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The Call might not be a classic for the ages, but for a Friday night? For a movie to take people out of themselves? And to make them marvel at the viewing experience that just happened to them? This one is hard to beat.
Surprisingly good, and surprisingly gruesome, fun.
The Call for the most part is a tense, extreme-jeopardy thriller that delivers the intended goods.
No one's winning any awards for The Call. But at least the award winners know how to make it worth our while.
You've seen pieces of this movie in “Psycho,” “Silence of the Lambs,” and 2004's “Cellular.” Still, the early scenes in the Hive give The Call a needed novelty: It's a workplace drama, and the work is responding to other people's desperate worst-case scenarios.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The film is at once shamelessly transparent, manipulative, and far-fetched, and impossibly suspenseful. You'll want to take a shower afterward - that's how icky you'll feel.
The action starts with a bang, but deteriorates and grows more absurd as the story strays farther from the LAPD call center.
For its last third, the entire thing gets a Frankensteinian head transplant, and turns into derivative serial-killer nonsense.
A sputtering, so-so B thriller with a neat hook but very little personality.
Rare is the thriller that goes as completely and utterly wrong as The Call does at almost precisely the one hour mark. Which is a crying shame, because for an hour, this is a riveting, by the book kidnapping.
The shoddy attention to character, plausibility and detail is particularly surprising coming from Anderson, a director of smart indie thrillers like "The Machinist," "Session 9" and "Transsiberian." He's been a gifted filmmaker with a talent for creating chilling tension through meticulous control of just these elements.

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