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EXIT STRATEGY is a story about Seyed, a Middle-Eastern restaurant owner who is outcast by society, but finds love and admiration through his handicapped, misfit employees, Karen and Paul. Karen is a rebel/misfit with an attitude and Paul is a misunderstood punk suffering from turrets syndrome. Despite their differences, Seyed treats his fellow outcasts like the family he never had.

Late one evening, an armed robber enters Seyed's restaurant and threatens to kill everyone. Seyed confronts the robber and, rather then urging the man to leave, he provokes an attack. Seyed is shot at point blank range. The robber escapes and Seyed's employees, Karen and Paul, are safe. Lying on the floor and bleeding, Seyed comes to a realization and utters his last words.

This film is a powerful portrayal of the social issues immigrants and Americans are confronted with each day.
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