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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

At two different times in the movie, when a call is ended on what is clearly an iPhone, the "charging" sound can be heard. This sound would only be heard when the phone is plugged in to charge, and would not make that sound when a call is ended.
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When Jordan stumbles upon the trapdoor access to the underground bunker, it is covered with leaves and debris. But Michael is already inside, so the debris would have have fallen away when he opened the trap door.
When police remove Alan Donato's body from the trunk of the Lincoln, the front of his white shirt is clean, despite the fact that Michael Foster had stabbed him in the torso multiple times with a screwdriver.
When the call center supervisor approaches Jordan's desk to tell her they're still working on tracking Casey's phone, her headset disappears from her right ear between shots.
When Casey is outside the trap door and Jordan is about to call 911, the length of cut on Casey's forehead is shorter than what was when Michael cut her.
When the kidnapper is holding the screwdriver to Casey's face and threatening her, the screwdriver moves from beside her ear, to in front of her nose, to back beside her ear between shots.
When Jordan is talking to Michael Foster on the cell phone for the last time, there is no sound of metal clanging. But later when she listens to the recording of the call, the metal clanging sound is heard.
Leaving the bunker, Jordan tries to call 911 on her cell phone. The next shot shows the phone's home screen rather than the phone screen.
When Casey and Autumn are walking through the mall, Casey is shown on Autumn's left, and in the next shot, she is on her right. This occurs several times during the mall scene.
Casey's arm (that was waving through the brake light hole) is already inside when the car exits the highway but in the immediately following scene, she is purposely shown pulling her arm back inside to allow her to look outside.

Factual errors 

Nitric oxide is being used as an anesthetic to subdue the girl in the basement but it is not an anesthetic - nitrous oxide is the gas used.

Revealing mistakes 

On the amber alert it shows that Casey weighs 100lbs, and you can clearly see that she does not weigh 100 lbs.
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