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Sir Ike Broflovski
RainDogJr21 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It took me a bit to get this episode but I ended having a blast. To be honest, during the first minutes I was thinking a lot in the previous one and in the issue of having two disappointing (or just not very funny) episodes in a row. Boy was I mistaken! "Royal Pudding" was certainly a reminder of last year's ridiculous interest of a whole lot of people in my country to watch the royal wedding (hell, I don't even know the names of those who got married!). However nothing here is British… it's actually an Ike Broflovski show so the royal wedding we get to see happens up there in Canada. If you're a Rush fan, there's a surprise for you! Also, look for that Canadian racist guy and his insults to the Native Canadians, which I found quite hilarious!

If you have seen enough SOUTH PARK it will make complete sense that Ike is the one and only kindergartener, in the whole world perhaps, who won't miss, by any chance, the broadcast of the Canadian royal wedding. And it was Ike's cuteness the first element that gained me: he is the only kindergartener suffering because of the Canadian princess, who was mysteriously kidnapped during the wedding.

"Royal Pudding" goes also for simple humor based on the character Mr. Mackey and his problems with getting together a kindergarten play (in one of the two plots). This is actually a reference to Trey Parker and Matt Stone's very own experiences with producing the Broadway musical THE BOOK OF MORMON (I didn't get that reference but that is said on the commentary track, by the way). And that simple humor works perfect; is having Mackey insulting the kids over and over again – believe me, it's hilarious! So forget about watching those royal weddings, here you have everything you need to experience about them. That last scene, for instance, definitely ranks as one of my favorite SOUTH PARK endings! Crazy stuff!

*Watched it on 21 June, 2012
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Is it clichéd to say that I'm Canadian and I enjoyed it?
EclecticEnnui12 May 2011
Yes, "Royal Pudding" is another Canadian related episode for the show and *it is funny*. The recently televised wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, which I only briefly watched, is parodied with a televised royal Canadian wedding that involves pudding, which is, of course, tradition. The deadpan narrator of the wedding frequently uses that word. However, the wedding is interrupted when a seemingly extraterrestrial being kidnaps the princess and wrecks havoc. Even so, the narrator continues his deadpan delivery and usage of the word "tradition". It's a kind of memorable opening, to be honest. The kidnapping upsets Ike and he travels to Canada after a call to arms is issued to Canadians. Ike, therefore, forgoes playing Tooth Decay in Mr. Mackey's kindergarten play about dental hygiene, which provides a second story line to the episode.

Those who want to see an episode that focuses on all four boys, particularly Cartman, will be disappointed. Cartman is a great character, but I can perfectly manage with a break of him. As is tradition with the show, the animation and voicework are well done. Both story lines interested me and, as I mentioned, the episode's funny. Mr. Mackey frequently gets angry with his play and curses at the young kids, which works because what kind of school staff member does that, in real life? Luckily, there's only a rare amount of Canadian stereotypes and I liked the one involving Kraft Dinner. This may not be a stereotype, but I thought the makers were gonna make fun of the gruesome beheading and cannibalization of Tim McLean for the bus scene. They didn't, unless there's an allegory at the end, which, by the way, is darkly funny and is traditional humour for the show. One quibble comes to mind and that's watching the kindergarteners rehearse a part in the play three times. If it's suppose to be funny, I didn't really see it.

Is there a point to this episode? Maybe it's that tooth decay is bad (m'kay) and Canada isn't important to America, though I'm probably overanalysing. After watching this episode, I convinced my brother and my dad to watch it. My dad later said he had never seen a complete "South Park" episode. They enjoyed it and I even watched most of it with them.
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Run Out Of Gas (no pun intended)
tsbrownie13 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Hey, maybe it's me, but the last few episodes seem to be re-hashed punch lines and clichés from old shows. Not one guffaw, snort nor belly laugh in the whole show. Not even a chuckle.

They still go for the shock value thing, the parody of race, creed, color and place of national origin, but it's just not getting there. Maybe it's that Canadian Eskimos (native Canadians) just don't have a strong stereotype for most Americans, so trying to parody them is about as funny as doing one of a Tibetan goat herder (wait, that's got potential).

I'm hoping they get their cynical edge, their twisted view on the ordinary, their ability to put a keen edge on dull wits back soon.
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frivolousfate12 February 2012
OK, I admit it I don't get this episode entirely, or maybe there is no deeper, hidden meaning? I don't get the point of the emphasis on tooth decay. I got the Canadian jokes(almost missed the eskimo kiss/bj one at first). I got that it was a parody of the Royal wedding of William and Kate, I think in this respect, the choice of using Canada instead of England/Wales, the guys(Trey and Matt)made a wise choice, because they have all these characters, Ugly Bob, Scott the Dick, Ike, etc. But Terrance and Phillip were not utilized very well in this episode, perhaps a missed opportunity? So was there a point to tooth decay? I felt like I was missing something. The majority of SP episodes it is very obvious to the viewer what being parody, or the lessen being preached, even with this episode with wedding part it was obvious, but to me it felt like I was being left of some inside joke. At first I was thinking it would be revealed towards the end, the big mystery that I was missing, but there was no real answer and I was left confused. It felt kinda pointless, which is unusual for south park. I enjoyed parts of it, but found it to be disappointing overall. At least I had a few good laughs from the wedding parts and I found the traditions Trey and Matt came up with for us Canadians quite humorous.
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