shocking news for the three ladies, especially Regan who thought she should be the first who marries. With a surprising plot and really genuine hilarious moments, the film manages to make you think about the false myth that plagues this new society and the relations between human beings in an effective way. The leading characters are deeply flawed and unlikable and strike you for the almost complete loss of morality. Obviously they are not made to be a positive term of paragon. And this is precisely the reason why "Bachelorette" has been reviewed unfavourable by many reviewers who, I fear, missed the point. But this is the same with some character study in other similar films. "Bachelorette" is superbly acted and none of the actors are miscast. Kirsten Dunst("Melancholia")is terrific and conveys all the ambiguity and complexity required. Rebel Wilson,Isla Fischer and Lizzy Caplan are also quite good in their respective role. My vote is 8/10
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toni-cooke188 March 2014
I settled in to watch this film believing it would be a zinger with a cast full of renowned actresses and funny actors. However, I was sadly disappointed throughout.

I admire Rebel Wilson and she, for the most part was in the background for the entire film. She has so much to give comedy wise, but her humour was not used in this film, unbeknownst to why!

The film centres primarily on one night and an unbelievable amount of stuff happens in this one night.. there a many scenes which were used that shouldn't have been there. I am still struggling to find the message behind some of them!

I was impressed with Lizzy Caplan's performance, although she was portrayed as a rather obnoxious girl along with Kirsten Dunst and Isla Fisher's characters. She did have a few brief moments where she brought some humour into the film.

I guess the moral of the film was the self-obsessed girls don't win in the end.

Overall I gave it a 5, I won't be watching it again.
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