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The trajectory consists of one damn thing after another, with the able Mr. Walker giving it all he's got without getting out of the vehicle to catch his breath.
A serviceable if silly B-movie.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
Vehicle 19 sets up a fascinating conceit for itself, and then loses interest in delivering on it. It just wants to get to the cool car chase, but by the time it does, we've stopped caring.
There are interesting story elements and locations. But the claustrophobia of the car works against it.
Mukunda Michael Dewil's film has the makings of a taut little thriller, but the writer-director has the twin disadvantages of needing to include dialogue and to rely on the services of Paul Walker to embody his protagonist.
The New York Times
This one is well photographed, yet it's still just a lot of cars and noise.
Neither particularly fast nor furious.
A wrong place/wrong time actioner stupid enough to damage the art-house credibility of actor Paul Walker.
In Vehicle 19, Paul Walker is back behind the wheel again, but this time it's a rented minivan and the plot is brainless even for a Paul Walker movie. Get ready for “The Slow and the Spurious.”
As one incoherent action scene follows another, one's left staring at a film with nothing to respond to, waiting for it all to be over.

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