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"The Apprentice" Laugh On (2011)

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Task 10

Task scope: Produce and sell tickets to a Live Comedy Event. Corporate shuffle: Prior to announcing the task, Trump asked NeNe Leakes and Star Jones if they had worked out their differences. NeNe said that they hadn't, but would try and do so during the task. However, Star then said that she was no longer willing to work with NeNe and did not wish to attempt to reconcile with her. As a result, Trump had NeNe swap teams with Meat Loaf.

Backbone project manager: La Toya Jackson

A.S.A.P. project manager: Meat Loaf

Judges: Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jim Cramer

Winning team: A.S.A.P.

Reasons for win: Raised $102,080

Losing team: Backbone

Reasons for loss: Raised $82,500

Sent to the boardroom: No final boardroom

Fired: La Toya Jackson - for admitting that she had been the weakest member of Backbone and that John Rich and Lil Jon were not responsible for the loss.

Notes: NeNe Leakes had disappeared at the start of the task and nobody knew where she was. When Trump contacted her by phone, NeNe accused him of having bias towards Star Jones (claiming he had accommodated Star by having NeNe removed from A.S.A.P.) and refused to return to the show. In the boardroom, Trump retroactively fired NeNe, calling her a quitter. Trump also claimed in the boardroom that all the people who have previously quit the show (which include Verna Felton, Michelle Sorro, Vincent Pastore, and Michael Johnson) have called him personally and told him it was the worst mistake of their lives. This is the first season of The Apprentice to feature two people leaving the show on their own accord.

Task 11

Task scope: Create a 60-second commercial for the new OnStar Mirror.

Task sponsor: OnStar

Backbone project manager: John Rich

A.S.A.P. project manager: Marlee Matlin

Judges: Donald Trump; George H. Ross; Donald Trump, Jr.

Winning team: Backbone

Reasons for win: Although the OnStar representatives had numerous problems with Backbone's commercial, including shoddy special effects, Lil Jon's over the top performance, along with the fact that a woman was depicted driving without a seatbelt, they felt that the advert clearly communicated the features of the product. Allowances were also made for the fact that Lil Jon effectively had to do the first half of the task single-handedly, after John Rich fell ill with a sinus infection.

Losing team: A.S.A.P.

Reasons for loss: Their advert, which starred and was written by Meat Loaf, failed to make clear what was being advertised and came across as a general advert for the company rather than one specifically made for the OnStar Mirror. It also contained what the OnStar executives considered an offensive stereotype of police officers.

Sent to boardroom: Marlee Matlin, Star Jones, and Meat Loaf

Fired: Star Jones - for failing to put the information about the OnStar Mirror in the commercial and for overreacting to what she considered to be a sexist insult by Meat Loaf in the boardroom when he said "sweetie" to her.

Notes: This episode featured two tasks and three people exiting the show. Also, this was the first episode of the season to be three hours long.



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