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Sex & Nudity

Some characters use sexual innuendos.

Many women in the game wear low cut dresses which reveal cleavage.

Violence & Gore

Rage features a very high amount of both violence and gore.

There is a focus on violent gameplay in which players use a variety of guns and firearms to dispatch their enemies. This range of weaponry includes, but is not limited to, fist and fist-like weapons, pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, machine guns, grenades, remote-detonated explosives, and boomerang-like bladed weaponry that is flung at enemies to maim or impale.

Players will use weapons against a number of enemies that are seeking to injure and kill the player which include tribes of carnivorous and murderous bandits, flesh-eating mutants, human-soldiers, and an array of monstrous creatures.

When shot or injured, enemies will show a red spray of blood to indicate that they have been hit.

When an enemy is wounded, they can be seen cradling their injuries.

When an enemy is severely wounded, they will often be seen falling to the ground; from there they will either weakly sit up, cradling their injuries, and attempt to fire upon the player or they will attempt to drag themselves or slowly crawl away from the gunfire.

When killed, enemies will crumple to the ground realistically.

A headshot is the perfect example of the disturbing amount of realism in this game: the enemy's head suddenly snaps backwards as they are hit by the bullet and their legs slowly crumple to the ground and their body follows.

Wingsticks (boomerang-like throwing blades) can become imbedded in an enemy and have to be pulled out.

Certain attacks and weapons will dismember enemies, leaving bloody stumps.

You can make little cars which you can drive around and when you come close to an enemy it will detonate causing them to explode in a mass of brain matter and blood. Very graphic.

You can get special types of bullets which electrocute enemies.

There is a special kind of crossbow arrow which lets you posses enemies. You can control the enemy for a while and then it will explode very violently. Very graphic.

You can use grenades to kill enemies which causes them to explode. Graphic.

The last mission is by far the most graphic thing in the game. It is full of enemies and you are using a heavy machine gun to gun them all down. This causes lots of enemies to explode and blood sprays everywhere.

You sometimes have to fight bandits dressed up in robot suits which take a while to kill.

In the first mission, you strung up by your feet and brought up to a place called the kill room. Here there are numerous dead bodies pierced with spikes. The bandit trying to kill you in this cut scene plunges a knife into your heart

There is a TV show called 'Mutant Bash TV' where one man is forced to fight off numerous waves of enemies, in this show it is always mutants. The mutants are sometimes impaled by large spikes. The announcer seems to enjoy watching mutants being slaughtered in large quantities. Sometimes the enemies will throw wingsticks and fire at you. This is a very gory and violent mission.

In the game you have something called a defibrillator which lets you bring yourself back to life. When you bring yourself back to life you electrocute any enemies standing nearby.

You can take part in races and you have a mounted gun on the front of the car which you can shoot others down with.

There is a place called the Dead City. There is a boss fight that takes place here and you have kill an enormous mutant with a rocket launcher. Every hit on the mutant causes blood spray. Graphic.

When you go to the bartender you can accept the challenge where you have to wipe all bandits in the wasteland.

You can play a game called Five Finger Filet. In this game you have to put your hand down on the table and bounce a knife in between your fingers. If you miss the gap then you cut your finger and there is tiny amount of blood spray.

Although this game has gratuitous amounts of violence, the art style makes the violence really unrealistic.


This game contains large quantities of swearing. F**k, s**t, bitch, ass (also used with hole), damn, crap, bastard, bugger.

The Wasted Clan constantly use the F word.

Dan Hagar tends to use mild profanities.

You can go to a bar but you can't actually drink or smoke but you see others doing it.

You can pick up empty bottles of beer.

You can bet your money on Games such as Five Finger Filet, Tombstones, Card Games etc..

Sneaking around can be quite intense.

At the beginning of the game, when you leave the pod a bandit jumps onto you and starts attacking you. Luckily Dan Hagar saves you.

This game is not for the squeamish.

Some of the enemies are quite menacing and may scare younger kids.

There are a few jump scenes.

Shootouts can be quite intense especially the last mission.

This game is suitable for 16 years and over with an absolute minimum age of 13.

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