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Give those guest stars their own series!

Author: cpbasset from United States
10 August 2011

I just started watching this season and was pleasantly surprised. Although I like the main characters, especially Artie and Claudia, it was the guest stars that really did it for me in this episode! Jaime Murray and Gareth David-Lloyd were so much fun to watch..and the chemistry between them was brilliant. If TPTB ever decide to do a spin-off...I think we just found our leads. I could have watched them the entire episode and found myself a bit disappointed when they went back to "present day". Sorry Pete and Mika.....but HG and Mr Wolcott blow you off the screen. Plus the Steampunk, time travels and slight Watson/Holmes elements of their back story could make for endless fun and variety.

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Fantastic episode I cannot wait for more with HG in.

Author: Scrapozzie from Australia
9 August 2011

What a fantastic episode. I love HG Wells. She is such a strong character and by adding the beautiful acting skills of Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwood) to the mix they created quite a team. The storyline, while not mind-blowing, was very entertaining and the movement through time added to my enjoyment. I love the thought of different agents through time. It gives a different perspective as how an eras history dictates how an artifact is dealt with. So many different adventures to be had which stops the program from becoming boring I am new to Warehouse 13 I did come to specifically watch Gareths performance but you have certainly got yourselves a new fan. What an entertaining show.

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H.G. and Wolly were the highlight

Author: dairwendan from Tajikistan
9 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and the only reason it fell one star short of 10 is that it seems entirely implausible that one little boy could keep the horn for so long without disintegrating himself or someone/something else, thus causing attention to fall upon him. Also, the whereabouts of the horn while he, Daniel Varley, was institutionalized are a mystery.

And the absence of Steve Jinks.

The main point of the episode however, H.G. Wells and her Victorian adventure with the horn, was superb! I liked her partner Wolcott very much and the two actors seemed to have excellent chemistry. The fight scene was well-choreographed and executed. It's good to know that the agents of Warehouse 12 could kick ass! Her brother, Charles, was wonderfully vain and vapid and could be used for comic relief when needed.

H.G. was much more likable as a trustworthy character, and yet her brilliance and sense of humor still shone through.

I think that H.G., and most especially H.G. and Wolcott, could easily carry off a series of their own, and with the steam punk elements and Victorian comedy of manners it would be sufficiently different from the present day Warehouse 13 to be a hit.

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fun and interesting episode

Author: Jezebel Marliska
10 August 2011

I have not watched previous episode of Warehouse 13. I watched this episode mainly to see the wonderful actor Gareth David-Lloyd. However, after seeing this episode I will definitely watch past and future episodes. This episode was fun and interesting, especially the parts with H.G.Wells. The storyline was one that kept me watching. The characters seem to be very likable and have good chemistry. This show is what I would have like Torchwood to be. Even without having seen previous episodes I was able to be engaged with this episode. I gave this episode 10 stars for all of the above reasons. I highly recommend people to watch this series!

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Loved the steampunk scenes!

Author: Chryssalys
10 August 2011

Like many people, I watched this episode pretty much only because of the guest appearance of the amazing Gareth David-Lloyd. However, I was definitely drawn in by the storyline, especially the steampunk aspect of the scenes with HG and Wolcott, and would absolutely watch a spin-off featuring those characters.

The present-day action was not nearly as interesting to me, perhaps because I found the chemistry between the characters to be lacking, and the probability of the child maintaining the artifact for so many years without killing himself or others to be extremely low and contrived. But it was still a very enjoyable show.

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Just noticed a couple of goofs in this episode

Author: kevinthomasroy from Canada
14 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just noticed a couple of goofs in this episode, both anachronisms, and since there is no goofs section, I thought I would add them here.

1. Early in the episode there is a farmer wearing a wide brimmed hat. The date is supposed to be 1962, but the hat is obviously a Tilley, which were not made until the 1980's.

2. At the beginning of the episode, we learn that the "curiosity" was around in London in 1893. Around 9 min. H.G. says "in the words of my good friend Mr. Doyle: 'the game is afoot'," as she sets out to find the curiosity. Doyle wrote the original Sherlock Holmes stories, the first of which was published in 1890. However, Doyle only ever included the phrase "the game is afoot" in the short story The Adventure of the Abbey Grange, which was published in 1904.

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The game's afoot and what fun it is

Author: Paularoc from United States
10 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

H.G. Wells is brought out of stasis to investigate the apparent vaporization of three victims. The episode takes place in three eras: 1893 London which features H.G. and her Watson- like Warehouse 12 partner and then 1962 featuring the previously introduced agents, Rebecca and Jack and throughout, the present. The deadly artifact is Joshua's horn, the horn that brought down Jericho's walls. The best scenes are those taking place in Victorian London. The most intriguing and interesting guest character in the series is H.G. Wells - Jaime Murray does a wonderful job in this role. I hope the rumor that she may be in a spin off series is true. A flaw in an otherwise almost perfect episode is, as a previous reviewer noted, the idea that a kid (who became a very mentally unstable adult) could hang on to the horn without doing some serious damage to himself or others. A lesser quibble is that Pete's adolescent behavior is getting a bit tiresome; this time it's licking the nacho cheese off a Farnsworth. Please - the guy's in his forties, not teens. Even so, this is a superior episodes and one of my favorites.

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Review Warehouse 13.

Author: barrlloyd
31 October 2015

Wonderful episode! And the best (for me) HG Wells and William Wolcott. Jamie Murray and Gareth David-Lloyd were fantastic together and they have real chemistry. They do a great couple and loved their work. And I'd see, I'm sure, a spin-off with this couple. Really good. I know the episode was done in 2011 and we're in 2015. But years later, i keep saying i would love can see William Wolcott and Helena Welles in their own show. They remind me a bit to John Steed and Emma Peel in "The Avengers" (another couple with a great chemistry). And they remind me too (of course) to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. Sometimes we can see years until we can see the spin-off of a show, so I hope we can see one day a spin-off with H.G. Wells and William Wolcott (by Jamie Murray and Gareth David-Lloyd).

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